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PNB Loans: What Filipinos Should Consider

What crosses your mind when you think about loans?

Surprisingly, 77% of the adult population believe that loans are beneficial for them and their family. This is based on the 2015 baseline study done by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

While it is true that loans benefit us, it is still a financial responsibility that has to be chosen and handled well. However, choosing the right loan which best fits your need and finances must be done seriously.

You probably read this because you consider bank loans your financial resort. Almost 50% of adult Filipinos get their loans from banks. Banks offer various loans. However, it has its limitations, too, when it comes to serving every Filipino.

PNB loans

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PNB Quick Facts

The Philippine National Bank was established as a government-owned banking institution on July 22, 1916. It has survived both WWI and WWII and even became the first universal bank in the country.

By 1989, PNB had become a private company. Now, most of its stocks are under the ownership of Lucio Tan Group. PNB currently has 670 branches and offices, 960 ATMs, and 72 overseas branches.

PNB Global Filipino Loan

OFWs are known to always give the best for their families. And when it comes to convenience, most of them dream to buy a car for their loved ones.

However, this is only offered to Filipinos working in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia who are 21 to 65 years old. You must also have been working abroad for at least two years.

You can borrow from P 400,000 up to 80 percent of the unit’s purchase price. Take note that the actual loan amount and interest rate will still be at the bank’s discretion.

PNB Home Loan

This loan can be used for purchasing a property, home construction, house renovation, and refinancing. You can also use this loan to pay off an existing loan. Not only that, the home loan can help you purchase a house and lot, a lot, a townhouse unit, or a condominium. 

You may follow these steps if you wish to apply for a PNB Housing Loan. 

  1. Use the PNB Loan Calculator to see how much you can borrow. 
  2. Download the loan application form from the PNB website. Then, fill it out with complete details. 
  3. Visit a PNB branch near you. 

PNB online loan application only applies to the application form. The entire process requires your personal appearance to the bank. 


PNB offers home loans to Filipinos and natural-born Filipinos with other citizenship. Your age must be 21 to 65 upon the loan’s maturity. Also, you need to either be an employed or a self-employed individual. 

PNB Loan Requirements

You need to submit a duly accomplished Housing Loan Application Form and a photocopy of two valid government-issued IDs. Also, you must present a non-refundable Appraisal Fee. Provide a separate application form if you have a co-borrower/co-maker/attorney-in-fact. Don’t forget to fill-up the Data Privacy Client Consent Form too. 

Loanable Amount

The loan amount will depend on the property’s location and the property to be purchased. Usually, properties within Metro Manila are given a higher loan amount since properties in the metro have skyrocketing prices. 

For example, the minimum loan amount for a purchase of a townhouse, house & lot, and condominium costs P750,000 within Metro Manila. But it costs P500,000 outside the city. Meanwhile, the purchase of lot costs P500,000 within and outside Metro Manila. 

However, the maximum loan amount depends on the appraised value. For a lot property, it is up to 70%. But for house & lot, townhouse, and condominium, it is up to 80%. 

Interest Rate

The Interest Rate is fixed, ranging from 5.75% to 10.75%. The longer the term, the higher the interest you have to pay.

PNB Sure Wheels Auto Loan

Looking for a way to finance your car? PNB Car Loan helps you purchase a new or used vehicle. Also, it aids in refinancing a previously purchased car. In addition, PNB offers a motorcycle loan. It supports borrowers who prefer a brand new or already used two or three-wheeled vehicle. 


PNB car loan is for both Filipino citizens or Foreigners based in the Philippines. You must be 25 to 65 years of age upon loan maturity. Also, you need to be employed or self-employed for at least 2 years. 

PNB Loan Requirements

Your income documents are highly needed for the success of your loan application. If you’re employed locally, you need the Latest ITR and Certificate of Employment stating your compensation. But if you’re employed internationally, you must present your Latest Contract of Employment and Proof of Remittance. 

For self-employed and business owners, prepare your Business Papers, Latest ITR with Audited Financial Statement, and the Latest 3 months’ Bank Statement. Meanwhile, the corporation and partnership require an SEC Certificate of Registration, the Latest ITR with an Audited Financial Statement, the Latest 3 months’ Bank Statement, Articles of Incorporation and By Laws, and a Secretary’s Certificate. 

Loanable Amount

You can borrow at least P150,000 up to 75% of the appraised value for a used car and P300,000 up to 80% of the purchase price for brand-new units.

Interest Rate

The older the used car, the shorter term you will be able to get a loan in PNB. The interest rate for PNB Auto Loan is fixed, ranging from 9.36% to 23.39%.

PNB Credit Cards

When choosing a credit card, you shouldn’t just focus on the rewards, rebates, and freebies. You also need to know the fees and charges to avoid bill shock.

  • Account Maintenance Fee is P200 a month or the amount of total balance.
  • Advance Renewal Card Request Fee is P750
  • Card Replacement Fee is P400
  • Cash Advance Fee is 5% of the Cash Advance Amount you have withdrawn.
  • Certification Fee from the bank is P200
  • Late Payment Fee is P300 on top of your bill.
  • Lost Card Fee is P400
  • Rush Card Processing Fee is P300 to get the card in five (5) days. you have to pay P1,000 to get the credit card in just one (1) day.
  • Rush Delivery Fee is P200 to receive the card in 1 to 3 days. You will be charged P500 to get the card delivered to your doorstep in a day.

PNB Personal Loan

Regarding unexpected expenses, PNB Personal Loan Philippines is the best you can get. It serves as a multipurpose loan as it qualifies any borrower based on income and credit history. In addition, a personal loan is flexible on your needs. You may use it for your personal utilities, planned or unprecedented life events, and debt consolidation. 

PNB Small Business Loan

The business loan is often allied Small Medium Enterprise Loan. It offers accessible financial assistance for starting business owners. Also, it caters to existing small businesses that wish to expand. However, it is crucial that you meet the Philippine National Bank Business Loan requirements. 

If your business involves retail and wholesale trade. Also, it caters to light manufacturing, processing, and services. Also, it finances businesses with favorable credit standing and track record for the past three years. In addition, the minimum loan is from P1.0 Million to P10 Million with acceptable Term Loans and Domestic Bills Purchase Line. Its tenor involves a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. 

PNB Gadget or Appliance Loan

An appliance loan is not your typical type of loan. It does not require you to have collateral. But the main purpose of your loan application is to purchase electronics. It can be a much-needed home appliance like a refrigerator, air conditioner, or television. Also, you can use it for buying devices like mobile phones, tablets, and more. Plus, you can pay off your loan through flexible terms. 

What to Consider with PNB Loans?

  • PNB Loans are not for every OFWs. You have to reside in the country specified for the offered loan.
  • Auto loans require a wide coverage of insurance. Take note that the insurance fee is not included in the loan amount you will get.
  • The appraisal fee is nonrefundable. Whether you continue the loan or not, you have to pay for it.
  • Rushed credit cards can be costly.

PNB Loans are indeed beneficial, whatever your reasons for borrowing. However, there are downsides you must watch out for. Get fast, safe, and secure cash loans online with Cash Mart Philippines. It helps you manage your finances based on your current financial status. Therefore, it saves you from diving into a pit of money troubles.