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Top 5 Online Jobs For Moms in the Philippines 2018

Online jobs for moms updated on March 2023  

Believe it or not, there are legit online jobs for moms that you can do while staying at home to be with your kids.  

Though a lot of women consider themselves modern-day working Filipinas, many are still choosing to leave their careers to take care of their families. While it is true that expenses do not come cheap (and will not get cheaper in the near future), many still think that taking care of children requires full-time attention.

However, as the kids’ needs arise, moms at home try to look for ways to save up and other options to earn money without sacrificing much of their time for their kids.

Fortunately, there are now various online jobs moms can do while staying at home. Yes, you can actually earn online without leaving your own home.


Online Jobs for Moms at Home

Various online jobs for moms are now available for you to choose from. Take a look at these options and decide which it suitable for your taste. 

Create your own online store

Filipinos are now getting used to online shopping. Instead of going to malls and walking around for hours just to compare prices, styles, and other features, we can now just surf online and shop around within the comforts of our own homes. Some use credit cards online, and others use debit cards.

Moms can take advantage of this growing micro-business trend by creating an account on various e-commerce platforms. These websites connect buyers to sellers. Buyers can easily choose from various options and can directly contact the sellers.

If you plan to sell something online, it is to your own discretion whether to trust the buyer or not. Many sellers opt to ask for payment first before sending their products.

What to sell online?

Top 5 Online Jobs For Moms | Online selling
You can sell items you have already used yet are still in mint condition. Many buyers buy secondhand items to save money. However, you have to make sure that you are giving the items at the most reasonable price. Others tend to overprice things with sentimental value.

Also, you can find legitimate suppliers and set up your shop for pre-orders. Cash on Delivery (COD) and meet-up in public places are the best when getting your orders from your supplier to avoid scams.

In addition, you can sell handmade items, baked goods, and personalized stuff, which can be bought as giveaways on special occasions such as weddings, christenings, and first birthdays.

Create a page on Facebook and Instagram accounts. Pin photos on Pinterest to let people know what you are selling and how they can find or contact you.

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Become a Freelancer

how to be a freelance
Being a mom at home does not mean you don’t get to use the skill you learned at school and in previous job experiences. If you have a special skill such as writing, designing, speaking fluently in another language, and other technical knowledge, then you can work as a freelance.

How to become a freelance online

  • Decide what you want to offer.
  • You just have to create a profile on various platforms such as OnlineJobs, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour. You can also find sites such as, which offers various challenges. If you are able to meet the challenge and it has been profitable, you can get paid.
  • Be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and even Quora.
  • Offer your skills, describe what you can do and the number of hours you can work.
  • Build connections by accepting jobs even with low offered prices at first. The more experience you gain, the more credibility you build, and the more clients will turn to you. Then you can increase your price bit by bit.
  • Find a social media group of freelancers offering the same service to get tips and more connections.

Teach English Online from Home

Filipinos are one of the favorite English tutors because we can easily learn English. While some companies require a personal interview, others opt to give Skype interviews if you can’t go to their office.

To get the job, they usually require a stable internet connection, a computer or laptop, teaching skills, and the ability to speak fluent English. Each class is usually 25 -45 minutes, and the ages of students can vary.

Earn Through YouTube

You can try vlogging if you like to take videos of your hobbies or everyday life. Take a video of you creating something, baking cakes, or giving tutorials on putting on makeup and other stuff you enjoy doing.

With a Gmail account, you can set up your YouTube account in just a few simple steps. Then you can start uploading your videos. Make sure that you created a catchy title and put up some keywords for easy search. The keywords must be relevant to the content. Also, you should create a catchy username to be easily remembered.


How to Earn Money from Youtube Views

Share your video on other social media platforms and ask your friends to share it too. The more it is shared, the more likely it will be viewed by a wider audience. You can earn in two ways: with your video’s number of views and ads.

Allow YouTube to place ads in your video by checking the “Monetize with Ads.” Set up Google AdSense so you can see how it fares online. Click the Analytics option. If you get 15,000 cumulative watch hours in 90 consecutive days, you can apply for a YouTube partnership. Note that YouTube is strict with copyright policy.

To have an idea, visit Judy’s YouTube channel: itsJudysLife. Judy is a full-time Pinay mom of three girls. She posts daily vlogs about her family, her hobbies, and charity events with her husband. As of June 2018, Judy now has 1,624,387 subscribers and a total of 866,992,714 views.

Create a Free Blog

Share anything under the sun. Make it lively and interesting for a specific audience. Like on YouTube, you can earn with advertisements, sponsored posts, and by selling the blog site itself. You can accept payments through bank deposit, Paypal, or Courier Services such as 2Go, Palawan Express, LBC, Cebuana, Xend, and others.

Ever heard of the viral online love story of Vince and Kath? Jenny Ruth Almocera posted her story as “Queen Elly” on social media. The story quickly spread like wildfire and caught the attention of Facebook users. By March 2016, she was able to publish the story as a book for Php125 per copy. In 2016, it was adapted into a movie, which became an entry into Metro Manila Film Festival.

You don’t have to publish a book, though. If you think you have a story to tell, knowledge to share, or you just want to write about anything, then get on it. Who knows, you might just be able to sell your own e-books online.

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