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Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020

Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI caters to more than 8 million depositors worldwide.

Because of the increasing demand, BPI created a way to serve their customers anytime.

BPI Express Online is BPI’s online banking system. It provides  BPI account holders easy access to tools and manage your finances.

As the name suggests, you can access this free service with an internet browser or with the BPI online banking app.

BPI customers who want to avoid long lines at their branches and ATMs now have a better alternative.

This is BPI’s answer to the consumer’s growing banking needs. Aside from various products such as savings accounts and BPI loans, it has an online banking platform that is accessible 24/7.

Here’s What You Will Learn About BPI Express Online Banking

Are BPI Express Online Banking and BPI ExpressLink Different?

What is BPI Express Online Banking

What is BPI ExpressLink

BPI Express Online Requirements

Steps for BPI Express Online Enrollment

BPI Express Online Activation

The BPI Express Login

Features of BPI Express Online

How Secure is BPI Express Online Banking

Frequently Asked Questions on BPI Express Online Banking

Are BPI Express Online Banking and BPI ExpressLink Different?

Yes, they are actually different.

What is BPI Express Online Banking

BPI developed the BPI Express online system for clients who do not like to wait in line.

It’s designed to meet the banking needs of a BPI customer even when its branches are closed.

It offers the same banking services as Express Online with key differences.

The BPI ExpressLink caters to corporate cash management. It provides basic bank transactions with added features.

These are payroll upload, BIR tax payment, collection, and payment transactions.

Corporate companies are the main users of BPI ExpressLink. The BPI Express Online caters to the banking needs of individuals.

BPI Express Online Requirements

To open a BPI Express Online Banking account, you need:

  • a deposit account,
  • credit card,
  • or an ATM-based debit account in BPI.

Simply, you should be an existing customer of BPI or BPI Family Savings.

You can enroll in other BPI accounts such as loans, prepaid cards, or investments. This is possible only after the activation of the BPI online banking account.

Steps for BPI Express Online Enrollment

BPI offers a variety of banking needs. Also, they offer different accounts.

The BPI Online Banking Registration varies depending on the type of banking product. Also, it depends on the account holder’s location.

Registering while you are in the Philippines is easier than registering overseas.

Here are the steps to enroll in BPI online banking.

Step 1. Visit the BPI Express Online Website (

Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020

Step 2. Look for the BPI Express Online Login button. Then click Register Now button.

Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020 | Log-in to your account

Step 3. Choose the type of account you have with BPI.

Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020 | Choose your account.

Step 3. A. You must select your location if you have an ATM-based deposit account. If you choose “Within the Philippines,” you have to visit any BPI Express Teller ATM within 20 banking days.

If you choose “Outside the Philippines,” you have to print, sign and email your application form.

Filipino’s BPI Online Banking Guide 2020 | BPI Express Online

Step 4. Tick the Internet Banking Service Agreement box. You need to scroll all the way down to activate the box.

Step 5. Fill up the BPI Express Online Registration Form. Provide all the necessary details needed by the website.

You will receive a confirmation email. Activation depends on your location.

Activate your Bank of the Philippine Islands online banking account within 20 working days from the enrollment date.

BPI Express Online Activation

There are two ways to activate your BPI Express Online Banking. These depend on the location of the applicant.

Local Activation of BPI Express Online Banking

If you reside in the Philippines, you need a BPI ATM machine.

Insert your card into the ATM slot and key in the PIN code.

Go to the “Special Services” section. Look for the “Activate” button and click on it to activate the account. After that, click on “Enrollments Express Online.”

After activation, the BPI Express Online Account will be accessible within 24 hours.

Overseas Activation

For account holders living overseas, the client will receive a confirmation email. This is sent together with a form to be sent to a registered email address.

Print the form and fill it up.

Sign the form and mail it to the following address:

BPI Fulfillment Banking Department

9th Floor BPI Card Center

8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City 1200, Philippines

Once the request is processed, you will receive an email about the account activation.

The BPI Express Login

There are two ways to access your BPI Express Online account. One is to go to the bpi express browser. The other is to download the BPI online banking app. Both of them require you to have an existing bpi online banking account. 

BPI Express Login via Browser

To access the BPI Express Log in using the web browser, you only need to follow the steps outlined below. 

Step 1. Go to and click the ‘Online Banking Login’ button. It will take you to a BPI online login page. 

Step 2. Once you get to the Bank of the Philippine Islands login page, the website will ask for your credentials. Fill in your user ID and password and click submit.

The website then allows you access to your account. Here you can manage all your banking needs. 

BPI Express Login via Mobile App

The BPI online app allows a faster and easier way for you to access your BPI Express account. 

Step 1. Visit the Playstore(Android) or AppStore(IOS). 

Step 2. Download the BPI Express Mobile App

Step 3. Once you have downloaded the app, click on it. It will take you to a BPI online login page.

Step 4. Fill in your user ID and password. Then click the login button. The app allows you to use your fingerprint to access your account for mobile phones with fingerprint sensors.

For phones with face id, you can use face id to access your account.

Features of BPI Express Online

BPI Express Online Banking caters to BPI clients who dislike standing in line. It is best for those who have no time to drop by a bank.

It is a one-stop shop for almost all banking concerns of BPI account holders.

With its easy-to-use system, first-time users need little to no learning period. Bank of the Philippine Islands online banking offers video tutorials for those having difficulty with the system.

Also, BPI Express Online Banking allows the user to do various banking services.

BPI Express Online Fund Transfer

Transferring money to another BPI account is possible in real time. Also, you can transfer funds in advanced schedules.

It is convenient for shoppers who want to pay using the BPI account to pay for their purchases online.

Small business owners can use this feature to pay their suppliers on time.

Before, BPI Express Online Banking could only transfer money to other BPI accounts. Recently, you can now transfer money from your BPI account to other bank accounts.

You can send money to an enrolled account or an unenrolled account.

Sending money to a third-party enrolled BPI account is fast, easy, and, best of all, free!

To transfer money to an enrolled BPI account, you need to enroll in each account in person. You need to go to the bank and fill up an application form.

Submit the signed forms to any BPI or BPI Family Savings Branch teller.

BPI Express Online Bills Payment

The Bill Payment facility is a very useful banking service of BPI Express Online Banking.

It allows the user to pay for the utility and BPI credit card bills without leaving the house or office.

Also, you can pay your insurance using this method.

Bill payments can be scheduled in advance, so there is a lower chance of missing due dates. This is especially useful when paying for your credit cards in the Philippines.

Reload a Prepaid Phone

When you have a BPI online banking account, there is no need to worry about running out of prepaid credit.

You can reload quickly using the BPI online express account.

Choose from Php 50 up to Php 1,000 credit load without going to an e-load station.

The online reload service is available to all service providers.

You can even use BPI internet banking to load your e-wallet. You only have access to the app or website. Fill up the necessary details before sending the request.

Schedule an Appointment With BPI Express Assist

What if you really need to visit a BPI bank?

The common concern of BPI clients is the long queues and waiting times. Most over-the-counter transactions are fast.

Yet, because of the long lines, it can take 30 minutes or more before you get to the counter.

Cut waiting time by using the BPI online schedule appointment service. It is part of the BPI Express Online. They call the service the BPI Express Assist or BEA Online.

This feature allows the user to reserve a time slot in the nearest branch. One can submit the desired transactions and get a queue number in advance.

You just need to go to the branch at the appointed time and complete the transactions.

BPI Express Online Account Balance Inquiry

Monitoring funds online is easier using the secure BPI Express Online Banking system.

This is a user-friendly feature of BPI Express Online. It allows the client to access the account holder’s statement of account online.

This simplifies the process of managing your BPI savings. Also, it can manage your checking account, credit card, and investments.

One can even use it to print bank statements without having to go to the main branch.

How Secure is BPI Express Online Banking

BPI takes its online security seriously. It uses a variety of security measures to protect the user’s privacy and account information.

Password Protection Features

BPI prevents unauthorized access to Express Online accounts by using strict password requirements. They need 6-12 alphanumeric characters for the account password.

It prohibits re-using 3 previous passwords. It automatically logs off the account if the system detects inactivity for 5 minutes.

One Time Password

Much like the BDO Online, BPI requires a user to input a One-Time Password. This is done before one can access the online account. The system sends the OTP to the user’s registered mobile number.

Critical Transactions Pre-enrollment

This is a prerequisite for critical bank transactions. The client nominates a third-party account. One submits an accomplished and signed form to the bank. The form is stored in the database.

The system will not continue the transaction if the third-party account is not found in the BPI database.

Email Confirmation

The user will receive an email for any successful financial transaction done online. It confirms the transaction made. Also, it serves as an alert if there are any unauthorized transactions.

Facts on BPI Express Online

Having an online banking account is a necessity nowadays.

Its convenience allows a professional to save time. You can track your finances while you are on the go.

Despite the security measures, you still need to be careful. Be vigilant in keeping your financial transactions secure.

Remember to keep your online account passwords private. Do not share it with anyone.

Be aware of your surroundings when using public computers to access your account.

Beware of phishing or fraudulent emails pretending to be from BPI or other banks. It will ask for your account details. Remember to contact your bank immediately.

Using a secure BPI Express Online Banking saves you time and effort. It is a win-win situation for both the bank and the consumer.

Just be aware of your account’s security and maximize the security features.

The security of your online account depends not only on the bank’s security system. Also, it depends on your vigilance.

Frequently Asked Questions on BPI Express Online Banking

Customers have plenty of questions that need immediate answers. BPI Online Express has gathered all and answered the most often-asked ones.

How Can I Access the BPI Online Banking If I Don’t Have the BPI APP?

Just type in: in your web browser. Click on the ‘Login’ button and fill up your personal username and password. 

What are the things I can do using BPI Online Banking?

  • Viewing the details of your account online
  • Paying off bills and enrollment of new billers
  • Transferring of funds to your own and other enrolled, BPI, or non-BPI accounts
  • Monitoring your electronic statements and other financial needs
  • Managing and controlling your card settings

What is a One-Time Pin (OTP)?

  • The One Time Pin (OTP) serves as additional security for your account. It is a 6-digit security code that is valid for one transaction. This is sent to the mobile number that you registered. For every transaction using a new device, you need an OTP. Also, an OTP is needed to confirm and complete your transactions.

Is it Possible to Use a Non-Philippine/International Number with BPI Online Banking?

  • Yes, you can use an international number. Your personal mobile number needs to be updated in the system. This will ensure that you receive the One-Time Pin for every online transaction. 

How to Change Mobile Number in BPI Express Online?

  • Visit and log in to BPI Online website or the mobile App. 
  • Go to Account Maintenance and choose Update Mobile Number
  • Key in your Debit/Mastercard number and new mobile number
  • Activate your request within 5 banking days using any BPI ATM
  • For overseas users, call 889-10000*
  • Overseas users can connect via BPI Skype ID @TalktoBPI* or @TalktoBPI2*. 

* You will be asked to submit an original signed form after verification via skype or 889-10000.  

What are the E-Wallets that I can load using BPI Online Banking?

  • It is possible to load the following E-wallets: GCash and SMART Padala. 
  • Also, you can load E-wallets for PayMaya, BEEP, Easytrip, and Autospweep RFID.
  • Listed below are the minimum and maximum amounts you can load with each e-wallet.

*CAN number is the 16-digit number found on the beep card.

  GCash SMART Padala PayMaya BEEP Easytrip Autosweep RFID
Reference Number Registered Mobile Number Registered Mobile Number Registered Mobile Number CANNumber * Account number Plate number
Min. load amount per transaction P1.00 P500 P500 P1.00 P350 P500
Max. load amount per transaction None None None P5,000 P5,000 P10,000

What is the daily limit for E-load transactions?

There is a daily limit for E-wallet transactions. Each source account can transfer a maximum of P50,000. These are for unenrolled accounts. 

When can I expect the amount to be credited in the E-load Wallet?

E-wallet credits are made in real time. The amount for the e-wallet will be credited immediately. You only need to check your account to see if it was credited or not.

For Beep E-wallet, you need to update your balance using any BEEP e-load stations. 

Does BPI Online have a Dollar to Peso funds transfer facility?

Yes, BPI Online has a Dollar to Peso funds transfer. This service will let you convert your US dollar funds to Philippine pesos using your BPI Online Account. This service is available to ATM-based US dollar accounts. 

Does BPI Online have a cut-off time for Dollar to Peso funds transfer transactions?

Yes. You can use the service from 9:30AM to 3:30 PM Philippine Standard Time. 

What is the difference between Recents and Favorites Feature in BPI Online?

Recents – BPI Online records your transactions from the last 3 months. This is for easy recall of your banking needs. 

Favorites – You can save up to 10 unenrolled accounts, prepaid, or phones in BPI Online. 

How can I save an account as a Favorite?

You will automatically be asked to save an account as a Favorite. This is done after banking transactions of unenrolled accounts, prepaid cards, or phones.

Can I activate the Push Notification feature of the BPI Mobile app?

If you are an existing app user, you will need to update your BPI Mobile app. This will ask you if you want to enable push notifications. 

If it is your first time using and downloading the app, you will be asked to activate your push notifications after the third time you log in.

Also, you can use BPI Online Account Maintenance to enable the push notifications whenever you want. 

What are the activities where I can get Push Notifications?

The following transactions will cause you to receive Push Notifications:

  • Credit sent to a third party or to anyone
  • Credit transferred from Load Prepaid Card
  • Registration of a new device
  • Receiving marketing-related notifications

How Can I Activate Biometric Login?

The following shortcuts are added to the credit card viewing page:

  • Pay full amount
  • Pay Minimum Amount
  • My Statements

The credit limit tracker allows you to easily view your credit card usage.

Can I Check My Cash Mart Funds Through BPI Online Banking Account?

Got approved for Cash Mart Personal Loan?

You can easily check if you received your funds in your BPI bank account. Cash Mart sends funds directly to the borrower’s personal bank account to ensure the security of your funds and receive it in the most convenient way possible.