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How to Have 100% Sure Approval For Cash Loans in Philippines

Personal Loan Approved in Philippines Updated on January 2024

Loans are handy when you have desperate financial times. In fact, a staggering 47.1% of Filipino adults borrowed money in 2015. It underscores the prevalence of this financial tool in times of need. The prospect of having immediate access to funds is undoubtedly a comforting aspect. Thus providing a timely solution to pressing financial concerns.

Yet, the sting of rejection when you’re in dire need can be disheartening. Recognizing that lenders evaluate loan applications through a multifaceted lens, considering various factors is imperative. Navigating through the intricacies of loan approval requires a strategic approach to maximize your chances of hearing that coveted personal loan approved. 

So, how can you enhance your likelihood of a favorable response? 

How will you hear the sweet “yes”?

Understanding the nuanced criteria that lenders assess is paramount. Your credit history, income stability, and debt-to-income ratio all play pivotal roles in influencing lender’s decisions. Taking proactive steps to bolster these aspects of your financial profile can significantly tilt the odds in your favor.

Furthermore, demonstrating a clear and well-thought-out purpose for the loan can instill confidence in lenders. Whether for a business venture, education, or an unforeseen emergency, articulating your intentions and having a solid plan can make a compelling case.

Building a positive relationship with your chosen financial institution also holds considerable sway. Establishing a history of responsible financial behavior, timely repayments, and open communication can cultivate trust, making lenders more inclined to say “yes.”

Loans serve as a valuable resource in challenging times. However, proactive measures and a comprehensive understanding of the lending landscape can transform the experience of rejection into a triumphant personal loan approved. Therefore providing you with the financial relief you seek.

How to Have 100% Sure To Get Personal Loan Approved in Philippines

Here are the secrets to 100% assurance to get your personal loan approved.

Ever find yourself wondering why some Pinoys seem to be in a perpetual rejection loop when it comes to loans? 

Got you scratching your head, worried you might end up in the same boat? 

Fear not. We’ve got your back. 

We’ve outlined the top reasons some borrowers keep getting the rejection stamp. You can avoid their pitfalls and boost your chances of hitting the jackpot of a personal loan approved. Buckle up. We’re about to decode the mystery of loan rejections!

Positive Credit Report

Why can’t some Filipinos have their personal loan approved when applying? One factor lies in the past. Ever heard about credit reports? 


Credit is “utang” and report means records. The credit report records your previous loans and how you have handled them. Most Filipinos are still unaware that the Philippines has a national credit bureau. The Republic Act No. 9510 mandated the creation of a Credit Information Corporation.

“A credit information system will directly address the need for reliable credit information concerning the credit standing and track record of borrowers.”

Suppose you borrowed from a registered money lender. You paid your loans on time, and they reported your good paying habit to the credit bureau. Then, you went to a bank to apply for a housing loan. They will then look for your credit report in the credit bureau. With the credit report on hand, the bank will decide on what score to give it. While credit reports are completely based on how well you handled your loans, it will depend on how the banks and other financial institutions (where you applied) will score it. The credit report helps money lenders, banks, and other financial institutions keep track of their borrowers’ payment behaviors. This way, they will know if you are creditworthy or not.

Banks usually do not approve borrowers who have no credit history. This is why most of them require their loan applicants to have an existing credit card to be sure that they already have a credit history. On the other hand, registered money lenders lend even to first-time borrowers.

That being said, some factors can ruin your credit score. Keep your credit history clean and avoid missing your loan due dates and credit card bill payments. 

In addition, one of the main culprits is often a lackluster credit history. If your credit score resembles a rollercoaster with more downs than ups, lenders might be hesitant to roll the dice on you. But don’t sweat it. You can give your credit score a facelift with diligent payment. 

What To Do? 

Use this to your advantage! 

When you need a loan, apply from a registered money lender. It ensures that your good payment history will be reported to the credit bureau. 

Pay your loans diligently and on time. 

Positive reports naturally have high credit scores and lead to better chances of getting your future personal loan approved.

Stable Income

Of course, this comes as an obvious concern for lenders, but not in the way you think. Most borrowers speculate that lenders depend on whether a personal loan is approved or not on the amount of income. Actually, it is way deeper than that.


Lenders are more concerned with the stability of your source of income.

Banks and other money lending companies think compulsive job hoppers are risky borrowers. This is why most registered lenders will verify if the borrower is a regular employee working in the current company for the last six months.

But how about the self-employed and OFW/Seafarer allottees? 

Also, self-employed and allottees can apply for a loan if they can prove a regular cash inflow. Lenders require bank statements, Income Tax Returns (ITR), proof of remittance, business permits, and other income-supporting documents. This assures lenders that you have the source of money to pay the loan. 

Always remember that your income stability is like the anchor of your loan ship. If it’s rocking more than a boat in a storm, lenders might worry about your ability to stay afloat with those monthly payments. If you need to secure that anchor and make your income a solid selling point, look for a legit lender you can trust. 

What To Do? 

When applying for a loan, ensure you have your company ID and payslips. Make sure it is for at least the last month. 

If you have a Certificate of Employment, make sure that it includes your hiring date and the amount of your current salary as a regular employee

But if you are a freelancer, prepare your bank statements for the last six months. 

Meanwhile, small business owners should submit their business permits and taxation documents. 

On the other hand, allottees must ensure they have a clear copy of their OFW or Seafarer’s passport and employment certificate.


Borrowing money is about making the lender trust you. Aside from the credit report, the money lender will verify the consistency of the information you gave them.


Don’t be the type of borrower who falsifies documents just to get a personal loan approved.

Credit agents are highly trained to spot information inconsistencies. They will know if the borrower is trying to sugarcoat information, such as making the salary seem higher or that they have been in a company longer. 

Moreover, lenders love a good story, especially regarding the purpose of your loan. If your loan application leaves them scratching their heads, they might hesitate to jump on board. 

Always be straight to the point and have a compelling narrative that lenders can’t resist. This way, your prospective lending company will guide you to the best loan type for your financial situation. 

What To Do? 

In the intricate money-lending world, transparency is the name of the game. Naturally, lenders do not trust applications with falsified data. Take note that lenders are adept at sniffing out falsified data. And they don’t take it kindly. 

Honesty is your best policy. Instead of weaving a web of deception, it is better to come clean and try your luck. You will be surprised that there are lenders who are more considerate than you think. 

When you opt for openness, lenders might appreciate your sincerity. Some are willing to go the extra mile to explore flexible alternatives tailored to your unique situation. It’s like opening a door to a world of possibilities. 

Don’t be afraid to be upfront and authentic. You might be pleasantly surprised at the favorable responses and customized solutions that await you. After all, in the realm of lending, trust and transparency pave the way for mutually beneficial arrangements.

Complete Loan Application Form

Lenders receive and navigate hundreds of loan applications per day. It is no secret that complete applications often sail through the process quicker, while incomplete ones linger in the limbo of pending status.

personal loan approved with complete application

Loan applications that languish without updates or completion for too long to streamline operations and conserve resources may face unfortunate rejection. As a result, this prompts you to re-apply.

What To Do?

Every time you fill out an application, ensure everything is completed correctly.

Every time you embark on the application journey, have meticulous attention to detail. Ensure every field is filled out accurately, leaving no room for confusion. It’s not just about crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. It is about creating a seamless narrative with your submitted documents.

Consistency is key. Harmony between your application details and supporting documents is the secret sauce. Your information must be consistent with the ones on your submitted documents. 

Another pro-tip for you is patience and persistence, which go a long way. If the lender’s reply isn’t lighting up your inbox immediately, don’t hesitate to send a follow-up message. A proactive approach demonstrates your commitment and provides a quick avenue to discover if loose ends need tying.

If you don’t receive an immediate reply, take the time to send a follow-up message. This way, you will immediately know if you still have to complete some information.

You’ll be two steps ahead if you ensure completeness and accuracy and stay on top of the follow-up game. It increases your chances of smooth sailing through the application process. Remember, the devil is in the details. In this case, those details can be the key to unlocking the doors to financial opportunities. 

Requirements Compliance

Lenders are meticulous in their due diligence. They strategically pause on applications when the data and required documents resemble a puzzle missing a few key pieces.

complete requirement compliance for a personal loan approved

Lenders put applications on hold if the data and required documents are incomplete.

The intentional pause serves a dual purpose. It ensures a thorough verification process while underscoring the importance of complete, accurate information. However, this very halt can inadvertently stretch the timeline. It steers your loan application toward the unfortunate declination path, especially if you lack documentation.

Lenders cannot wholly verify your information if you prolong the process of submitting your requirements. If it takes too long, your loan application could get declined due to insufficient documents. 

What To Do? 

First and foremost, check the list of required documents specified by your lender. Most lenders generously display this information on their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, especially those with an online presence. Online lending companies such as Cash Mart require government-issued ID, company ID, and proof of billing. 

Do not forget to check your email or phone so you will not miss any clarification messages. Your lender will contact you if they need supporting documents to help them verify your information.

Second, secure yourself with a smartphone or scanner. Capture all your documents in before sending them into the online application form. The mantra here is clarity and readability. 

Lastly, keep a close eye on your email or smartphone. These digital messengers will connect you to your trusted lender. If there’s any clarification from them, you can easily communicate. You are ready to deliver if they require additional supporting documents for the verification process.

If you apply a meticulous approach, it does not only expedite the loan application process. Also, it stands as a testament to your commitment as a borrower. So, gear up with these tips. The success story of your personal loan approved awaits.  

Loan Calculator

A successful personal loan approval might be a few clicks away with a loan calculator. 

How can a loan calculator help get your personal loan approved? 

The nifty tool is not just your run-of-the-mill gadget. It is your best strategy in the quest for financial prudence.


Using a loan calculator, you can quickly see how much you can borrow, the interest charge, and the available payment terms.

An online loan calculator unveils the mystery behind how much you can borrow, the accompanying interest charges, and the array of available payment terms. It is like having a financial crystal ball that clarifies the borrowing landscape.

It helps you figure out how much you can handle to pay easily because this is the same thing your lender will think. Also, lenders do not accept applications if you ask for a term that does not fit your financial status. 

Here is a sample scenario. You’re eyeing a loan term that doesn’t align with your financial standing. Well, chances are, your lender won’t be giving it a standing ovation either.

Furthermore, responsible lenders operate on a simple yet crucial principle. They lend amounts that borrowers can practically pay. Moreover, they approve personal loan terms that allow you to settle your dues without compromising your basic needs. 

Let’s break it down with a real-life example. If your monthly income is Php 15,000, expecting your lender to hand you a Php 15,000 loan with a one-month repayment period is unrealistic. 

What To Do? 

Here’s your golden tip. Leverage the loan calculator. Use it to craft realistic loan amount requests that align with your financial capacity. By doing so, you’re essentially waving a green flag to lenders. It signals that you’re not just seeking funds haphazardly. Instead, it indicates you have a clear understanding of your repayment capabilities. Always remember lenders will decline requests for outstanding balances beyond the borrower’s capacity to pay.

The online loan calculator is not just a tool. It serves as your compass in your finances, guiding you toward decisions about a personal loan approved.  

Proof of Billing

Money lenders and banks require your proof of billing. It might seem like a routine administrative chore, but it is pivotal in the loan approval process.


So why do all ask for your proof of billing? 

Proof of billing is a document that states and verifies your name and address. It can be an electricity, phone, cable subscription, or credit card bill. Lenders and banks use proof of billing as a tangible record of your residence. 

Now, picture this. If you were to lend money to a stranger, wouldn’t you want to know where that person lives? It’s a fundamental aspect of trust and confirmation in the financial landscape.

What To Do?

First and foremost, acquaint yourself with the specific proof of billing requirements. Different institutions may have varying preferences, but a clear copy of the bill is a common ask.

Know and submit your proof of billing and required supplementary documents.

If you live in your own house, you only need to submit a clear copy of the bill. Meralco bill is the most common preference. However, this is impossible for every Filipino, as some only rent. Do not hesitate to ask the lender if there are other alternatives, just like in Cash Mart.

You can inquire about alternative options if you are in the rental category. 

  • Authorization Letter and Owner’s ID – If the utility bill is under another person’s, you must secure an authorization letter and the owner’s valid government ID.
  • Lease Contract – If you are renting and the owner is not around to make an authorization letter, you can submit the Lease Contract.
  • Barangay Clearance – It can be an additional alternative if you have no Lease Contract.

If you are unsure what your alternative proof of billing options can be, inquire with your lender.  Proactively addressing these details will pave the way for a smoother loan approval process. 

Responsible Lender

Finding the right lender can make all the difference when securing a personal loan. Your journey to loan approval begins with choosing a lender that aligns with your needs and operates responsibly. 


Banks and money lenders offer various loan products tailored for different purposes, each accompanied by its own unique set of requirements. 

Note that under Republic Act 9474, lending companies must be registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission. The legal requirement ensures that any lending entity operates within the bounds of the law, providing you with a foundation of trust and reliability.

A money lending facility falls into a responsible lender if the possesses these characteristics. 

  • Legal Operations: A responsible lender operates within the legal framework. They are registered, pay taxes, and uphold the regulatory standards outlined in the law.
  • Fair Practices: Overcharging penalties is not on the agenda for a responsible lender. They adhere to fair practices, ensuring you’re not burdened with excessive fees and charges.
  • Capacity-Centric Approval: Responsible lenders play by the capacity rulebook. They approve loan amounts that align with your ability to borrow. Also, they suggest loan terms that let you comfortably meet your repayment obligations without sacrificing your basic needs.

What To Do? 

First, find a registered lender who offers flexibility that matches your needs and requirements that you can easily comply with. Scouting for licensed lenders provides a safeguard against potential pitfalls. 

Choose the one who can understand your personal situation and will adapt to your personal needs as much as possible.

Second, seek a lender that offers flexibility in their loan products and understands your unique situation. They should be willing to adapt to your needs as much as possible.

Check this sample scenario. You’ve been renting your home, and your Meralco bill is under the owner’s name, posing a challenge in the proof of billing department. An understanding lender might offer alternative options like a barangay clearance or an authorization letter. This flexibility ensures that your situation doesn’t become a roadblock to getting your personal loan approved.

Always choose wisely. Let your personal loan approval be the first step toward a mutually beneficial financial relationship between you and a legit lender.

Final Thoughts on Personal Loan Approved

A declined loan application can indeed be disheartening. Although such a loan application experience is painful, every lender can reject an application. Naturally, a lender will not divulge why you got declined as it is part of their internal system.

Lending is about trust.

When applying for a loan, remember to win the lender’s trust. If they trust that you can pay your loans on time, then they will approve your cash loan application. The consistency of information in your application required documents and interview makes a huge chunk of the approval decision. 

Remember that financial decisions should be made thoughtfully, and individuals should be cautious about taking on debt. If someone needs a loan, it’s advisable to thoroughly research and compare options to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for their specific circumstances.

Looking for easy yet reliable cash loans? 

Cash Mart offers flexible loans that fit your financial needs at the most affordable interest rate. Experience the fastest loan process in the country with Cash Mart. Go home with your personal loan approved in no time.