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Are There Fast Approval Online Loans With No Credit Check?

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Updated Nov. 7, 2017

Have you ever experienced being in a financial dead-end?

When you thought that your salary has been well budgeted until the next payday, a need pops out and you are suddenly desperate to get your hands on an instant loan.

You apply for a personal loan, thinking that this is your only salvation, only to find out that you have been declined and one of the possible reason is your negative credit report.


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Top 8 Reasons to Get an Online Loan

Car Expenses

If you have a car, you must already know that you need to have it regularly checked and well maintained. It may cause a few hundred to a couple of thousands of pesos to have an oil change or tire change, but you will be spending much more if you neglect these responsibilities.

Imagine the cause of overhauling, buying a new battery, and grueling days of inconvenience in case your car decided to suddenly have a major breakdown. You would be lucky if it won’t stop in the middle of the main road as towing can even cost you more.

Aside from vehicle breakdowns, do not forget to renew your vehicle’s registration with LTO. Late renewal will also be fined.

Loan Money to a Relative or Friend

Filipinos are emotional. Most of them can’t say “NO” when a family member, a relative or a friend knocks at their door and plead for financial help. Though you may feel annoyed, you have to admit that you will feel guilty if you say "no" to your aging parents, younger siblings or BFF holding your “inaanak.”

And if you have nothing yourself, they even ask you to borrow money in their stead since you seem to have more options than them. Imagine the frustration when they don’t pay on time, but your loan is already due. Ikaw ang naipit.

Pay Utility Bills

Either you forgot you have a bill coming or you thought that your bills will be the same as ever but it turned out to have increased. You have already made a budget, but it turned insufficient.  You have to settle your bill or else your electricity or water will be cut off.

Not only will you be living with discomfort, your neighbors will also be gossiping about your poor situation. And if you have a baby at home, a loan will truly help in this situation.

Buy Groceries

Most personal loans are actually spent on food. It is a necessity you can’t just pass up especially if you have small children. Filipinos usually borrow money from neighbors or get credits in sari-sari stores.

Some regularly employed individuals also come to this desperate point a few days before the next payday. This is possibly due to lack of budgeting skills or weak resolution against shopping temptations.

Time-sensitive Purchase

You might be eyeing an item for a few months now and then suddenly, on the time when you have just paid your bills and your sibling’s tuition fee, it went on sale for a limited time only. You can’t pass up the rare chance, so you got a quick cash loan to make the purchase.

To Pay a Debt

There are times when you have to get a loan to settle existing debts to prevent them from accumulating high penalties. There is nothing wrong with debt consolidation, however, choose the right online lender.

There is nothing wrong with debt consolidation, however, choose the right online lender.

To Avoid Borrowing money from Friends and Family

There are Pinoys who would rather get a loan from a private lender rather than swallowing their pride and ask for help from family and friends especially if the reason for needing cash is not an emergency.

Sudden Need to Travel

There are unfortunate times when a close relative or an immediate family member suddenly passes away. Filipinos have a tradition of going home to their province to pay their last respects. If they have no savings, they opt to borrow from lenders, and usually online lenders have the fastest loan processing.


How to get fast loan approval without a credit check?

Though there are online loan lenders who still approve loans for those who have bad credit reports, there are still important things to do to avoid rejection.

Duly filled up application form

Online loans have application forms on their websites where you have to fill in your personal and financial details. You should make sure that you have accurately answered every needed detail for your loan to push through. Some online lenders may have more than one page of an application form, make sure that you are able to finish everything.

Upload complete requirements

Since you are borrowing from an online money lender, you are expected to upload your needed documents. Make sure you are applying to a legal lender as there are culprits posing as online lenders to get valuable financial information and use it for fraudulent activities. Most lenders will not process your application if you lack even a single required document.

Personal Loan Calculator

Online money lenders put up their loan calculators to help borrowers see how much they can realistically borrow based on their current financial status. Needless to say, do not borrow the amount you can’t pay at ease.

Moneylenders will know how much you can borrow based on your income and past credits. You may get easily approved if you apply for a loan amount you can your capability to pay.

Stick to the adage: Honesty is the best policy

Never fabricate any detail. One way or another the online lenders will find out the truth. Their verifying personnel is highly trained to spot any inconsistencies with your application form and submitted documents.

Never fabricate any detail. One way or another the online lenders will find out the truth.

If they found out that you lied about certain information, you will be automatically declined and added to a watch list.

Give heads up to your personal references

Since the online lenders do not send a staff at your place to do an onsite credit check nor require you to personally go visit their offices, you have to provide a couple of character references. You and your references will be asked a series of questions necessary to know your personal character.

Remember that the lender does not know you personally. The only way to have an idea about your behavior and personality is to talk with your character reference. Tell them that a credit investigator will give them a call regarding your online loan. Some online lenders experience a hard time processing loans if the character references do not answer the calls.

Be politely insistent

It is fine to be insistent, however, be sure to be polite. Truth be told, you as a borrower has the responsibility to prove your credibility as a responsible borrower. Being too insistent (almost at a rude manner) makes it seem that you are desperate for cash and too emotional to make a sound financial decision. 

It is fine to be insistent, however, be sure to be polite.

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How to Find The Best Personal Loan Lenders


Each lender has a different list of eligibility for utang or credit. Check it on the lender’s website to see of you are eligible. It will be a complete waste of time if you apply for a loan and it turned out that you are not even eligible.


Check the company profile by looking around its website. Does the website look professional and well-thought off or does it look poorly kept? Check if the website bears a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration number. If you have time, you can call SEC and verify the registration.

Loanable amount

Use an online loan calculator to see the realistic amount of loan you can borrow and the repayments you have to pay according to your chosen term. Take time to reflect how much you really have to borrow and how much can you repay without sacrificing your basic needs.

Responsible online lenders help their borrowers make an informed decision through their loan calculators.

Loan tenure

Though online lenders usually offer short-term loans, take time to check other loan tenure options that can best fit your needs and financial status. Remember that just like banks, online lenders charge late payments fees and some lenders charge early repayment penalties. Choose the right term with the help of the loan calculator.

Reviews in social media

Filipinos are now very active on various social media platforms. They enjoy their freedom of expression, and this is why it pays to visit the lender’s social media accounts. You can read the experiences of previous clients to have an idea on how they treat the borrowers and how professional they handle the applications.

Take note of their "start" ratings too. A lot of satisfied clients rate the company with stars on social media, but they do not leave a comment. Most declined clients have the tendency to voice out their frustrations. This is a common consumer behavior, so you need to analyze the reviews well.

Other Fees

Online lenders charge other fees aside from interest rates, do not hesitate to ask them about these fees. Online money lenders put their contact details on their websites, feel free to call them up for clarification.

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How to Spot a Loan Shark

Upfront processing fees

Legit online lenders process and approve your loans without asking for a processing fee. You are charged with the processing fee during disbursement, and usually, it is either deducted from your principal loan or added to your repayments together with the interest. Never trust a lender who asks a fee before processing your loan.

Never trust a lender who asks a fee before processing your loan.

Too easy verification process

Online verifiers usually ask a lot of questions during the verification process. The process which is too easy is too good to be true.

No location information

Though online lenders do not require the borrowers to personally come down to their office, they do have a physical office and an address you can find on their website. You can use Google map to confirm their location.

You are pressured to decide immediately

You must not be pressured to decide when getting a loan. Expect to receive options that are well explained.

Shabby website

Legitimate online lenders work hard to keep their website user-friendly, informative and always updated.

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Online lenders give loans to those with no credit checks, however, it takes a strict implementation of verification. To make your credit report better, take small instant loans from registered licensed lenders such as Cash Mart, and pay diligently. These lenders report your payments to the Credit Information Corporation or to the Credit Management Association of the Philippines Inc., which helps you build up your credibility as a borrower. Once you have a better credit report, you can finally get crucial loans from banks such as housing and car loans.

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