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BPI Credit Cards Guide for Filipinos

Updated December 2022

Over the years, we have been discovering the bliss of using credit cards in Philippines for usual shopping.
However, many are still mystified on its full potential and could be wasting the best features they could be enjoying. BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) has created 10 credit cards. These BPI credit cards come with various perks and features to suit the Filipino’s lifestyle and preferences.


BPI Credit Card Rewards

We listed the different BPI cards rewards and promotions that come with it. All you have to do is compare BPI credit cards before signing up.

BPI Family Credit Card

This classic credit card is now packed with more features than it used to be. It has partnered with the most sought-after establishments and can generate rewards for travel, insurance, groceries, and other shopping whim. In partnership with MasterCard, you can actually use the BPI Family Credit Card in over 29 million establishments all over the world.
This card is recommendable to those who never had a credit card before. But it is regularly employed for a year with an annual income of P180,000.
With basic usage, this BPI Classic Mastercard is simple to use and financially light. It comes with a 2.00% charged interest rate and the annual fee is only P1,000. Also, it lets you withdraw as much as 30% of your BPI credit card limit in case you need cash for an emergency.

BPI eCredit

Filipinos have been into online shopping nowadays.
What won’t you love the freedom to window shop in the comforts of your own home? You can compare styles and prices and make the products you are eyeing.
You can even order raw materials in bulk whenever you need it for your small business. Order party invites, pay a freelance for a layout design, and even buy cupcakes for special occasions. All of these are possible without even going out of the house. You enjoy the perks of online shopping. But, there is also the fear of identity thief and protecting you is the main purpose of BPI eCredit card.
BPI e Credit card has a lower credit limit than the usual credit cards. If someone else uses your card, it would be used for fraudulent activities. The credit card number differs from the main credit card connected to your BPI bank account. you can shop at your heart’s content.
Grab the chance to get a credit card without an annual fee.

BPI Amore Visa

This card is created for those who love the ambiance and shopping stores in Ayala Mall.
The perks and rewards are not enough. It even offers rebates when you pay for Ayala Mall store’s products and services. Who won’t love rebates?
You can get as much as P15,000 rebates a year. Treat your sweetheart to a fancy dinner, take your kids shopping in Landmark, or treat your mom to a lavish foot spa. Not only will you enjoy your bonding moments. Also, you are earning rewards that you can reap for more exciting treats.
And if your feet get sore with strolling around, have an unlimited access to customer & family lounges. The fun does not stop there, receive exclusive invitations to special events and promotions in Ayala Malls.
If you are into movies but hate the long lines during movie premiers. Use the express lane and even avail of the 5% discounts on Ayala Cinema tickets.

BPI Amore Visa Platinum

Can’t get enough of shopping and fun in Ayala Malls?
If you practically do most of your purchases and family bonding in Ayala Malls, you might as well get the most out of it with BPI Amore Visa Platinum. It gives out a maximum of P25,000 rebates every year. Plus, it offers discounts and freebies from the partnering Ayala Mall stores.
Earn rebates every time you spend at least P1,000 at BPI-affiliated stores. Do not forget that you can even be the first to sit in movie premieres. It comes with the privilege of Express Lane for Ayala cinema ticket purchases. Moreover, it is topped with a 5% discount on your ticket purchases.
As if there are no more exclusive perks to be added, Ayala Malls have more rewards if you register yourself and your friends on Facebook.
You can also use your cards to any stores around the world as long as it partners with Visa. The Amore Visa credit cards are fit for shopaholics. However, if you do not usually go to Ayala malls, then you might as well look for more practical cards.

BPI Edge MasterCard

If you are the fashionista, yet you are also into the budget strains, then this card might work the best for you.
As a fashion savvy, you can’t get behind. This is why BPI partnered with fashion shops to give cardholders exclusive deals and rewards. You can also get invited to various fashion shows and spend time with many fashion designers.
Do not worry if you can’t pay the annual fee upfront. The Edge BPI MasterCard credit card has a free annual fee for a year. Afterward, the succeeding annual fees can be paid at P110 a month.
Buy your apparels and signature items with the card and earn a point with every P50 purchase. Aside from the fashion perks, this card adds convenience. No more need to get out and buy your prepaid SIM load. You can reload your mobile phone and view your credit balance with an SMS.
And as while we speak about credit balance, you ought to know that this card actually has 2 credit limits. These are for shopping and SIP Loan BPI. You can even withdraw cash up to the 30% of your BPI credit limit in case you need cash. In addition, a card is not acceptable to a certain store where you want to purchase.

BPI Blue MasterCard

The BPI Blue Master Card is another classic card. It gives you the privilege to join most promotional offers from BPI and other partnering establishments. You can earn a point for every P35 purchase and use the BPI credit card points for various rewards.
When you use the Blue MasterCard to pay for your travel fares, you get to be entitled to free travel insurance as much as P2 million. However, it is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions to know the exact scope of the insurance coverage.
The last thing you want is to lose your free travel insurance. One common example is due to doing something stupid like getting too drunk.
Use the card in stores worldwide that accept MasterCard. In case of an emergency, you can withdraw cash as much as 30% of your BPI Blue credit card credit limit. Have a complimentary supplementary card and pay the succeeding supplementary cards at P775.

BPI Gold MasterCard

By purchasing travel tickets with the BPI Gold MasterCard you can get a free travel insurance as much as PHP 10 million. The mode of transportation can be by air, land, or water. Moreover, complementary insurance starts with physical checking on the vehicle.
This excludes Grab, taxis, and the like. If you pay for a rent-a-car service, you will only cover if you are traveling at least 60 kilometers from the point of origin.
Anywhere you go globally, expect cardholder assistance 24 hours a day at seven days a week.
Get Real Thrills Rewards Points in every purchase worth P35. Other cards allow you to Cash Advance only up to 30% of the credit limit. The BPI Gold Credit Card allows you to withdraw as much as 100% of your credit limit.

Petron – BPI MasterCard

You can receive up to one free full tank in a year and a free P200 worth of fuel upon receiving your new principal card. Also, you will get a 3% Fuel Rebate in all participating Petron stations. Plus, you can enjoy as much as P15,000.00 rebates in a year.
Aside from the famous rebates of the Petron BPI MasterCard, you can get exclusive offers from the BPI car-related partner merchants. In addition, you can receive discounts on Petron oils and lubes in some particular branches.

BPI SkyMiles MasterCard

BPI SkyMiles MasterCard partners with Delta Air Lines to provide benefits and free miles which can be spent worldwide. You can redeem your SkyMiles in over 900 cities through Delta Airlines.
If you are a frequent flyer either as a passion or as part of your job/business, this card can fit just right for you. You can earn one SkyMiles for every P45 charged on the card.
Do not worry if you cannot use the SkyMiles, as these are transferable and will never expire. Also, there is no limit on how much SkyMiles you can earn in a year and a free travel insurance up to P10 million.

BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard

Travel with BPI Platinum MasterCard and earn SkyMiles every PHP 45 charged. Earn double SkyMiles every time you purchase Delta Air Lines tickets. This BPI Platinum credit card also offers up to P20 million complimentary travel insurance. Though it may seem very tempting, you must know that the range of this travel insurance is limited.
The Policy Exclusions are death, assault, murder, extreme sports, pregnancy, childbirth, a performance of an unlawful act, terrorism, political risks, kidnap and ransom, food poisoning, mosquito bites, cyber-attack, land travel via taxi, Uber, and the likes, and any expense for being more than 70 years old.

BPI Credit Card Features

Have you chosen which among the BPI credit card types you will get? Let us lessen your confusion with these features.

BPI Credit Card Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.)

BPI SIP Loans are flexible and have low-interest rates. It has four types of loans:

  • Balance Transfer – to save on your monthly interest, you can consolidate your loans into one. This may seem like a very good idea. However, it is still better to have a good spending habits. Looking for a way out when you are already knee-deep in debt is not a wise move. The Balance Transfer may seem to have a low monthly BPI credit card interest rate. Unfortunately, the Effective Interest Rate ranges from 17.05% to 36%. You can’t exactly depend on the monthly rate since it invariably changes.
  • Credit-to-Cash – this allows you to get instant cash from your credit card. The Add-On Rate per Month is only 0.99% to 1.50%. However, the Effective Rate per year is 01% to 26.80%.
  • I.P for School – You can use this for tuition fees, uniforms, school supplies, and other school needs. You can either charge the fees on it or reimburse the fees to have lower interest BPI credit card rates.
  • SIP for Hospital – We all know that there are times when hospital bills go over the roof. So we can only pay in installments with our meager salaries. A lot of Filipinos even had to write a promissory note and leave valuable items at the hospital. But there’s a promise to be able to have the chance to pay at a later date. With BPI credit cards, you can easily ask for monthly installments of up to 24 months.

BPI Credit Card Security Feature

Filipinos are mindful of giving away their personal detail online. There are stories of people who lost their savings after using their credit cards for online payments.
This fear made owning credit cards scary for some. As an active approach to fraudulent activities through credit cards, BPI will be vigilant in spotting suspicious transactions.
The bank will send the clients an SMS. It will ask for a confirmation if the such transaction was done or allowed by the cardholder. You must immediately update the bank with your new contact details should you change them.

BPI Credit Card Contactless Cards

The BPI Blue Credit Card, BPI Family Credit Card, and BPI SkyMiles Regular MasterCard Credit Card contain the MasterCard contactless technology. This technology allows the clients to use their credit card by just tapping it on a radio-frequency (RF) equipped reader terminal.
There is no need to give the card to the cashier and swipe it on the card terminal.

BPI Credit Card Balance Inquiry

BPI offers three ways to check your credit card account balance. There is no need to go to a bank. If you have an internet connection, you can check your balance thru BPI Express Online.
Also, you can do this through a phone call or an SMS. Simply text BALCC(space)16-digit Card number and send it to 2274 for Globe/TM or 3274 for SMART/Talk n Text.

BPI Credit Card Flexible Payment Mode

You can pay your credit card balances through:

  • Express Phone/Express Online
  • SM Payment Center
  • Citibank (Online/ATM)

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Process BPI Credit Card Application?

If you want to apply for BPI credit cards, follow these steps.

Step 1. Assess your eligibility. 

Step 2. Complete the BPI credit card requirements. 

Step 3. Choose the most suitable BPI credit card for your budget and lifestyle.

Step 4. Fill up the online BPI application form. 

Step 5. Submit all your BPI card requirements.

Step 6. Review the summary of your BPI credit card application before clicking submit. 

What Are BPI Credit Card Requirements?

Here is a list of documents you must prepare based on your employment status. 


  • Duly accomplished online application form
  • Government-issued ID
  • Latest BIR Form 2316 (photocopy)
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Latest payslips


  • Duly accomplished online application form
  • Government-issued ID
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement with bank or BIR stamp
  • Latest Incomes Tax Return with bank or BIR stamp

Foreign Residents

  • Duly accomplished online application form
  • Passport
  • Alien Certificate of Registration and Work Permit
  • Embassy Accreditation Papers

How To Use BPI Points Credit Card?

If you want to redeem the points of your BPI credit card, do any of the following:

Call the 24-Hour BPI Contact Center with:

  • (+632) 889-10000 (Philippines)
  • (+632) 1-800-188-89-100 (Domestic Toll-Free)
  • (+632) 889-10000 (International)
  • International Toll-free Numbers

Email and include these details:

  • Email Subject – Rewards Redemption
  • The body indicates your Customer Name, Customer Number, Item Code, and Number of Points for conversion.

Coordinate with your Branch or Relationship Manager

How To Cash Advance In BPI Credit Card?

Cash Advance is another suggested move if you need urgent cash. Here’s how you can avail of BPI Cash Advance. 

Step 1. Assess your eligibility. Owners of BPI Credit Cards, both principal and the supplementary cardholder, can avail of a Cash Advance. 

Step 2. Request for Cash Advance PIN. You may contact the 24-Hour BPI Contact Center. 

Step 3. Visit any BPI ATM.

Step 4. Choose the language you prefer.

Step 5. Click “Cash Advance/Withdraw.”

Step 6. Confirm if you need a receipt.

Step 7. Enter CAPIN (Cash Advance PIN)

Step 8. Enter the amount of cash advance you wish to withdraw.

Step 9. Collect your cash.

It might sound easy to find the best BPI credit card. But if you fail to manage in using it, it’s definitely useless. Even if you don’t have a credit card for immediate expenses or you have maxed out your cards, and you are unable to do your necessary purchase, you can still get the cash you need from Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers flexible and affordable personal loans in Philippines in just a day. Call Cash Mart at (02) 829 0000 or visit today to know how to get quick loans online.