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AUB Credit Card: Essential Facts You Must Not Ignore

Updated: October 2022
AUB (Asia United Bank) started its longtime banking service in the Philippines in 1997. By 2013, AUB became publicly listed and got universal banking status. Since it has been registered in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1997, it started its operations as a commercial bank.
Now, AUB is a universal bank offering a wide range of financial services including personal and corporate credit cards.

AUB Credit Cards

Asia United Bank launched its AUB Easy MasterCard in 2015. This first Asia United Bank credit card lets the cardholders have the most flexible credit card payments. That is why first-time credit card users in the Philippines find it easy to adjust their finances.

AUB Credit Card - Essential Facts You Must Not Ignore

AUB Easy MasterCard

Are you looking for a more convenient transaction, AUB Easy credit card application is made for it. 

  • This card is the first card that gives you the freedom to choose how many times to pay per month.
  • Earn 1 Rewards Point for every P20 spend.
  • The minimum due can be as low as P250 a week.

AUB Classic MasterCard

Make your dreams more achievable with AUB Mastercard. 

  • This car also has payment term flexibility.
  • Earn 1 Rewards Point for every P20 spend.
  • The minimum due can be as low as P1,000 a week.

AUB Gold MasterCard

Always stressed during travels? Reach your destination hassle-free with AUB Gold.

  • No Annual Membership Fee
  • AUB Rewards points can be transferred to  Mabuhay Miles.
  • Earn 2x Rewards Points for transactions abroad.
  • Supplementary cards di do not have annual fees.

AUB Platinum MasterCard

Enjoy exciting and unexpected perks you never knew you needed with the AUB Platinum credit card. 

  • No Annual Membership Fee
  • AUB Rewards points can be transferred to  Mabuhay Miles.
  • Earn 2x Rewards Points for transactions abroad.
  • Supplementary cards di do not have annual fees.

AUB Credit Card Credit Limit

It is smart to take note of your credit limit, but it will be foolish if you think you have to max it out. The AUB Classic Mastercard credit limit is the amount determined by the AUB alone. 
Each bank has its own list of factors to decide the person’s credit limit, but usually, it includes your credit history, salary, and existing financial responsibilities.
The approved credit limit by AUB will be shared between the principal cardholder and the supplementary cardholder. It is best to exceed the credit limit. In the case of an overpayment, you need to settle the Total Outstanding Balance (TOB) as it will limit your use of the card.

AUB Credit Card Payment

AUB takes pride in its flexible payment options. It is true that a lot of Filipinos missed their payments because they sometimes forget their due dates or worst, their due date is way far from the payday.
To address this problem, AUB gives cardholders of AUB Easy and AUB Classic to pay at their own convenience. Most banks decide the due dates, with AUB the cardholders will choose their own due dates and the amount to pay on that date.
How does it work?

  1. Choose the period of payments: monthly, twice a month, or weekly.
  2. Choose the exact day or date when to pay.
  • Once a month payment = choose from the 1st to 30th day of the month
  • Twice a month = choose from 15 payment due dates

  • Weekly payment = choose one day from Monday to Sunday
  1. Decide how much to pay each payment period

The amount will vary depending on the type of credit card you hold.

Card TypeChoose your Minimum Amount Due
The AUB Easy MasterCard
  • Once a month payment = choose between ₱750 to ₱3,000.
  • Twice a month payment = choose between ₱500 to ₱1,500
  • Weekly payment = choose between ₱250 to ₱750
An AUB Classic MasterCard
  • Once a month payment = choose between ₱4,000 to ₱9,000.
  • Twice a month payment = choose between ₱2,000 to ₱4,500
  • Weekly payment = choose between ₱1,000 to ₱2,250
The AUB Gold MasterCard(Only for monthly) ₱10,000 to ₱19,000
An AUB Platinum MasterCard(Only for monthly) ₱20,000 to ₱200,000

AUB Credit Card Application

You can personally apply for an AUB Credit Card in an AUB branch or through the AUB Customer Service Hotline. In addition, there AUB credit card online application is now available. Just like any application for financial services, the process will be faster if you can present the complete required documents and if you qualify the eligibility. Processing time may take 11 to 14 banking days.

AUB Credit Card Eligibility

AUB online credit card application is easier if you assess your qualifications first. Listed below are the must-haves you have to possess. 

  • Must be 21 to 65 years old (except with AUB Easy MasterCard’s age limit which is 55 years old)
  • Required Gross Annual Income
  • Must be either employed with a regular status with a registered company or self-employed with a registered business that has been profitable for at least a year.
  • Must have at least one (1) landline phone
  • Should have an active email address

AUB Credit Card Requirements

Secure your AUB Bank credit card without much fuss by preparing the vital documents below. 

  • Copy of any government-issued ID
  • For employed: Latest ITR (Form 2316), Certificate of Employment/Compensation, or Latest three (3) months’ payslip
  • For Self-employed: ITR (Form 1701, 1701Q), Latest Financial Statements, or DTI Registration

AUB Credit Card Fees and Charges

  • The annual fee is waived for life both for principal and supplementary cards.
  • Interest Charge is charged only if you missed your payments. And even if you pay the Minimum Amount Due, if you don’t settle your balance on time, you will still be charged with interest.
  • AUB Platinum MasterCard and AUB Gold MasterCard are charged with a 1.60% monthly interest rate.
  • AUB Classic MasterCard and AUB Easy MasterCard are charged with a 2.95% monthly interest rate.
  • Late Payment Fee is charged only when you have failed to pay even the Minimum Amount Due on the due date.

How to Apply AUB Credit Card?

With these facts in hand, your next question will be how you can finally secure an AUB card with you. It only takes six simple steps to have your AUB Easy MasterCard. 

1. Choose the right AUB credit card your need. 

Asia United Bank credit card offers various kinds of credit cards. You can pick between a Regular AUB card and AUB Secured credit card. Be wise and assess yourself. 

Regular AUB credit card. It is for applicants with a stable source of income or regular employment status. It is suitable for employed, self-employed, and licensed professionals.

Secured AUB credit card. It is for applicants who have low, irregular, or no stable income. It is ideal for freelancers, micro entrepreneurs. 

2. Differentiate the AUB credit cards. 

You now know the credit cards offered by AUB. Pick what is the most suitable for your daily needs or lifestyle. Will you go for AUB Easy MasterCard, AUB Classic MasterCard, AUB Gold MasterCard, or AUB Platinum MasterCard?

3. Prepare the requirements for AUB credit card. 

Make your AUB credit card online application Philippines smooth sailing by having all the essential documents ready. 

4. Send your AUB credit card application 

Choose among the three types of ways to apply. You may process it via walk-in, online, or via the AUB Customer Service Hotline. 

Online application. Visit the official AUB application for credit card website.

Walk-in application. Drop by the nearest branch of Asia United Bank. 

Customer Service application. Dial the number  (02) 8282-888. Or you may contact the domestic toll-free at 1-800-20-282-8888. 

5. Check your AUB credit card application status.

When processing your AUB card, follow up. You can track the status online or through customer service. You can inquire about the delivery status through this. Find your AUB credit card online application status through these steps. 

  • Visit the official page for AUB cards. 
  • Click on the tab for “Track Your Application/Delivery.
  • Provide the required information, such as your last name and application reference number. Also, it needs your email address, last name, and first name. Lastly, it required your mobile number, last name, and first name. 
  • Once you enter all these details, click the inquire button. 

6. Active your AUB credit card. 

Once you receive your AUB card, make sure to activate it first before making your first purchase. Activation is easy. You can do it via Phone call and SMS. 

Phone Call Activation. Call AUB Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8282-888. Agents are ready to assist from 6 am until 11 pm. 

SMS Activation. Follow this format before using your new AUB credit. 

AUBCC <space> ACT <space> (Registed Email) <space> (last six digits from your AUB credit card)

Then, send it to these numbers: Globe (0917) 581-0480 or Smart (0918) 839-8282. 

Here is a sample message for credit card activation. 


AUB offers four credit cards here in the Philippines. Choosing a credit card is never easy and must not be taken lightly. If you are a beginner with credit cards, you must learn that credit card can either help you out financially or drag you to debts.
Take note of the fees and charges so you won’t experience bill shock. Pay your cards on time and never spend more than your credit limit. A credit card is a loan in just one swipe. Remember to charge only what you can pay.
If you are not confident to have a credit card, but you need to make an important purchase, you can opt to get a personal loan online.
Cash Mart offers quick cash loans with flexible payment options such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Want to know more? Visit now.