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Loans in Biñan, Laguna

Where to Get Loans in Biñan Laguna?

Biñan, Laguna

Biñan is a first-class city in the province of Laguna. As of today, it has over 335,000 residents. It has become a suburban residential community. Also, it is a location of industrial estates. Plus, it caters to export processing zones. So it’s no surprise why Biñan is one of the richest municipalities in the Philipines.

However, its residents prefer to build their careers abroad. They think working overseas brings better opportunities. Often, it upgrades their profession and family finances. However, there are instances when the remittance is not enough. Financial emergencies are inevitable. That’s why relatives left at home struggle. Fortunately, an allottee loan is available. It answers the unexpected financial dilemma.

Where to Get Allottee Loans in Biñan Laguna?


The first person that comes to mind during a financial shortage is your closest family and friends. They are your go-to buddy whenever you have problems. You share all your worries with them. Yet, it has been proven that going to them for financial help is not the best solution. Yes, it keeps you afloat with your finances. Unfortunately, it causes relationship issues. As a result, it adds up to the current stress you have. 

Here is a scenario. If you delay your payment, your family will hold it against you. They will keep asking for your repayment. Worse, they will tag you as a relative who can’t handle finances properly. Aside from that, your friends and families have their own personal and financial issues. They, too, have to deal with something you are unaware of. You don’t want to add that to them.


Moreover, you may turn to pawnshops for help. It is applicable if you have valuables worthy of them. If yes, you can try them out. For example, if you have a pair of gold earrings, you can pawn it for the right amount. However, keep in mind that going to pawn shops are risky. It is vital that you repay as scheduled. If not, you’ll lose your pawned items.


In addition, there are lenders popularly known to the Filipinos as “5-6.” They are the best sample of loan sharks. They lend you money at a higher interest rate. So as much as possible, avoid these kinds of lenders.

Licensed money lenders

Lastly, you can visit an SEC-registered company lending money in Biñan, Laguna. It is safer and more convenient. There is no possible relationship strain. Also, you do not risk losing your belongings. In addition, you have the assurance they are legit and reputable. Fortunately, lending companies even offer affordable loans in Biñan, Laguna. Plus, it comes with reasonable interest rates.

How Does Allottee Loan Help?

An allottee loan is a type of unsecured personal loan. Sadly, it is not quite known to Filipinos. The loan design is for OFW’s loved ones – an allottee. So, it is only suitable for you if you have a partner who works abroad. But, he/she must send you regular monthly remittances.

An allottee loan allows you to borrow cash from a registered lending company. You can proceed with your loan application. However, you must prove that you are a beneficiary of an OFW.

There’s a list of requirements that you need to submit first. It is vital so that your lender can identify if you’re qualified. Also, it shows if you can pay back. Typically, an allottee loan is a short-term loan. Plus, it does not require collateral or a co-maker.

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Requirement of Lending Company for Allottee Loans in Biñan, Laguna

The basic requirements of an allottee loan are not from the allottee. It seeks more about the OFW working abroad. Furthermore, it requires proof of your relationship with him/her.

  • Latest OFW contract with POEA validation

The document proves that your partner is legally working abroad for an employer.

  • OFW’s valid and latest OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)

The certificate is attainable thru internet access. Also, it shows your partner’s present employer.

  • Valid passport

Your partner’s valid passport serves as his/her valid ID.

  • Working visa or Seaman’s book

An allottee loan includes OFWs for land-based workers or seafarers. So it requires their working visa. It is the best proof of their legal employment abroad.

  • Proof of Allotment

It proves that you are receiving regular remittances. Therefore, moneylending companies have the assurance that you can repay on time. 

  • Proof of relationship to the OFW

The lender needs to know your relationship with the OFW. If you’re the spouse, a Marriage Certificate is needed. A Birt Certificate will do if you’re either the child or parent. 

  • Proof of Billing

It’s needed to prove your present address. Legal moneylenders will check if you are actively staying in one place. Also, it comes in handy during collection.

  • Valid government ID

Your valid government ID will prove all the other documents you’ve submitted. Also, it should contain your personal information. So make sure you present an identification that has no discrepancies.

The requirements for an allottee loan vary from lender to lender. As stated above, some only demand the basics. Meanwhile, others may ask for more. Ensure that you have completed all the requirements correctly. Then, you can proceed with your loan application.

To ensure a faster loan process, you should get it from an online lending company in the Philippines. The whole process is done online. You can start with an online application up to cash disbursement. It is possible with a licensed moneylender like Cash Mart

Simply sign up. Then, complete the online application form. Afterward, upload the documents. Lastly, wait for phone verification. There will be no credit investigator that will visit you. In addition, there is no collateral. As a result, the process is expected to be faster.

Now you know where to get cash loans. Ensure you are dealing with a registered company lending money in Biñan, Laguna, before disclosing your information.

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