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Best Loans in Pasig City​

How to Get the Best Loans in Pasig City

Before we talk about the loans in Pasig City, here are some good to-know facts. Pasig City is a 3,432-hectare city with 30 barangays. It is surrounded by Quezon City and Marikina City on the North, Pateros, Makati City, and Taguig on the South, Mandaluyong City on the West, and Cainta and Taytay on the East. With an estimated population of 800,000, unavoidable quick cash needs happen.

Pasig City is a large district with a mix of offices and upscale housing, and mall complexes in and around the Ortigas Center. Several establishments are present, including the modern Kapitolyo village. Different institutions are available, including money lending companies.

Online loans in Pasig City

As Pasig City grows, its products and services progress as well. Online shopping has become a hit. People do not only buy thru physical stores. The same thing happens in the loan application. An online loan is now more appreciated. But how does it work? 

  • Cash urgency

Numerous financial agencies offer loans. Banks can process loans in a week, traditional lending companies can approve a loan in a few days, but an online loan lender can give out loans within a day. If you are looking for urgent cash assistance, it is best to get a loan from an online lender.

  • Credibility

It is a challenge to identify a reliable money lender. Legitimate lenders must have been thriving in the money lending industry for a few years. The lending industry is a competitive arena. But only those who have a long list of satisfied clients can last long.

  • Secured website

The link address should start with “https://” and the website address should have a small green lock icon. This will ensure that all the information you are giving through the website will be secured from possible hackers.

  • Legitimate company

To identify a real money lending company, it must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A physical address and active contact number must be present on its website. 

A legitimate money lender must also be transparent. It is a plus if you can see a loan calculator that will help you easily see how much is the interest charge, installments, and due dates. Within seconds, you can decide how much you can borrow and how much you have to pay the online lending company. 

And it gets better:

You can actually use the online calculator without submitting yourself to any obligation.

  • Fill up the form

Once you have chosen a legitimate online lending company, you can now fill up the application form found on the secured website. Completing all the required information can make the loan process faster. 

  • Loan contract

Once approved, the loan contract will be sent to your email. Read the loan contract comprehensively. Everything that is stated must be easy to understand. 

  • Pay diligently

Be particular in repayments. Mark the calendar to remind when is the due payment. If you always pay on time, you can build a positive relationship with your online lender. This means you can get a reloan in a shorter process with lesser requirements. Add to that, the loan amount will gradually increase as you continuously pay diligently.

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Various loans in Pasig City

Money lending companies have different products and services based on each individual’s needs. Residents of Pasig City may choose from the following:

  • Salary Loan

Also known as a Payday loan, it is a small short-term loan that does not require collateral. This is offered to employed individuals who are receiving a regular salary.

  • Personal Loan

This is a multi-purpose loan you can use in any way you want. Freelancers and business owners can apply for this loan. 

  • Allottee Loan

This loan is specially created for those who receive a regular remittance or allotment. If you need extra cash but your money is still weeks or days ago, applying for a cash loan is easier.

Paying loans in Pasig City

Upon getting your loan from an online lender, you must be responsible enough to meet the agreed payment dates. Paying your loan has a lot of benefits. 

  • Higher loan amount

Getting a loan for the first time is the hardest part. But once you get approved, getting better deals is easier. If you always pay on time, your lender will be confident to lend a higher amount.

  • Faster loan process

Getting a re-loan is easier. Once you settle your first loan and apply for another one, you just need to update your information.

  • Building a positive credit history

Republic Act No. 9510 mandates the creation of a Credit Information Corporation (CIC). This credit bureau is tasked with collecting Filipino credit information, including your payment habits, loan amount, due dates, and civil cases. 

Every registered financing company, including banks, insurance providers, and lenders, must submit basic credit data to report the credit information of their borrowers. If you do not pay your loan, the lender will include it in your credit history. Then if you apply for a loan or credit card, the other banks and lending companies can see and check how well you handled your past loans.

This means paying your loan on time is important, especially if you want to get an auto loan or housing loan in the future. Banks do not approve high ticket loans to those with bad credit history. 

The Best Lending Company in Pasig City

When looking for the best online lending company in Pasig, it is best to take your time and shop around for the best reputable one.

For almost 50 years, Cash Mart has been the leading lending company in Singapore. Now, it is also offering flexible loans to Filipinos. With its online loan process, you can apply for a loan and receive your funds without leaving the comforts of your home.

Apply for an online loan with low interest today with Cash Mart. You’ll surely experience why it has been the go-to lending company in Singapore.

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