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7 Smart Ways to Invest Your Money

Is investing only for the elite? Do you think you can invest your money like them?
Well, it’s time to discover that investing is for everyone who wants to have a passive income. It is for those who are willing to take a financial venture.
You don’t have to be filthy rich. There are a couple of ways to invest your money and all you need is a couple of thousands. Most Pinoys are risk-averse. Their aim to grow their net worth is met with fear of losing their savings.
Every investment has certain risks, this is why you must never put all your eggs in one basket.
Do you want to start investing? Where should you invest your money Philippines?

7 Smart Ways to Invest Your Money


Here are 7 tips on where to invest your money.

Do you want to know where to invest small money Philippines? Choose the most appropriate one for you from the list below.

Savings Account

Banks are secured places, and having your cash in this place gives you assurance. Money in banks is insured unlike if you just keep your money in your drawer. Bills can easily turn into ash if it gets caught on fire. It is almost impossible to recover it in case a thief breaks into your house and get it.
Aside from the money’s security, savings accounts have interests that can make you money grow. However, they do not have high-interest rates compared to the rest of the list. Saving bank accounts have interest rates ranging from 0.1% to 0.25%.
Saving your emergency funds in a savings account is a good idea, especially if you are just starting out. Your money may grow but not as fast as the other investments.

Time Deposits

Higher interest rates than the savings account will fewer risks than the other investments. The interest rate can range from 0.25% to 1%. This will depend on the maturity period of the deposited cash, thus the name “time” deposit.
Unlike the savings account, you can’t easily withdraw your money if it hasn’t reached the maturity date yet.
Time deposits have fewer returns compared to more risky investments. The returns or gains in time deposit is still subjected to 20% tax

Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills are government securities which maturity period of less than a year. There are 3 tenors: (1) 91 day (2) 182-day (3) 364-day Bills. These numbers are used by banks to make sure that the bills do not mature on a weekday.
You can access Treasury Bills through the major banks in the Philippines such as the BDO, BPI, Metrobank, and PNB.

Retail Treasury Bonds

Retail Treasury Bonds are medium to long-term investments and part of a Philippine government program to make securities available to retail and institutional investors. It has fixed interest and more liquid compared to other investments since it can easily be sold on the secondary market.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a company that pool of funds from by many individuals. Your money in mutual funds is managed by a professional fund manager. However, the professional fund manager may change without prior notice and may affect the consistency of the performance of your investments.

Types of Mutual Funds

  1. Equity funds – This mutual fund is high risk because it is primarily invested in the Philippine stock market.
  2. Bond funds – This is invested in fixed income securities offered by the government and other private companies.
  3. Balanced fund – This is an investment which is a mixture of equity and bond funds
  4. Money market funds – A mixed of equity and bond funds but has a shorter term.

Unit investment trust fund or UITF

UITF is a curated investment offered by banks while mutual funds are being offered by mutual fund companies. Individual and private investors pool their money and select the fund manager who will take care of the decisions regarding the investments.
Usually, UITF may be known for positive returns but it is not free from risk. All investments have risks. On the positive note, UITF has higher returns compared to savings accounts and time deposits which banks also offer.

Philippine Stock Market

Stock Market involves high risks and there is no guarantee of future returns. Therefore, it is important to spend time studying how it works and which companies you are investing in.
You may attend free seminars on how to start investing in the stock market, strategies you can use when you invest your money and how to choose which one to buy.

How to make money in the stock market?

  1. Buy and sell shares – You can sell your shares if its price goes higher. However, there is a high chance that your shares’ price can fall too.
  2. Dividends – Stock dividends are additional shares given to shareholders at no cost. This is not mandatory and will depend on the company’s discretion.

Now you know where to invest money Philippines. But it’s up to you to figure out what you can handle the most. Nevertheless, it’s important that you pick a legit investment in Philippines. 


Naturally, Filipinos will make safe investments with high returns Philippines. These ventures have more assurance of returns. This is why a lot of Pinoys would rather invest in things that can be sold eventually such as jewelry, real estate properties, and life insurance. Less than 1% of us invest in stocks, bonds, and other financial ventures.
The best and legit investment in Philippines is investing in financial literacy! Whether you are rich, an entrepreneur or employed with minimum salary, you have the choice to invest your money and save more for the future.
Whatever is your financial status, you must invest time, effort and a bit of money to learn how to handle your money and save up. There are books written by financial advisers to help you with budgeting saving and investing. There are also blogs created to teach people how to handle loans, regain financial stability and grow their money.
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