For Loan Applicants

I, the Applicant, authorize Cash Mart Philippines to check on my creditworthiness through Credit Bureau or various credit checks for due diligence purposes necessary on our behalf in line with personal data protection: (i) Use all or any information furnished by applicant to Cash Mart Philippines in connection with this agreement, including but not limited to, generating and maintenance of database and research. (ii) To release all information with regards to this particular loan application to the appointed debt collection agency of Cash Mart Philippines solely for loan recovery purposes. (iii) Undertake and agree to provide such confirmation, verification, updates or further information upon request as Cash Mart Philippines may, from time to time, require with respect to the data and information supplied by applicant. (iv) Would like to receive provisions of proof of income via electronic communications to the email address specified as above. (v) To collate true copy of my personal particulars, not excluding my financial substantiation documents, and given consent for submission to Credit Bureau. I, hereby, declare that the information given is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I have not willfully withheld any material fact that: (i) I am not made bankrupt at point of application (ii) I am the beneficial owner of this loan application (iii) I am not a political exposed person You are authorized to make inquiries with order parties relative to this application, which you consider necessary. I further acknowledge that Cash Mart Philippines may reserve the right to reject this application, in sole discretion, and retain the documents submitted with this application.