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Where to Find Startup Micro-Small Business Loan in the Philippines

Micro-Small Business Loan Updated on May 2023

Need a sideline?

Even if you are now employed or are already receiving regular remittances from loved ones abroad, having a micro-small business is a great way to be financially well off.

Having multiple sources of income assures you that you will be more financially stable in the future. You can get extra funds to buy the things you want or save for rainy days without sacrificing the money allotted for basic needs.

Where to Find Startup Micro-Small Business Loan in the Philippines

10 Best Micro-Business Ideas for 2017

If you’re looking for the most simple way to start a small business, choose between the tried and tested options below. 

Sari-sari Store

It seems that the sari-sari store is one of the best-known micro-business in the country. It is easy to put up and only needs a small capital.

If you are looking for a home business, this is worth a try, especially if your home is in a good location. Do you live in a place near the apartments? Are there a lot of families in your neighborhood? Perhaps you may sell snacks, soft drinks (soda), repacked spices for cooking, toiletries, and basic school supplies.

If there are already a few sari-sari stores in your place, consider what they sell and their retail prices.

List down what you will buy, the price of each item, the retail price, and when you have purchased them. Your capital may be as small as P5,000 up to P15,000, depending on what you want to sell and how big your store will be.

Online Shop

Setting up an online shop only requires a handful of things. You will need a desktop/laptop and a good internet connection. You can even use your smartphone and pocket Wi-Fi, but maximizing your business will soon require you to have better gadgets.

What will be your products? You can buy and sell shoes, clothes, fashionable accessories, personalized souvenirs, and collectible items. It is best to choose products that personally interest you.

Palamig Business

This business may be an all-year-rounder! Since our country is tropical, most days are warm, and this makes “palamig” a good choice of business. It is easy to prepare and can get a lot of customers if you have a good location.

Make different flavors such as buko pandan, coffee jelly, buko, and sago’t gulaman. Have a strict inventory to track your expenses and profit.

Cellphone Loading Business

There is no need to set up a stall. All you need is your small capital, your loading SIM card, and your phone. Filipinos usually have prepaid SIM cards, and loading is part of their daily or weekly budget. Take advantage of it.

Decide which retailer’s loading pack or kit you want to use (Globe, Smart, or both). Know how much your competition charges. Unlike some retail goods, the good thing about e-loading is that it never expires.

Pisonet Business Plan

You need a good internet connection and just a small space to start with. Some people usually just put it in front of their homes. People can just drop P1.00 for four minutes. Eventually, you can have more units. You can start with P20,000. Take the time to look for the right vendor to fit your preferences.


There is no need to be a modern Shakespeare! Ghostwriting is simply writing for blogs. You will be paid depending on the number of words you use or the number of articles you submit. There are a lot of blogs looking for sensible ghostwriters.

This is an easy fit if you have a passion for writing and sharing knowledge. You just need a desktop or laptop and a good internet connection. When I was a ghostwriter, pocket Wi-Fi was good enough. However, you will soon need to have a good interest service.

Selling Baked Cakes and Cookies

Love baking? Why not use it for your home business? Bake a few samples, snap some photos, and create a page. You can also take some baked goodies to some parties. This way, you can promote your business.

Uber and Grab

If you have a car that fits Uber and Grab’s requirements, try registering and earning on the side. Or you can get a car through an auto loan. Some Filipinos make a living through these driving services. Of course, you need to spend on gas, car maintenance, and allowance.

Poultry Business

Poultry does not need to be on a couple of hectares. You can even put it up in your backyard. Just make sure you can keep up with the sanitation to avoid ripples with your neighbors. Choose if you want to take care of a pig (or two), or If you prefer, you can have at least 50 to 100 chicks for a start.

Accessories and Other Crafts

Have an artistic side? If your hobby is creating something that could interest other people, why not make it a business? I used to make colorful hair clips for little girls which sold well online. Some hobbyists also soon sold materials to others who have the same hobbies.

Choose your target market and create a blog or online shop. You can even just make a Facebook page which is for free.

Where to Find Startup Micro-Small Business Loan in the Philippines

Naturally, if you want to start a business, no matter the type, you will need capital to make it start rolling. You will need some equipment, raw materials, ingredients, or extra help. Getting these will need a certain amount of money. That’s why you need to look for the best place for small business loan Philippines. 

Unfortunately, not all lenders provide a business loan Philippines. This is because it is quite risky. So, where can you get a Micro-Small Business Loan?

Family and friends

Getting a loan from family and friends may seem easy, but it could get complicated. Personal relationships are best not to be mixed with “utang.”

Some Filipinos get hurt when their request for a loan gets rejected. It can cause uneasy feelings. And in case you can get a loan, you better pay up as promised, or else the face of your relative or friend will always remind you of the money you borrowed.


Paluwagan sounds like a good option until some group members disappear without paying their share. If you are in the middle or end of the cycle, you might not get the money you expect.

Paluwagan may not have any interest or other fees, but it is all in the faith that every member will pay until the last person gets the funds. It is not a reliable source when looking for a micro-small business loan. 


Ever heard of Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo? These are online platforms where you showcase your product, and people will send money to fund your business. It is like getting some investors. Sounds easy in theory, but here in the Philippines, the idea of crowdfunding is still at its formative level. And Filipinos are still very hesitant to send money to strangers.


Pawnshops are also a good source of easy cash. You can get less cash than the pawned item’s actual value. The interest charge will increase quickly, so you have to pay up as soon as possible, or you will lose your valuable item. It will be heartbreaking if it has sentimental value.

Online Lenders

Nowadays, you have to find the best alternative ways. When almost everything can be found online, loans are not an exception.

Online lenders offer Micro-Small Business Loan Philippines. It offers a quick loan process which can be done on its official websites. Make sure the online lender is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

How to apply for an online loan at Cash Mart?

If you want to pursue your small business, take out quick loan cash from Cash Mart. 

Micro-Small Business Loan Eligibility:

  • You must be at least 21 up to 50 years old
  • Filipino working or living in Metro Manila for at least 6 months
  • Currently employed, Self-employed, OFW/Seafarer’s Allottee
  • Has a bank account or payroll account with an ATM card

Micro-Small Business Loan Requirements Philippines:

  1. Valid government ID
  2. Proof of billing such as Meralco, Maynilad, credit card bill, broadband, etc.
  3. Latest one-month payslip (for employed) or bank statements (for self-employed). Allottees need to present their proof of remittances/allotment and proof of relationship with the OFW/Seafarer.

3 Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out the online application form and upload the photos of your documents. Make sure the photos are clear and readable to make the process faster.
  2. Receive a call from Cash Mart’s loan manager to verify your documents. Remember that there is no collateral or guarantor required, so you have to get ready with a few financial questions.
  3. Check your bank account for disbursed cash. Cash Mart releases funds through partner banks to ensure quality service and the client’s financial information security against fraudulent activities. For more information, visit or give a call at (02) 829- 0000.

A side business surely helps with more funds and savings for the future. It gives you peace of mind that you are one step towards financial independence.