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10 Must-Try Apps to Make Your Smartphones Smarter

Have you heard about smartphone apps? Ever wonder how smart is your smartphone? Or how can you make it smarter?
Sure, it has built-in functions. Some are even unused and forever forgotten. With thousands of smartphones, each one can be made unique by its user. You can even extend its capability to make your life easier with various smartphone apps.
Track your expenses, navigate around unfamiliar places, shop to your heart’s content, get emergency help when needed, and pay your bills securely with free apps at Apple and Google’s app stores.
According to the survey conducted by the known market research firm Nielsen, an average person uses around 27 apps a month. This does not seem too much, considering the millions of downloadable apps for iPhones and Androids. However, finding the right apps to fit your needs and wants will take too much time. So we have created a list of the best free apps to make your smartphone work harder for you.

Smartphone Apps for Travel Buddy

travel buddy for smartphones apps


Unless you are the type of person who loves to travel around Metro Manila and practice your patience while being stuck in EDSA, you will need apps such as these three:

  • Waze

Waze is a large community-based traffic and navigation app that can help you avoid heavy built-up traffic in the metro. Drivers and other individuals can share real-time updates to help you know which route to take to save time and get to work on time (perhaps earlier than your boss).
In addition, Waze is quite popular among Filipinos who drive their private vehicles, taxi drivers, and Uber/Grab drivers. Voice guides and incident alerts are a plus.

smartphones apps: waze

Credit: Waze

waze app map Credit: Waze

Download: Android, iPhone

  • Sakay.PH

Want to find an alternative route home to avoid heavy traffic? Or perhaps you always end up lost every time you try to venture alone into the city? Sakay.PH is a dream come true for most Filipinos who usually commute around Metro Manila. This smartphone app is your guide, saving you when you don’t know how to go.
Sakay.PH gives a couple of route suggestions plus the price of the fare! This saves you from advantageous drivers who ask for higher fares from lost passengers. You can also discover new routes, saving you time (and perhaps money). Aside from these, the app can also give you real-time updates about traffic situations on both major and minor streets. smartphone appCredit: mobile app


Download: Android, iPhone

  • Metro Traffic Live

This app will give you real-time traffic updates for the major streets in Metro Manila: EDSA, Commonwealth, Quezon Ave., Espana, C5, Ortigas, Marcos Highway, Roxas Blvd., and South Luzon Express Way. If you are a frequent traveler along these major roads, you will be thankful for a heads-up on the brewing traffic.

smartphone app: metro traffic live

Credit: Metro Traffic Live

metro traffic live mapCredit: Metro Traffic Live

Download: Android, iPhone

Smartphone Apps for Productivity Booster

smartphone app for productivity booster

Having a work-life balance is not easy with family, relationships, workloads, and social media. Your 24 hours do not seem to be enough, and then you get overwhelmed by everything. Thankfully you can have apps to help you out.


Among millions of smartphone apps, which one can boost your smartphone capabilities to their highest potential? It would be the IFTTT (If This Then That)! With this app, you can create and schedule ” Applets ” tasks for your smartphone.
Your smartphone can automatically go on mute upon arrival at work, give you weather updates every 8 am, share your Instagram photos across your other social media, automatically sound an alert when you are near your favorite fast food restaurant, and much more. Create tasks, save them, and you are good to go.

ifttt mobile app

Credit: IFTTT

ifttt app

Credit: IFTTT

Download: Android, iPhone

  • Layout

Instagram designs this app to help you more with your photo editing. You can easily combine up to nine photos into one image. It is simple and creative, and your photo collage will surely be “Instagramable.”
Drop, drag, flip, and rotate photos. Automatically see previews of custom layouts as you choose your photos. Unlike other photo editing apps, the best part is that there is no need to create any accounts or log in details.

layout for smartphone app

Credit: Layout

layout app feature

Credit: Layout

Download: Android, iPhone

Smartphone Apps as Finance Assistant

finance assistant smartphone apps


Your smartphone is not only for communication or entertainment. It can also be your personal financial assistant to help you pay your bills, keep track of your budget and buy online whether you are at home or traveling.

  • Coins.PH

Run out of load when you need to make an important call? Perhaps you need to pay your Meralco bill, but you can’t even go to any payment center at the moment. Want to buy a gift card for your family and friends? You can do all these with Coins.PH.
Turn your smartphone into a wallet and access money whenever you need it. You don’t even need a credit card or a bank account. Simply, Coins.PH gives you the ability to send money, receive cash, pay bills, and buy gift cards.


coinsph mobile app


Download: Android, iPhone

  • PayMaya

PayMaya is like your reloadable credit card, which you can use anywhere. Depending on your mobile network, you can shop online via virtual prepaid Visa or Mastercard. Enjoy exclusive promos on dining, shopping, and traveling too! Also, you can get a PayMaya physical card and a PayMaya Beep Card which you can use in every MRT/LRT ride.


Credit: PayMaya


Credit: PayMaya

Download: Android, iPhone

  • Monefy

Having a hard time saving up? Use your smartphone to track your expenses. This finance management tool is a nifty app that helps you get an insight into your spending pattern. Simply add all your expenses to the specific category. The colors are playful, and the settings are easy to change depending on your preferences.


Credit: Monefy

android_ios_monefy Credit: Monefy

Download: Android

Smartphone Apps for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Activator

EMS activator for smartphone app


In times of emergency, you need to act quickly, as every second counts. Save lives with your smartphone (no pun intended).

  • FirstAid PH

Access Philippine Red Cross emergency medical information and safety tips through FirstAid PH. Aside from getting a step-by-step guide to perform first aid, you can call EMS anytime through this app.

firstaid feat philippine red cross




Download: Android, iPhone

  • Pure Force Citizens App

Pure Force Citizens App is a single tool to reach help during various emergencies. Call 911 with this app and expect service from the authority. Some users even said that they even get follow-up calls. We may never know when a disaster or incident will happen, so it is best to be ready with this smartphone app right at your fingertips.

pure force citizens app

Credit: Pure Force Citizens App

pureforce features

Credit: Pure Force Citizens App

Download: Android, iPhone 

Your smartphone is a powerful tool that must be used wisely to make your everyday life productive and less stressful. The possibility is endless with various smartphone apps. Do not miss out on its potential to make your life more convenient, even in little ways. Make the most out of it with Cash Mart. It is a leading licensed moneylender that approves legit online loans. Check it out!