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20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

Remittance… There are a lot of reasons people send money to and around the Philippines.  

Meron sa’tin na nagtatrabaho sa Maynila to send money back to their families in the province.

Some parents need to send money to their kids studying in universities far from home.

Marami syempre ang OFWs na nagpapadala ng pera para sa ikakaginhawa ng mga mahal sa buhay.

There are also some business owners who need to send money to local suppliers who do not have bank accounts yet.

Whatever the reason, you need to choose the most convenient, safest and cheapest way to send your money.

20 Best Domestic Remittance Service Providers

10 Best International Remittance

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10 Best Domestic Remittance Service Providers

Which money transfer company do you usually use to send money to your family in the province?

Here’s a closer look at the cheapest money transfer companies. All offer domestic money transfer services that you can access even in far-flung barangays where banks and ATMs are scarce.

Palawan Express Padala

Palawan Pawnshop | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: Palawan Pawnshop

“Mura. Mabilis. Walang Kuskos-balungos”

Palawan Pawnshop is one of the fastest-growing pawnshop chains in the Philippines. The first branch was owned and operated by Mr. Bobby and Mrs. Angelita Castro in Puerto Princesa City. It was originally established as a business offering only pawn brokering, but now it has grown famous for its affordable money remittance service, “Palawan Express Pera Padala”.

Remittance Speed

Claim cash as soon as you have successfully sent the money in any Palawan branch nationwide.

Palawan Express Operating Hours

Most Palawan branches are open from 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM while others are 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Number of Palawan Express Branches Nationwide

Over 2,700 branches

Notable Features of Palawan Express Padala

  • Real-Time Text Notification. Get a text message immediately after the money was transmitted and when it was claimed.
  •  Suki Card. Palawan Pawnshop gives a 5% discount and 2% rewards points for every successful remittance by Suki Card holders.
  • Foreign exchange currency. Palawan Pawnshop dollar exchange rate is one of the most competitive rates you can get. 

Palawan Express Padala Rates

Palawan remittance fee depends on the location of the recipient. 

Palawan Padala Rates
Palawan Express Padala Rates

Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala lets you send and receive money around the Philippines and abroad. Sending money through domestic remittance is easy. You just need an accomplished remittance form and a valid ID.

If you are an OFW, pumunta ka lang sa any Cebuana Lhuillier’s international partners. Submit a filled-up form and present a valid ID.

Magpapdala ng pera sa abroad?

You can also do it with Cebuana Lhuillier Pera Padala via Moneygram. Simply fill out the Pera Padala form. Present it to the agent with your valid ID and pay the due amount. Get the Pera Padala form and provide the 10-digit control number to your receiver.

Remittance Speed

Receivers can claim their money as soon as the senders successfully completed the sending process.

Cebuana Lhuillier Operating Hours

24/7 branches in Makati, Imus, Olongapo, and Angeles City

Number of Cebuana Lhuillier Branches Nationwide

1,500 branches and accredited international partners

Notable Features of Cebuana Lhuillier

  • Remit to Bank Account. Cebuana Lhuillier serves as a bank branch. You can payout the international remittance via Moneygram (valid only for 45 days).direct to a bank account.
  • Online Appointment System. Set a transaction appointment even before you arrive in the branch. No need to wait in line or fill-up form.
  • US Dollar Payout. Cebuana’s US Dollar Payout is now available in selected stand-alone Cebuana Pera Padala branches.
  • Money Remittance Expiry. The validity of 5 years for money transfer transactions except for

Cebuana Lhuillier Rates

Cebuana Lhuillier rates padala for domestic remittance are as follows. 

Cebuana Money Remittance Rates

LBC Padala

LBC Padala | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: LBC Express

LBC Express Inc. does more than move boxes and parcels. Maaari ka ring magpadala ng pera sa iyong pamilya sa loob at labas ng bansa.

LBC has been the bridge of Global Filipinos for more than 60 years through its “Balikbayan Box.” Now, you can also let your loved ones feel your care through the money you send them.

Para makapagpadala sa mga kamag-anak sa probinsya, pumunta lamang sa pinakamalapit ng LBC branch at magfill-up ng form kasama ang detalye ng iyong papadalhan. 

Remittance Speed

Branch pick-up is in real-time while door-to-door delivery will arrive on the next day.

Operating Hours

LBC branches open at 7 am and closes at 10 pm

Number of LBC Branches Nationwide

More than 3,000 branches

Notable Features of LBC Padala

  • Bills express. LBC Bills Xpress is a one-stop-shop for your bill’s payment.
  • Instant Peso Padala. With LBC Instant Peso Padala service, send your money today you’re your loved ones and they can instantly feel your padala.
  • Door to door delivery. Have your money delivered straight to your loved one’s home conveniently.
  • Remit to Account. Skip long bank queues, extra steps, and middleman as you remit straight to a specific bank account.
  • Remittance Partners. LBC Padala allows you to send and receive money all around the globe thru our remittance partners.

LBC Padala Rates 

LBC Padala rates local vary on how fast you need your remittance to be received. 

Here is how LBC Kwarta Padala charges NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Same Day Rate

LBC Padala Rates

In addition, LBC Kwarta Padala charges NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao Next Day Rate

LBC Padala Rates

M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala

ML Kwarta Padala | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: M Lhuillier

M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala has a strong drive to move your money fast. Its service focused on money remittance in the Philippines.

ML Kwarta Padala delivers anytime, anywhere because of a strong partner network abroad and extremely reliable technology-based system.

Send money easily and conveniently with ML Kwarta Padala. It has a real-time cash availability through most of the network makes sending and receiving money almost effortlessly. 

ML Kwarta Padala lets you send money for your children’s education, bills payments, or emergency situations.

Remittance Speed

Recipients can claim their cash instantly as soon the sender accomplished remittance procedure.

Operating Hours

ML Kwarta Padala locations and branches are open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm.

Number of Branches Nationwide

More than 2,000 branches

Notable Features of M Lhuillier Kwarta Padala

  • International and Domestic Remittance. Easily send and receive money through any M Lhuillier branch worldwide.
  • ML Gift Card. Money transfer made even easier with the new ML Kwarta Padala gift card. Gift Cards are available for only 500php and 1000php.

MLhuillier Padala Rates

M Lhuillier fee depends on the principal amount. 

ML Kwarta Rates

TrueMoney Padala

True Money | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines

TrueMoney Padala started out in 2003 in Thailand and now it has offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and in the Philippines.

In addition, TrueMoney Padala is a leading international Fintech brand with low-cost financial services, now available for Filipinos.

Send cash to your loved ones for their monthly expenses such as utility bills and school fees with TrueMoney Padala. 

Remittance Speed

Your recipient can claim cash in real-time.

Operating Hours

TrueMoney opens 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.

Number of Branches Nationwide        

In the Philippines, there are currently 13,500 TrueMoney Centers available.

Notable Features of TrueMoney Padala

  • Convenient. TrueMoney remittance centers are found everywhere – sari-sari stores, pawnshops, internet shops, salons, pharmacies and more.
  • Secure Money Transfer-Transactions.TrueMoney has point-of-sale (POS) terminals for the remittance process and releases transaction receipts.
  • Text Notification. Senders receive confirmation and reference code via cellular phone.

TrueMoney Padala Rates

True Money Rates

RD Pawnshop Padala

RD Pawnshop Padala | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

RD Pawnshop, Inc. has been in the industry for 43 years where its current head office is located in Cebu City.

Also, RD Pawnshop Cash Padala emphasizes on customer service skills and trained front liners to attend client’s needs during money transfer with accuracy.

With RD Pawnshop Cash Padala, you can address emergency financial situations by sending cash instantly to your family in the province. 

Pedeng pade magpadala ng pera para sa mga mahal sa murang halaga.

Remittance Speed

Let your loved ones received money instantly with its real-time process.

Operating Hours

Open from Sunday to Saturday, including holidays. Business hours may vary per location but the majority of the branches are operating from 7am to 7pm.

Number of Branches Nationwide

Over 700 branches all over the country.

Notable Features of RD Pawnshop Padala

  • Free remittances. Send cash without fee for amount 100php or less.
  • Discount remittances. Avail discount when you send amount 301php and up
  • Rebates remittances. Receive rebates when you send amount 901php and more.

RD Pawnshop Padala Rates

RD Padala Rates

GCash Send Money

GCash | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: GCash

GCash is building a cashless ecosystem through its fast and secure mobile payments. With Gcash, you can transfer funds to over 30 banks nationwide, save money with higher interest rate and shop online whenever you want.

Help your friends and families in their finances instantly with GCash.

Remittance Speed         

Send and receive funds immediately with the GCash Send Money and Receive Money service option.

Operating Hours

Access your Gcash account anytime, anywhere even with a strong internet connection.

Number of Branches Nationwide

As of this year, Gcash has 20M users with more than 63,000 partner merchants nationwide.

Notable Features of GCash                      

  • Free. Transfer money securely to anyone with a mobile number free from charge.
  • Gcash card. Can be used as an ATM/debit card for cash withdrawal to any ATM bank.

GCash Rates                                                     

Sending money through GCash to another GCash owner is FREE.

PayMaya for Remittance

PayMaya | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: PayMaya

PayMaya is focused on Internet platforms, digital financial services, mobile money and eCommerce spaces. It is supported by 2 global leaders – Smart eMoney, Inc. and Rocket Internet.

PayMaya is known to make fast, secure and hassle-free payments for personal and business purposes.

You can transfer funds to your loved ones immediately, anytime, anywhere.

Remittance Speed             

Receive cash at the same time it sent instantly.

Operating Hours

With a strong internet connection, PayMaya is open 2.04/7.

Number of Branches Nationwide

Add money with cash for over 15,000 partners nationwide.

Notable Features of PayMaya         

  • Secure transactions. Safe and secured money transfer via KYC process by the BSP.
  • PayMaya Card. Use this card locally and abroad if they accept credit/debit cards.

PayMaya Rates

PayMaya is free of charge if money is sent through other PayMaya partners. But 1.5% is charged for every Smart Money Padala transaction.

Smart Padala

Smart Padala | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: Smart Padala

Smart Padala is one of the brands under PayMaya Philippines, Inc. that is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Also, Smart Padala is an affordable domestic remittance service where you can send cash to your loved ones wherever they are in the Philippines. Just visit the nearest Smart Padala agent and fill-up the form completely.  

Also, you can send money abroad with  Smart Padala International. Make sure you provide the correct details of the recipient.

Remittance Speed

Receive funds immediately after successful money transfer transaction.

Operating Hours

Opens daily 7:30am – 4:30pm

Number of Branches Nationwide

More than 27,000 Smart Padala Agents available

Notable Features of Smart Padala

  • Send money as low as 25php.
  • Send money to any mobile network. Any mobile network can send in cash (Globe/Tm, Sun, Smart/TNT)

Smart Padala Rates

Smart Padala Rates

Villarica Pawnshop

Villarica | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines
Photo Credit: Villarica Pawnshop

Villarica Pawnshop is a single proprietorship established by Mrs. Paz R. Villarica, a   from Meycauayan, Bulacan. Primarily, it strived to be the leading pawnshop in the area.

As the years go by, Villarica Pawnshop established branches in Metro Manila and adopted a credit policy designed to maximize and provide utmost service to its clients.

Villarica Pawnshop provided clients with the most liberal terms and conditions and interest rate lower than the prevailing interest charged by the majority of pawnshops.

Remittance Speed

Real-time transactions. Claim the money as soon as the sender completes the sending process in the branch.

Operating Hours

Open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday 7am-4pm

Number of Branches Nationwide

With over 500 branches nationwide

Notable Features of Villarica Pawnshop

  • Bills payment. Settle utility bills, telecom bills and more with Villarica Pawnshop.
  • Foreign exchange currency. Villarica Pawnshop US dollar exchange rate today offers the highest among others. 

Villarica Pawnshop Rates

Villarica Rates

10 Best International Remittance

Are you working abroad?

Are you sending money for your family left in the Philippines?

In a search for the cheapest and safest money transfer?

Check out these best remittance companies for OFWs and Overseas money transfers.


WorldRemit | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service where every transaction simple in a faster and easier at a lower cost.

You can send money to more than 145 countries around the world including the Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and India.

Get your transfer received by your loved ones back home through a bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile money or airtime top-up.

Remittance Speed

Receive cash varies from minutes to 3 days after a successful transaction

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday (9am-5pm)

Requirements Needed

WorldRemit is required by law to verify its customer through the following:

  • ID documents: National ID Card, Passport, Photo Driving License
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank/credit card statement

Make sure your ID contains information such as document number, photo, full name, date of birth, signature, expiry date, place of issue (any) and full machine-readable zone.

Notable Features of WorldRemit

  • Has transfer rate as low as $1.
  • Variety of payment options. ApplePay, AndroidPay, debit or credit card, and bank transfer.

WorldRemit Rates

WorldRemit transfer fees vary depending on where you’re sending money, but the fee for most countries is $3.99.


TransferWise | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

TransferWise is the money app for people without borders and the perfect gear to send and receive money at the real exchange rate.

With TransferWise, expats, foreign students, and business move money wherever it’s needed, at the lowest possible cost. Certified no hidden charges.

Give your family in the Philippines the fund they need hassle-free.

Remittance Speed

Claim cash within 24 hours upon transaction.

Operating Hours

Open during banking hours (9am-5pm)

Requirements Needed

To send money at home, bring the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address
  • Picture of you holding the ID

Notable Features of TransferWise

  • Transfer as low as $1 and as high as $49,999 per day.
  • Mobiles applications available such as Android and iOS.

TransferWise Rates

TransferWise charges a fee to convert money between currencies. These fees are shown upfront in the price checker.


Currencyfair | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines

CurrencyFair is a unique, fully regulated, internet-based marketplace for currency exchange at rates available to multinationals and market professionals.

With CurrencyFair exceptional rates, you are 100% safe to transfer your funds with low fees.

For expats, CurrencyFair is the answer to their money transfer problem. They can move money to and from your new home countries in a cheap and simple way.

Remittance Speed

All exchanges take place as soon as the funds are cleared to your CurrencyFair account.

Operating Hours

Exchanges are completed between Monday to Friday.

Requirements Needed

Send in your money to your CurrencyFair account through online banking with 

  • Completed and verified registration of your personal information
  • Currency ID to ensure funds is applied to your wallet as soon as possible.

Notable Features of CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is unique for swapping currency feature rather than purely focusing on the interbank rate.

CurrencyFair Rates

It doesn’t charge fees to receive your money via bank transfer. But, where you’re sending from/to, bank fees are associated. Typically, these fees are 25 USD (or equivalent). It varies per location.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines

Ria Money Transfer was founded in 1987 in New York City. Now, it is the third-largest one transfer company in the world closing distances between families and their loved ones.

Aside from money transfer, Ria offers bill payments, mobile top-ups prepaid, debit cards, check cashing and money orders.

Ria Money Transfer allows you to give emergency funds for your parent’s hospitalization back home. Submit a complete the send form with the correct information of your recipient for a fast transaction.

Remittance Speed

Funds delivered 3-5 days

Operating Hours

Ria Money Transfer customer service is available between 5am-6pm PST Monday to Friday.

Requirements Needed

You’ll need to present the following in order to send money.

  • Personal ID
  • Billing Address
  • Source of Income

Notable Features of Ria Money Transfer

  • Multiple payment options. Debit card, credit card or bank account to pay for a transfer.
  • Multiple delivery options. Cash pick-up at an agent location, or bank deposit, or in selected countries, have funds delivered at home or office.
  • Great rates. Ria Money Transfer exchange rates are stronger than most US banks.

Ria Money Transfer Rates

Rian Money Transfer rates are updated daily to align with exchange rates on global markets. Review the rate that applies to your transaction before confirming.


MoneyGram | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer services recognized worldwide.

You can try it online through a mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local store conveniently.

Other than sending money to the Philippines, you can settle bills, issue money orders and process official checks in selected markets with MoneyGram.

Remittance Speed

Claim cash 1 day after remittance

Operating Hours

MoneyGram is open from 8am-6pm but there are some branches open for 24 hours.

Requirements Needed

Bring the following requirements when sending money

  • Valid photo government ID
  • Recipient’s full name matching their ID
  • Recipient’s bank name and account number
  • Recipient destination country
  • Amount you’ll send, plus fees

Notable Features of MoneyGram

  • Estimate transfer tool
  • Same day transfer
  • Transfer as low as $1

MoneyGram Rates

MoneyGram fees vary based on the country where you will send the amount.


Xoom | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

Xoom Money Transfer is a digital fund transfer service that enables US citizens and residents to send money, reload phones and pay bills in different countries.

You can send money to the Philippines easily thru the Xoom website or mobile app. Just simply enter the amount you want to send and select where you want the money to be paid. Don’t forget to pay it either through your bank account, debit or credit card.

Remittance Speed

Pick-up and bank deposits claim cash instantly. Door-to-door delivery takes 6 hours to 2 days.

Operating Hours

With over 10,000 locations, Xoom is open 24/7.

Requirements Needed

Supply the required information are needed:

  • Recipient’s name on their ID, as well as address and phone number
  • For bank deposit, recipient bank name and account number

Notable Features of Xoom

  • Cheaper rates than competitors
  • Moneyback guarantee in case funds don’t reach your intended recipient


Western Union | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

Western Union allows you to send money around the world. Just go to a Western Union branch near you, complete the application form with your personal information and the receivers details. You’ll be notified that the money has been received by your loved one. 

You can conveniently send money back home for cash pick-up, bank account transfer or mobile wallet.

As a leader in money transfer services, Western Union lets you send money easily online with the mobile app or in-person from one of our agent locations worldwide. 

Remittance Speed

Receive cash within minutes after money transfer.

Operating Hours

Working hours for all Western Union branch is 9am-5pm.

Requirements Needed

To transfer funds, you must:

  • Accomplish Send Form
  • Bring a valid ID
  • At least 18 years of age to send or receive money
  • Have utility bill for current address (in some branches)

Notable Features of Western Union

  • Track Transfer.
  • Mobile Money transfer service.
  • My WU Membership Program.

Western Union Rates

Western Union Rates


Payoneer | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

Payoneer was founded in 2005. It is based in New York City that is venture-backed, profitable and ranked in the top of Inc. 5000’s Financial Services companies.

Payoneer connects businesses, professionals, countries, and currencies all over the world.

If you’re looking for a fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, try out Payoneer. It is beneficial for your personal, businesses and professionals’ purposes. With Payoneer, you can pay and get paid both locally and globally.

Remittance Speed

Delivery time takes 3-5 days

Operating Hours

Online service is open 24/7.

Requirements Needed

To send and receive funds, you must:

  • Create a Payoneer account
  • Fill-up the recipient’s information such as an address, phone number, email, address, birthday, social security number, bank name, account number, and routing number.

Notable Features of Payoneer

  • Charge-free if “Make a Payment” is used
  • Minimal fees if funds are withdrawn using the same currency

Payoneer Rates

Sending money from one Payoneer account to another is free of charge. Otherwise, the fee is 1%.


Instarem | 20 Best Money Remittance in the Philippines

InstaRem, founded in 2014 is headquarter-based in Singapore. It is a cross-border remittance company licensed to remit money from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia to more than 60 countries across the globe.

InstaRem bridges currency border by streamlining the process of sending and settling overseas payments.

If you transfer funds to your families back home, you are sure that all your transactions are transparent, secure and cost-efficient.

Remittance Speed

Transfer funds fast

Operating Hours

Business hour is 9am to 6pm.

Requirements Needed

To be able to transfer funds:

  • Build an InstaRem profile with your name, address, birth date and employment status.
  • Provide your passport number and snap your driver’s license, bank statement or utility bill (with the detailed residential address)

Notable Features of InstaRem

  • Zero-Margin FX rates 
  • Loyalty points

InstaRem Rates

  • Fees differ from countries of transfers with typical fees varying between 0.25% to 1%.
  • Always check the InstaRem currency converter for any changes on fees.


Transfast | 20 Best Money Transfer and Cheapest Remittance in the Philippines

Transfast is a leading omni-channel provider of multi-currency cross-border payments solutions to consumers and businesses worldwide.

Tranfast works as best-in-class networks across 120+ countries in America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Sending money for your family and friends in the Philippines is convenient since it is partnered with almost every bank and cash pick up location.

Remittance Speed

Transfer completed within 1-7 business days

Operating Hours

Send money online 24/7/365 access to customer support via phone, email or chat

Requirements Needed

Transferring funds need: 

  • Recipient information such as name, mobile phone number, city and state
  • Recipient bank name and account number (for bank account)
  • Sender’s valid ID

Notable Features of Transfast

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Quick send feature

Transfast Rates

Transfast money sending through an agent location is priced differently compared to fees and exchange rates on the website or mobile app.

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