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6 Easy Steps to Compute your SSS Maternity Benefit

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(Updated March 22, 2017)

Ready to welcome your baby to this world?

When you think of getting ready for your bundle of joy, do not just consider being emotionally ready.

Ask yourself if you are financially ready. Having a baby means you have to stop working and take care of your child for the first few months.  I regret not knowing about the SSS Maternity Benefit when I had my daughter. Every mom with a newborn baby can use the extra cash for clothes, diapers, bath necessities and whatnots.


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What is SSS Maternity Benefit?

This is not a loan. It is actually the benefit you can get from the SSS contributions you have been paying off every month. (Hooray!) Now we know where those contributions can go and how we can use it.

SSS will give a female SSS member a daily cash allowance if she can’t work due to miscarriage or childbirth.

What are the qualifying conditions?

You can apply for this benefit if you have paid at least three monthly contributions for the last 12 months before the miscarriage or childbirth.

Also, you must properly notify SSS about your pregnancy either personally or through your employer if you are employed. This means, as soon as you learned that you are pregnant, make sure to tell SSS about it.

SSS Maternity Benefit for Unemployed

An unemployed female member can still get the maternity benefit if she has met the conditions, if you are a voluntary member, you will need: Maternity Notification Form, Maternity Reimbursement Form and the UMID or SSS biometrics ID card or two (2) other valid IDs.

How much is the maternity benefit?

The maternity benefit is equivalent to 100 percent of the member’s average daily salary credit (ADSC) multiplied by 60 days if you had:

  • normal delivery
  • miscarriage
  • ectopic pregnancy without operation
  • hydatidiform mole (H-mole)

It will be multiplied by 78 days if you had:

  • caesarean section delivery
  • ectopic pregnancy with an operation.

Simply, it is supposed to match what you are earning on a daily basis.

SSS Maternity Computation in 6 Steps

  1. Identify which semester is your delivery.
  • A quarter means the three consecutive months ending in March, June, September or December.
  • A semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending on your possible date of delivery.


January to March

April to June

July to September

October to December

Let’s say you are giving birth in December 2017.

Your semester of childbirth would be from July 2017 to December 2017.

  1. Count 12 months backward starting from the month before the semester of contingency.

Since your semester starts from July 2017, then your 12 month period is July 2016 to June 2017.

  1. Identify the six highest monthly salary credits within the 12-month period.
  1. Add the six highest monthly salary credits

Assuming, the last six highest Monthly Salary Credit is P15,000 each, your total MSC would be P90,000 (P15,000 x 6).

  1. Divide the total monthly salary credit by 180 days to get the average daily salary credit. This is your daily allowance.

The daily maternity allowance would be P500 (P90,000 ÷ 180).

  1. Multiply the daily maternity allowance by 60 (for normal delivery or miscarriage) or 78 days (for caesarean section delivery). This is the total of your maternity benefit.


P30,000 (P500 x 60 days) for:

  • normal delivery
  • miscarriage
  • ectopic pregnancy without operation
  • hydatidiform mole (H-mole)

P39,000 (P500 x 78 days) for:

  • caesarean delivery
  • ectopic pregnancy with an operation.

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