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Comprehensive Guide to GSIS Loan Applications

Most Filipinos know that Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) offer loans aside from the retirement benefits it gives to public workers. However, each GSIS loan has specific qualifications and purposes.

GSIS Loan Approval

The general qualifications are actually quite simple just like the other government loans. You must be a GSIS member who has no pending criminal nor administrative case. This means that in case you have an existing case, you have to settle it first.
During the loan application, you must not be on leave without pay and your net income take-home pay is not less than the mandated amount under the General Appropriations Act.
And though you pass the said eligibility requirements, you have to present the necessary documents to get approved. Incomplete GSIS loan requirements will only prolong the loan process.

Comprehensive Guide to GSIS Loan Applications


The GSIS Conso-Loan Plus is created for the sole purpose of debt consolidation. It means that if you have trouble paying any existing salary loans, the GSIS will settle them for you. Generally, you borrowed money to pay for the old debts.
The advantage is not having to pay multiple salary loans with the various interest rate. Since GSIS settle your loans, you will just have to pay the agency for the amount is used and the interest charge. The maximum amount you can borrow is P15,000 payable for up to 10 years.
However, the maximum term of the loan you can apply for will depend on the number of premium payments you made. You must at least have 20 months of premium payments to get a 3-month loan payable for 6 years with 12% interest rate per annum.


This loan has specific qualifications. You must be insured for at least one year, currently in active service and with an insurance policy.
This loan amount is borrowed against your GSIS life insurance policy which is either Life Endowment Policy (LEP) or Enhanced Life Policy (ELP). If you’ve got LEP, you can borrow as much as its 70% of the accumulated termination value. If you have the ELP, then you can apply for as much as 50% of your cash value.


As part of the social mission of the GSIS, the Emergency Loan Program is created to help GSIS members during natural calamities and disasters.
Take note that this loan is only available for GSIS active members working or living in areas which are declared under a state of calamity.
For GSIS members without Emergency Loan accounts, they can only borrow up to P20,000. If you have an existing Emergency Loan account when a calamity or contingency hits, you can borrow P40,000. You can pay the loan in 3 years with 36 equal monthly installments.


The Pension Loan is for the pensioners who have no outstanding loans. The loanable about will be based on the Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) and the pensioner’s age at the time the loan application has started.
The minimum age is 60 and there is no maximum age. However, for pensioners older than 70 years old, they can only borrow up to twice the BMP but not higher than P20,000. The loan is payable with 24 monthly amortizations. The interest rate is charged at 10% per annum.


This loan is exclusive only for pensioners residing in areas under a state of calamity. Take note that the pensioner must not have any outstanding debts with the Choice of Loan Amortization Schedule for Pensioners (CLASP) at the time of loan application. The pensioner can borrow up to P20,000 at 6% interest rate per annum.


For the application, you must use your GSIS Unified Multipurpose Identification (UMID) card in any GSIS kiosks, partnering establishments and extension offices. If you do not have the UMID card, you have to file for a loan over the counter at any of GSIS office.
Your authorized agency officer (AAO) must certify that you are an active member without any pending criminal or administrative case. If approved, your loan proceeds will be sent to your eCard or UMID card account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my GSIS Loan?

You can send an SMS to GSIS anytime and anywhere. Text 4747 about the instant information you need. It lets you inquire about your loans, membership, retirement, and others. It is open to all Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Globe, and Touch Mobile subscribers. 

Here’s an example of how to do it. 

GSIS <space> your message

 Then, send it to 4747. 

Is there a GSIS online loan application? 

Yes, you can now apply for a GSIS Salary Loan while staying at home. 

How to apply loan in GSIS online? 

GSIS members and pensioners can now apply for a GSIS loan online. You enjoy a Policy Loan, Consoloan, Emergency Loan, and Pension Loan with these 4 easy steps. 

  1. Download the loan application form from their official website
  2. Complete the form and prepare all these in PDF or JPEG files. 
  • Duly accomplished GSIS loan application form
  • A clear photo of the borrower hilding the GSIS UMID eCard (a temporary eCard may do)
  • If a GSIS UMID eCard or temporary eCard is unavailable, provide two valid government IDs. Take a clear photo of the two IDs (front and back). Also, take a picture of the borrower while holding the two valid IDs. 
  1. Send all the files via email. Follow these patterns for the subject. 


GSIS Loan for Pension Loan
  1. Attach all the required documents. Take note that it has a maximum limit of 2MB per limit. Send it through these. 

Afterward, wait for an Email Acknowledgement coming from GSIS. Also, expect a Loan Conformity and Tentative Loan Computation. If you ever send incomplete requirements, you will receive a notification. 

With these steps, you can enjoy the GSIS online application without leaving your home. 

What is GSIS Loan Calculator? 

GSIS MyShield Calculator helps identify how much principal loan you can apply for and manage to pay off. However, be mindful that the quotation only applies to active members. 

GSIS loan calculator


Though the eligibility may seem simple and the requirements are easy to meet, note that these loans are only offered to government workers. And if they have a history of default debts in the past, it will be hard to get approved.
Also, take note that there is no SALARY LOAN. There is only the Conso-Loan for debt consolidation and emergency loans for those in disaster areas. Take time to shop around for feasible loan options.
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