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Are you always in a rush? Do you need to pay bills but your working hours won’t let you? Need an urgent prepaid load a wee hour?

Don’t stress yourself. We got the best solution for you. Wanna know what it is?

It’s a GCash! A single application is an answer to your emergency problems. Can’t believe it? 

Let us explain to you how. 

Table of contents

Definition of GCash

GCash Account Registration

  • GCash App Registration
  • *143# Menu GCash Registration
  • Facebook Messenger Registration
  • GCash Account Verification

  • GCash Account – Online Verification
  • GCash Account – Partner Outlet Verification
  • Loading a GCash Account

  • Cash-In via GCash App
  • Cash-In via GCash Outlets
  • Withdrawing on GCash Accounts

  • Cash-Out thru Bank Account Transfer
  • Cash-Out through GCash Outlet
  • Cash-Out thru GCash Card
  • Get a GCash Card

  • Steps on GCash Card Application
  • Send Money with the Use of GCash Account

  • GCash App for Sending Money
  • Bills Payment with the Use of GCash Account

  • GCash App for Bills Payment
  • Shopping with the Use of GCash Account

  • GCash App for Shopping Payment
  • Buy Load with the Use of GCash Account

  • GCash App for Buying Load
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help! I’m having trouble with my GCash Account. What to do?
  • Can I access my GCash Account without the Internet?
  • Does GCash transaction have a limit amount?
  • Does GCash expire?
  • Is GCash accepted outside the Philippines?
  • Definition of GCash

    GCash is a form of electronic money through the mobile application. Send and receive cash easily and conveniently payments electronically. Save yourself from long queue lines. Pay off your pending bills at home or even while at work. 

    Just make sure to register for GCash. 

    GCash Account Registration

    GCash is a mobile service that needs an account first. 

    Yeah, I know. Another account. But no worries, registration is quick and easy. In fact, you can do it in three different ways.

    How do I do it?

    You can go to your GCash mobile app. Or you may try the Globe *143# SIM men. Or through your Facebook Messenger. A single account with a three-way registration option. 

    What are you waiting for?

    Create an account on which is more accessible for you. 

    GCash App Registration

    The process is so quick and troublesome. Follow these simple steps: 

    • Download the GCash mobile app. You may try through the App Store or Google Play Store. It depends on your phone unit. 
    • Enter your mobile number then click “Next”. Except for a six-digit authentication code on your phone. Then click the “Submit Code”.
    • Always read the Terms and Conditions. Click the “Accept” button afterward. 
    • Fill up the information needed. It includes your name, birthday, address and email address. 
    • Submit a four-digit mobile PIN (MPIN). Never forget your MPIN. It is needed in all your GCash transactions. 

    It’s that easy. Download the GCash app now. Learn how to use the GCash app. 

    No need to download the app. If your device does not have enough memory space, try this way: 

    • Simply dial *143# on your mobile device. All Globe services have this option active. 
    • Look for the “GCash” option. There are other options available. Just focus on GCash first.
    • Select the “Register” selection. Many GCash services are available. Let’s register first.
    • Provide a four-digit GCash PIN. Always remember your PIN. 
    • Enter your name, birth year and address. Provide accurate and correct information. 
    • A confirmation message will be received on your mobile device. 

    Just like that. You can send loads to your family and friends readily. Read more about the different ways on how to use GCash. 

    Facebook Messenger GCash Registration

    Are you always online? 

    Maximize your time and online services. Do the following steps:
    Step 1: Find the @gcashofficial on the Messenger application.

    Step 2: Click the “Start an account” option.

    Step 3: Provide your mobile number then click “Continue”.

    Step 4: Read the Terms and Conditions. Tick the “Accept” option.

    Step 5: Receive a confirmation message on your Messenger account. This means your account is ready to use.

    Step 6: Create your PIN. Enter it twice for clarification.

    Step 7: Another confirmation message will be received. This means your new GCash PIN is successfully created.

    Aren’t you lucky? You can do money transfers while chatting with your friends on Messenger. 

    But wait! There’s more! 

    A lot of services are inclusive with GCash. We’ll teach you how to use GCash properly. 

    GCash Account Verification

    You are now a certified registered GCash account. 

    What to do next?

    Your GCash account has to be verified. But how?

    GCash account verification is also called “Know Your Customer (KYC)”. 

    This process is required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. 

    Identity validation of customers availing money services is very essential. 

    Once your GCash account is verified, all the services are ready to use for you. 

    Plus, a higher GCash wallet fund limit of Php 100,000. 

    Isn’t it amazing? A higher amount means more accessible transactions. 

    You have two options to verify your GCash account. Either you visit the authorized GCash outlet or access your account online. 

    Wanna know how? 

    Let’s start. 

    GCash Account – Online Verification

    All you need is a strong internet connection and a mobile device. You can use a computer or laptop also. 

    • Visit the “GCash Verification Facebook page”.
    • Message them regarding your account verification request. 
    • Complete the application form correctly. 
    • Provide a brief video call. It helps in verifying your GCash account. 

    Not difficult right? So get your account verified now. 

    GCash Account – Partner Outlet Verification

    You don’t have an internet connection or data service? 

    You can still get your account verified. 


    Do these following steps:

    Step 1. Visit any GCash partner outlet. For sure, there’s one near you.

    Step 2. Complete the GCash application form. Write all the details needed legibly.

    Step 3. A photo will be taken. Be prepared.

    Step 4. Wait for a confirmation text message. This includes the information that you’re part of the KYC database.

    Take time to get your GCash account verified. It is more beneficial for you. It opens more services for you. 

    Learn more about how to use GCash properly through this quick guide. 

    Loading a GCash Account

    All right! Your GCash account is ready to use. But are you geared up?

    For a successfully financial transaction, you need to fund your GCash Wallet.

    How top up your wallet? There are different ways to load your GCash Account. 

    Cash-in through mobile money transfers via GCash app. Or cash-in over-the-counter transactions with the partner outlets. 

    Cash-In via GCash App

    The most convenient way to top up your GCash is through the GCash mobile app. 

    With this, you can transfer money from one bank account to another.

    Also, you can receive remittances from your loved ones wherever they are. 

    Fund your account with a GCash App in various ways. Select mobile facilities accessible for you. 

    • 7-Eleven Barcode
    • MoneyGram
    • Western Union
    • BPI to GCash
    • PayPal to GCash
    • RCBC to GCash
    • UnionBank to GCash
    • Mastercard or Visa Debit to GCash

    A well funded virtual wallet is perfect for your online transactions. 

    Here’s how you can use these facilities with the GCash app:

    Step 1. Access your GCash account

    Step 2. Click the “Cash-In” icon.

    Step 3. Choose the Cash-In option you prefer. 

    Step 4. Provide all the required information. 

    If fund transfer from a bank account, enter the six-digit MPIN

    If receiving money remittance from either Western Union or MoneyGram, enter the transaction reference or control number. 

    Step 5. Enter the correct load amount. 

    If fund transfer, choose the bank account to source the money from. 

    Step 6. Receive a message on the GCash app about your cash-in request. 

    Step 7. Afterward, you’ll receive a confirmation text message about the successful transaction. 

    On the other hand, if you choose the 7-Eleven Barcode option do these extra steps. Eventually, your cash-in request will be completed. 

    • Stop by the 7-Eleven branch near you. 

    • At the counter, scan the GCash barcode

    • Settle the cash-in amount at the cashier. 

    • Receive a confirmation text message about your completed GCash cash-in transaction. 

    Cash-In via GCash Outlets

    There are more than 10,000 GCash outlets nationwide. Select between remittance centers, pawnshops, malls, and bills payment centers to load your GCash account. 

    Another way to top up your GCash account is through these outlets. 

    • Globe Stores
    • Bayad Centres
    • SM Business Center
    • Cebuana Lhuillier
    • 7-Eleven CLIQQ Kiosks
    • Puregold
    • RD Pawn Shops
    • Tambunting Pawnshop
    • Villarica Pawnshop

    You can load your GCash over the counter. Simply go to any authorized GCash partner near you. 

    Withdrawing on GCash Accounts

    Received funds in your GCash?  Do you need to withdraw it? 

    No worries. You can cash-out in three ways. Do a fund transfer to a BPI or RCBC account. 

    Have an over-the-counter transaction at any GCash authorized outlet, or use a GCash card in any BancNet ATM. 

    Choose the best way for you. 

    Cash-Out through Bank Account Transfer

    If you still don’t have your GCash card, you can withdraw money through these steps: 

    Step 1: Dial *119# on your mobile device.

    Step 2: Choose between BPI or RCBC.

    Step 3: Select “GCash Transfer” then “GCash to Bank”.

    Step 4: Provide your six-digit bank MPIN.

    Step 5: Enter the cash-out amount you need.

    Step 6: Provide your four-digit GCash PIN accurately.

    Then, select “Enter Account”. Make sure you give the correct bank account number.

    Press “Confirm” to finalize the transaction.

    A successful bank account transfer is confirmed through a text message. 

    Get your cash by visiting the nearest BPI or RCBC ATM. 

    Cash-Out through GCash Outlet

    Don’t have an RCBC or BPI account?

    You can still withdraw money from your “GCash” account. 

    Find out if there is a GCash outlet near your place. Then, do these: 

    • Drop by any Globe Business Center or any GCash partner outlet. 
    • Fill-in the GCash form accurately.
    • Present a valid ID. 
    • The staff will process your request. Expect a text message asking you to confirm your cash-out request. Reply with your MPIN immediately. 
    • Check the confirmation message via text. Present it to the staff attending to you. 
    • Receive the cash-out amount, acknowledgment receipt for the transaction and official receipt for the service fee. 

    Aside from the cash-out amount, a service fee of Php 20 for every Php 1,000 withdrawn is automatically deducted from your GCash wallet. 

    Cash-Out through GCash Card

    If you have your GCash Card with you, withdraw your money anytime, anywhere. 

    Use it the way you use your ATM card. Cash-out when you need it, where you need it.

    It’s hasslefree! Long lines are only due to ATM queue lines. All you need is your GCash Card!

    Decide which is the best and convenient way to withdraw your cash. 

    Get a GCash Card

    The GCash Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card. It is linked to your GCash wallet. 

    If you have one in your wallet, you can shop at stores that accept Mastercard payment. 

    Also, you can use this card to withdraw funds from your GCash wallet. 

    On top of that, your GCash card doubles as a Beep card. 

    What a great way to access funds in your GCash account right?

    But how can you have one?

    Steps on GCash Card Application

    Follow these to have your own GCash Mastercard:

    Step 1: Visit the Globe Store branch near you. You may also try the GCash Mastercard Caravan event in your place.

    Step 2: Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020: Fill out the service form completely. Write the details legibly.

    Step 3: Present a valid ID. Have at least 2 identification card with you.

    Step 4: Pay Php 150 for the GCash Card. Or you may pay Php 210 for the GCash Mastercard with Beep functionality. Take note that it is a one-time fee only.

    In some instances, Globe offers discounted prices at caravan events. 

    Secure your personal GCash Mastercard and have numerous ways to use your funds. 

    Send Money with the Use of GCash Account

    The best thing about GCash is that it lets you send money for free. 

    Transfer funds from your GCash wallet to any registered GCash account and Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) number. 

    Regularly send your money to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines. 

    Very affordable for you and your family. 

    GCash App for Sending Money

    This is how you can send money through your GCash App:

    • Log in to your GCash account on your mobile application. 
    • Click the “Send Money” icon.
    • Dial the recipient’s mobile number. If the receiver’s contact is on your list, choose it. 
    • Enter the correct amount. 
    • Personalize your money sending process. Type a message. Keep in mind that this is optional. 

    True enough, your family and friends will receive the cash on a real-time basis. No long waiting hours. 

    Help them buy emergency medicine through your GCash account. 

    Bills Payment with the Use of GCash Account

    Almost due on your utility bills? Credit card bills?

    Solve it in just a snap of your fingers. 

    On top of that, freelancers and volunteers can pay their monthly contributions with their GCash account. 

    Use your GCash account wisely. 

    GCash App for Bills Payment

    Settle your bills with these simple steps: 

    Step 1: Log in to your GCash account via the mobile app.

    Step 2: Select the “Pay Bills” icon.

    Step 3: Select the appropriate biller.

    Step 4: Pay it by entering the correct amount and account number.

    Step 5: Tap the confirm payment option.

    Remember that your bill payments on GCash are posted within two to three banking days.

    On the other hand, overdue bills are not accepted on your GCash Bill Pay service. 

    Shopping with the Use of GCash Account

    Your GCash account is not only for money transfer and bills payment. 

    You can purchase any items with your sufficiently funded account.

    Utilize the GCash QR Service at partner stores that accept GCash payments. 

    Where are these? 

    Typically, you can try it at The SM Store, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Malls, Jollibee, Ministop and more. 

    Check out other stores and outlets for the GCash display. For sure, they’ll use GCash QR. 

    GCash App for Shopping Payment

    Shop and pay with your GCash account. Follow these: 

    • In your mobile app, log in to your GCash account.
    • Select the “Pay QR” icon.
    • Choose between the “Scan QR Code” or the “Generate Code”.
    • If you choose Scan QR Code, point your mobile device at the merchant’s QR code to start scanning. 
    • If you choose Generate Code, show to the cashier the barcode and QR code on your screen. 
    • Always check before you confirm your payment. 
    • Wait for confirmation through SMS. 

    So if you lack cash while shopping, your funded GCash account will definitely back you up. 

    Buy Load with the Use of GCash Account

    Aside from other services, your GCash account has the easiest way to access prepaid load. 

    Send load to a friend or someone in need. Step up your account into a reloading business. 

    GCash App for Buying Load

    Once you have a GCash account, you can start sending loads by these:

    • Go to your “GCash App” and log in.
    • Select the “Buy Load” icon.
    • Enter the corresponding phone number you’ll load. Then, click “Next”.
    • Enter the right amount you need to load. You can select between the denominations listed. 
    • Confirm your load request. Tap the “Pay” option.
    • Wait for confirmation through SMS or check the maintaining balance on your account. 

    Help a friend or start a business with this GCash feature. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Help! I’m having trouble with my GCash Account. What to do?

    Do you need answers and help with your GCash account?

    Simply call the GCash hotline 2882

    Also, you may try the chat via Messenger. 

    Can I access my GCash Account without the Internet?

    Before, GCash only functions with the mobile app. That means you’ll need an internet connection. It’s quite hectic for some users.

    GCash became innovative. Now, you can use GCash without load. 

    Therefore, you can send money, pay bills and cash-in without a load on your device. 

    Simply dial *143# on your phone and select GCash. 

    Take note that it is only applicable for Globe and TM users only.

    Does GCash transaction have a limit amount?

    The maximum transaction limit for GCash is Php 40,000 per day. Moreover, the maximum transaction limit per month is Php 100,000. 

    This includes both the incoming and outgoing transactions. 

    Does GCash expire?

    Your GCash account and funds do not expire. But, it is important to keep your account active. 


    Keep on buying load, paying bills, sending money through the GCash account. 

    Is GCash accepted outside the Philippines?

    GCash Mastercard is accepted worldwide. Use it as long as the establishments accept Mastercard. 

    In addition, you can go to any Mastercard ATM and withdraw money. 

    Take note that there is a transaction fee. Php 20 for local ATM while Php 150 for abroad withdrawal. 

    Get everything done with your smartphone. Open up a virtual wallet through the GCash app. Make your financial transactions convenient. Send and receive money, pay bills and more with the application. All for free except for the cash-out transactions. 

    This is the most effective way to manage your finances. 

    Not a tech-savvy? After you read the quick guide on how to use GCash Account, you are familiar with how useful it is for you. Download the GCash app now and create your own account.

    Have you run out of budget and need cash to pay your bills using GCash App? Cash Mart can lend you a hand! Try to get a loan from a licensed moneylender like Cash Mart Philippines and fund your GCash to pay your bills!