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How OFW’s Relatives can Apply for Loans Dasmariñas


Dasmariñas is a first-class city in Cavite. It has an estimated population of 660,000 people. Many of whom can easily get loans in Dasmariñas.

Over the years, Dasmariñas has grown into a developing city. As a result, it had an influx of industries. But despite more opportunities, people still look for other sources of income. Some start and sustain businesses, while others resort to working outside the country.

Residents in Dasmariñas have an OFW relative. This is to provide for every need of their families. But, unfortunately, families have to live apart to survive financially. It is a heartbreaking truth many have lived for more than one generation.

Financial Situation of OFW in Dasmariñas

It is a common scenario in the families of Overseas Filipino Workers. Some work hard for their growing family. Parents want to provide the best for their children. And many aspire for their kids to be future OFWs.

Let’s be honest. It is difficult to manage the expenses of working here in the Philippines. 

One parent usually leaves the country to work. While the other stays behind and looks out for their kids. Both of them share a burden of responsibility.

As the OFW works and sends money, the other handle it according to their financial needs. 

Sad to say, not all OFW families are good at managing funds. There are also instances where emergencies happen. Children get sick, some get into accidents, and bills increase. The cost of leaving never stops growing.

With this, the OFW family resorts to borrowing cash.

Where to Get Cash Loans in Dasmariñas

Only some people think that lenders are the best option for financial assistance. For example, you may ask families and friends for help. However, they also have issues with finances. 

Sometimes, borrowing money from friends and relatives taint relationships. For example, you may go to pawn shops if you have valuable items. But there’s a downside. You may lose your beloved item if you cannot pay it back. 

Also, loan sharks are lurking around, waiting to catch prey.  Be careful with these lenders. They will definitely lend you money and, at the same time, help you dig your own grave. Their interest is tremendously high, and some even ask for collateral. 

Unlike licensed moneylenders in Dasmariñas, they offer unsecured loans. No collaterals are needed. You just have to complete all the documents requested.

Allottee Loan in Dasmariñas

Do you belong to an OFW family?

Do you encounter financial shortages despite the monthly remittances? If you do, then an allottee loan can be handy.

An allottee loan is an unsecured online cash loan that only allows qualified individuals to borrow cash even without collateral. Start your allottee loan application once you submit the requirements.

You got it right! You can apply, not the OFW.

Your capacity to pay helps legal lenders approve your loan.

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Documents Needed for Allottee Loan Application in Dasmariñas

As usual, you need to submit the documents first. It helps legit lenders to know if you are qualified for the Allottee Loan in Dasmariñas. Here are the basic requirements, though some lenders require more.

  • Latest OFW working contract with POEA validation
  • OFW’s latest Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)
  • Valid passport
  • Valid government-issued ID
  • Working visa for land-based workers or Seaman’s Book for seafarers
  • Allotment certificate bearing your name as an allottee
  • Proof of relationship to the OFW (Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate)
  • Proof of billing

Valid IDs have always been a necessity when applying for a loan. However, you need your allotment slip to get your loan approved. But still, you need to prepare other documents listed above. 

Tips for Allottee Loan Application in Dasmariñas

As you find urgent cash while the OFW cannot send remittance, licensed online lending companies in Dasmariñas offer allottee loans.

Here are some tips to get the best loan deal.

Before you submit your application, think first.

It is always best to be cautious with every decision. However, do not let your emotion cloud your judgment. Weigh all your options, especially your finances, and expenses. One wrong move and you might dive blindly into a snowballing debt. 

Prepare all the documents.

To ensure a high chance of approval, prepare all paperwork ahead of time. At the same time, your loan process will be easier and faster. Make sure that the documents are clear and readable. All of the information has to be consistent as well.

If you get an allotted loan online, you can process your loan in just an hour. Then, you can simply upload the documents and wait for a call to get verified.

If approved, you should read the contract before signing.

Pay on time

Repayment is now your new financial obligation. Pay diligently. Always keep in mind that positive credit history can help your future loan applications.

You can apply for a new loan with less fuss if you pay well. It means there will be fewer requirements and a higher loan amount.


The monthly remittances support your family. But still, quick cash needs are inevitable. Know that you can apply for an emergency loan Philippines. But remember to inform your OFW about it.

With an approved loan application, repay the loan as scheduled. It will help the future financial needs of the moneylenders in Dasmariñas.

To ensure a safe and secure loan application process, take a loan from Cash Mart. It is a trusted and reputable online moneylending company that approves legit online loans suitable for your current need. 

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