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There is more into buying a car than just walking around a showroom or car dealer websites and the car unit’s prices. Getting a car will be one of your biggest purchases in your life, or perhaps an investment considering that now we have Grab and Uber in the Philippines.

Where do our salaries really go? Every payday, we hold tightly on our salaries because we know it will somehow slip from our grip towards various expenditures. Despite the regular bi-weekly salary, why do most of us feel that it is still not enough?

Despite many women consider themselves as the modern working Filipinas, many are still choosing to leave their careers to take care of their families. Though it is true that expenses does not come cheaper, and will not in the near future, many still think that taking care of children requires full time attention.

Pinoys commuting to work have to deal with the sluggish flow of traffic everyday sitting beside fellow commuters wet with sweat and enveloped with a not so happy aura. Every day is a struggle, and when it rains you are still expected to report to work like it is a normal day, just like your boss. The difference is, your boss has a car.

Applying for a personal loan has been easier now that Filipinos have various options where to get loans and which loans should best fit their needs. However, although there are laws and regulations to prevent opportunists from taking advantage of Pinoys’ financial needs there are still a lot of loan sharks lurking around to get an easy prey.

With the worsening traffic in Metro Manila, having a car to those who live in nearby areas yet work in the capital is now a necessity. We used to think cars are only for the rich, yet in recent years it has been made more attainable with the use of affordable car loans.

Who among Filipinos hadn’t experience borrowing money from a family member, a friend, a moneylender, a “Bombay,” or a bank? Even businessmen borrow money, let alone those who work at a minimum wage each day. “Utang” is a part of Filipino culture prominent enough to have caught the attention of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

Nowadays, it seems to be able to survive here in the Philippines, we have to resort to loans. Since we are a family oriented country, most of us will do anything to see our relatives getting the comforts we can best give, even resorting to loans just to give what they want.

The number of OFWs constantly grows each year as Filipinos strive to give their families the means to financially survive. Being away from loved ones in times of celebrations and mourning constitutes most of the OFWs struggles, yet they bare it for years in exchange of a chance to give them a better future.

BPO agents never fail to rank as the one of the highest paid job in the country in the annual list of both JobStreet and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Each of us has at least one friend or relative who are call center agents and the stories about those agents who are unable to save and in need of immediate cash are not new.

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