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Best Advice on Where to Eat in Makati

Are you new in Makati?

Do you want to visit your friends working in Makati?

Have an idea of where to tour your family around the area?

If you’re living or working in a bustling city, you must be familiar with the go-to places to eat in Makati. 

At least you’ll know how you’ll spend your free time. Learn about the nearby parks, tourist destinations, highrise buildings, salons, and more.

Afterward, end your day with mouth-watering dishes from the top restaurants in Makati. 

Don’t know which food place to choose from? Read this article about the best advice on where to eat in Makati. 

Take note of your recommended restaurants in Makati City to dine at. It will come in handy in the future. 

Table of Contents

5 Best Restaurants in Makati

Cafés and Coffee Shops in Makati

High-End Bars in Makati

Budget Food in Makati

Underrated Restaurants in Makati

Final Say

5 Best Restaurants in Makati

The City of Makati is surrounded by great and amazing restaurants. Truth be told, there are so many options to choose from. It’s quite a challenge to pick a place where you and your friends can dine. To help you out, listed below are the best restaurants in Makati. 

Toyo Eatery at Pasong Tamo

If you’re looking for a Filipino dish, Toyo Eatery is your perfect bet. The place is located at Karrivin, Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Ave, Makati. Call for reservation at 0917-720-8630. 

This Filipino Eatery takes the Philippines flavors into the next level. Experience the traditions and techniques while indulging with your cravings. Have a gastronomic experience emphasized with originality, flavor, and finesse. 

Toyo Eatery offers different sets of meals: full six-course meals, three-course menu, and a la carte options. Suitable for people who want experiential and finesse dining. 

Customer’s Choice of Best Food in Makati is Bahay Kubo Salad and Mayura Wagyu. It consists of all the vegetables in the beloved folk song Bahay Kubo. 

12/10 at San Antonio Village

12/10 at San Antonio Village


Are you craving for Japanese food? Look for 12/10 at 4986 Guanzon Street, Poblacion, Makati. You may also contact this dining place at 0915-66302823. 

Thea de Rivera and Gab Bustos own 12/10, which is a Japanese izakaya-inspired. They are also the owner of the famous The Girl + The Bull located in Parañaque. 

12/10 has an experimental approach when it comes with their Japanese cuisine. They fused different and unique flavors to create a delicious meal. 

Take note that the restaurant is ideal for an intimate set-up.

Customer’s Choice of Best Food in Makati is Salmon Kushiyako, Katsu Sando, and Spicy Tuna. 

People’s Palace at Greenbelt 3

Are you going to meet a long-time friend around Makati? Dine at People’s Palace located at G/F Greenbelt 3-Garden Side, Ayala Center. Reserve a table by calling 02-7729-2888 or 0917-819-4375. 

People’s Palace is a modern Thai restaurant within the Garden Side of Greenbelt 3. Very accessible during mall shopping and meet-ups. 

The concept of the People’s Palace came from Chef Colin Mackay. He is also the founder of Sala Bistro, Blackbird. No wonder it made a benchmark in Manila’s culinary map for Thai cuisine. 

If you’re looking for a refined Thai food setting, the People’s Palace is what you need. But if you’re on a tight budget, better look for another place to eat. 

Customer’s Choice of Best Food in Makati is Prawn Spring Rolls, Prawn, Pomelo Chicken, and Coconut Salad, Thom Yum Goong, and Green Chicken Curry. 

Black Bird at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Black Bird is located in the heart of Makati City. It is found in the Nielson Tower, Ayala Triangle Gardens. Contact them thru 02-8828-4888 or 02-8828-1937. 

If you’re looking for both a European and Asian cuisine, Black Bird got you back. It is built with the most high-end interiors in the Metro. Just like Sala Bistro and People’s Palace, Black Bird is headed by Chef Colin Mackay. 

You can celebrate special occasions here. Make your mother’s birthday memorable or your wedding anniversary exceptional when you dine at Black Bird. Keep in mind that you can not dine here at the last minute. 

Customer’s Choice of Best Food in Makati is the Prosciutto and Melon, Prawn Scotch Eggs, and Blackbird Wagyu Steak. 

Your Local at Legazpi Village

The best serving Southeast Asian dishes in Makati is Your Local. It is located at Universal LMS Building, 106 Esteban St., Legaspi Village. Reservation is highly recommended. Dial 02-8823-6206 or 0917-654-3355 on your phone to get a table. 

Your Local is popular because its dishes are served with a twist. It is opened by Chef Denny Antonio and Nicco Santos. When you visit the place, you’ll notice how inventive the restaurant’s interior is. Feel the hipster-meets-industrial vibe while you savor the all-day brunch served. 

Are you looking for an experimental Pan-Asian cuisine? Your Local got you covered. However, it is not advisable for people with a limited budget. 

Customer’s Choice of Best Food in Makati is Chili Crab Buns, Beef Rendang Burger, and Torched Salmon Donburi. 

Dine with finesse and class with these best restaurants in Makati. Bring your partner and enjoy the high-class service. Don’t forget to book your table ahead. 

Cafes and Coffee Shops in Makati

Filipinos are known to be coffee drinker. It’s like caffeine is part of their everyday meal. Some even have coffee for breakfast and have a decent meal for lunch. 

Makati has a lot of cafes and coffee shops to offer. Chill with your friends as you sit down and sip your coffee. Relax and enjoy a delicious pastry while having some me-time. 

Wanna know where to eat in Makati with the best cafes and coffee shops in Makati? Here are the top 5 you must try. 

Kiss The Tiramisu at Salcedo Village

This place is heaven for ice cream lovers. Hongdae, Seoul, inspires it. 

Kiss the Tiramisu is the best ice cream shop and cafe Makati offers. It has luxury desserts, specializing in a combination of tiramisu and ice cream. Plus! It comes in different flavors. They have Matcha, Classic, and Chocolate. 

Aside from that, their menu offers so much more. Ranges from cakes to tiramisu pancakes, coffee and fruit drinks, and gimbap. 

It’s a must-try to have Strawberry Tiramisu Pancakes and Kissing Coffee. 

Indulge yourself with this sweet goodness at Three Central, 109 Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati. You may contact them at 0998-888-5477. 

Illy Cafe at Rockwell

Illy Cafe is known in the coffee industry worldwide. It is one of the pioneers in promoting and creating a premium, high-end coffee culture. 

Since it is global, they serve an authentic Italian experience in every cup and bite. 

It’s a must-try to have their Cappuccino Freddo and Muffins. 

Take your partner with you at the Powerplant Mall, Hidalgo Drive, Makati, Metro Manila, and enjoy what Illy Cafe offers. 

Commune at Poblacion

Best Advice on Where to Eat in Makati | Commune at Poblacion


Get your coffee art right at Commune. The place is a community cafe focused on locally sourced coffee topped with famous 3D latte art. 

Also, they serve pastries and light meals to match your caffeine. 

Moreover, they host special events like open mic nights and poetry nights. 

Try out their best-selling Affogato, Grilled Cheese, and drinks with 3D Latte art. 

Amazing, isn’t it? You get to enjoy your artistic drink with a little entertainment. Don’t miss it. Visit 36 Polaris cor Durban Street, Poblacion, Makati. Call them at 02-8275-6234 or 0919-859-5848

Refinery (multiple branches)

What sets Refinery apart is its all-day breakfast and brunch items. Not only that, but they also serve international comfort dishes, light meals, and specialty coffee according to your preference. 

But wait, there’s more! Wines and cocktails are also included in their menu. 

It’s best to order their Orange Infused Cappuccino and Refiner Bread Pudding.

You can find Refinery almost anywhere since it has multiple branches available. But the most visited branch is Joya Tower, 28 Plaza Drive Rockwell Center, Makati.

Zoo Coffee at Bel-Air

Zoo Coffee is a franchise from Korea. From the name itself, you’ll know that it is an international zoo-themed cafe. 

A perfect place to finish the paperwork and savor your caffeine while snuggling cute stuffed toys. 

On top of that, they serve sandwiches, waffles, pastries, tea, and imported coffee from Korea. 

You’d love their Caffe Latte and Double Berry Bingsu. 

Stop by the G/F Alphaland Makati Place, Ayala Avenue Extension Corner Malugay Street, Bel-Air Makati, for this coffee shop. Call them thru 02-8772-3824

Poison Coffee & Doughnuts at Chino Roces

Another ideal partner for your coffee indulgence is the sweetness of doughnuts. Get the perfect match right at Poison Coffee & Doughnuts. 

Uniquely flavored doughnuts like garam masala, vanilla glaze, and egg custard Brulee are available. 

Add this new and exciting experience to unexpected flavors from time to time. Chef Miko Asppiras of Scout’s Honor, Freezer Burn, and Le Petit Souffle is their pastry master. 

Give their White Coffee and Garam Masala a try. Check it out at The Alley at Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati. Call them at 02-7752-0327. 

Don’t settle for a noisy space with bad lattes. Never compromise your food with unusual dishes.

If you’re looking for some quiet time with your laptop, visit these cafes and coffee shops. Listen to our advice on where to eat in Makati.

High-End Bars in Makati

Aside from fine dining and caffeine satisfaction, Makati has the best bars and clubs you can think of. 

It’s not just around Poblacion, alright. It’s all over the city. 

Keep in mind that finding where to eat in Makati includes high-end bars. 

The Belle & Dragon at Don Palanca St.

The Belle & Dragon at Don Palanca St.


Are you up to a classy yet relaxed vibe? Belle & Dragon is what you need. 

Be delighted while you have a sit-down dinner with your friends. Grab a chance to meet new people during the fun weekly themed-nights. All of this is possible with The Belle & Dragon. The Brit-inspired sports club is versatile for your night adventure. 

Drink safely while enjoying the games prepared for you and your friends. Ask them out at 100 PL Building, C Palanca Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. Contact them thru 02-7652-8828 or 0917-625-8828. 

Black Market at La Fuerza Plaza

Black Market is quite popular as Makati’s underground scene pioneer. It features minimalist and industrial interiors. The hottest new DJs and music acts are a bonus. 

It is always a good choice to be at Black Market for a night out, especially if you’re looking for new and good music while drinking. 

Warehouse 5, La Fuerza Plaza, Chino Roces Ave cor Sabio St, San Lorenzo, Makati is the address you must know. Call them any time at (02) 8403-5019 and (0917) 821-9761. 

The Plantation at Salcedo

Are you more interested in live music? The Plantation Bar and restaurant got you covered. 

Take note that it’s not only open at night time. They serve meals and drinks 24/7.

What a great place to start your evening. You can also end your bar-hopping adventure at The Plantation. 

Try their best offer at 2F ACCM Building, 102 Valero St., Salcedo Village. Contact them first at 02-824-3133. 

Strumm’s at Jupiter Street

Strumm’s presents a great jazz bar in Makati. 

If you’re looking for a wonderful weekend night, this is the perfect place. Less stressful than your usual night out. Light drinks are often offered. 

A friendly way to decompress from a week full of deadlines. Enjoy great food and incredible music as well. 

Head to 110 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, or call 02-895-4636. 

Don’t miss the chance to create your social life. Take a quick trip and explore Makati. Experience the legendary Manila nightlife with these high-end bars with the adventure of what to eat in Makati. 

Budget Food You can Find in Makati

Makati City is known for its high-paying jobs. Professionals choose to work here despite the distance to their homes. 

One way to ease their homesickness is to eat foods their longing for at affordable prices. Good thing there are many options available. Here is our best advice on where to eat in Makati on a budget. 

If your workmates prefer food beyond your budget, don’t feel pressured. Remember how you worked hard for that money just to splurge on a Php 500 meal? Follow your food allowance diligently to fit in financially until your next paycheck. 

Where to Eat in Makati that is worth Php 50 to Php 150?

If you’re hungry and on a tight budget, you can try out these food joints for your lunch.

Sisig sa Rada

People working in Makati are very familiar with Sisig sa Rada. Wanna know why? For only Php 62, you can have rice with crunchy sisig mixed with egg and calamansi. It’s cheaper if you prefer a la carte, only Php 50. 

You can find Sisig sa Rada at MetroChef Stall 002, Rada Street, Legaspi Village. 

Higher Ground Food Station

One of the busiest food courts in Legaspi or Bel-air area is the Higher Ground (HG) Food Station. It is packed with popular and unpopular food stalls. 

Be at HG before noon if you’re a picky eater but on a tight budget. Always remember that the place gets packed easily. 

Taste Ate Rica’s Bacsilog at PHP 74 for regular meals and PHP 99 for combo meals. Savour Beef or Spicy Chicken Samgyeopsal from RJ’s Bowl-Gogi for PHP 99 to PHP 109. Try Chicken or Pork Sisig from Sisigan PHP 99. 

Check out Higher Ground Food Station at G/F Lepanto Building, 8749 Paseo de Roxas. 

Mang Tootz Food House

Mang Tootz is primarily well-known in the UST. Through time, it grew, and now it has a stall in Makati.

Have a taste of their sisig, Bicol express, giniling, and banana-rhuma for as low as Php 99. 

Be at Valero Plaza, 124 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, and taste the delicious food at Mang Tootz Food House. 

101 Hawker House

101 Hawker House


Are you up to chicken, noodles, and spicy food? 101 Hawker House is the best choice. 

Singapore’s famous hawker food stalls inspire it at an affordable price. Eat Nasi Goreng for only Php 145, Prawn Laksa for Php 140, Hainanese Chicken for Php 130, and Char Kway Teow for Php 130. 

101 Hawker House also serves vegan food. All within your budget.

On top of that, you can drink beer for Php 45 per bottle. Make sure to shift hereafter with your workmates. 

Bring your officemates to Unit 102 Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Avenue for a lunch break. 

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Woke up late and hungry? Try out the Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. The place serves all-day breakfast meals at an affordable price. 

Taste the Vigan Longganisa for Php 132 and New Zealand Beef Tapa for 150. Have a different breakfast set up of Mixed Berry Pancakes for Php 132 and Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo for Php 99. 

If you’re near Poblacion, go to 5079 P. Burgos Street and dine at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. 

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Where to Eat in Makati that is worth 150 to Php 250?

Want to satisfy your cravings within budget, visit these places and splurge on what to eat in Makati has to offer. 

Ramen Kuroda

Best Advice on Where to Eat in Makati | Ramen Kuroda


Ramen is one of the top comfort foods, but it’s quite expensive. Luckily, Ramer Kuroda is accessible and affordable. 

At the price of Php 180, I can have my Kuro Ramen or the Aka Ramen. Come here and taste the distinct garlic flavor and spicy tasty ramen goodness. 

Take note that Ramen Kuroda is at 3/F RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue. 


Andok’s and Chook 2 Go are far different from Bugong. The latter has a one-of-a-kind roasted chicken. A mixture of Latin and South-East Asian flavors is felt every bite. 

Aside from that, Bugong menu Valero is preferred by healthy eaters. Enjoy your Chicken Rice meal and Sides for only Php 160. You may also try their Asian Combo at Php 199. 

Bugong has two spots. One is at G/F Valero II Carpark, Valero Street while the other one is at G/F Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Dela Rosa Street. 

The Pantree

The Pantree is not your typical food hall. Aside from being budget-friendly, it offers 13 food stalls each serving different cuisines and dishes. 

Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Filipino cuisines are ready to serve in The Pantree. 

Give chance to the top customer’s choice like Shawarma Beef Rice from Rafik Shawarma for PHP 150, Prawn Phad Thai from Chang Thai PHP 200, and Spicy Tuna Crunch Bowl from Ono Poke PHP 250.

The Pantree is located at JCSO Building I, 119 Dela Rosa cor. Castro, Legaspi Village. 

Tai Koo HK Roast

Looking for Hong Kong-style noodles? Get your food at Tai Koo HK Roast. 

Appease your tastebuds for meals less than Php 200. Delight yourself of Char Siu Pork and Roast Pork Belly, each for only Php 188. Both are served with bok choy and steamed rice. 

Try out their specialty Kong Roast Roast Duck for Php 208 and Soy Chicken and Wonton in Tosse Noodles for Php 248. 

Get a Tai Koo HK Roast meal at G/F V-Corporate Centre, L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village. 

Where to Eat in Makati that is worth Php 250 and above?

Every once in a while, treat yourself with delicious meals that fit in your food allowance. 

Banapple & Cheesecakes

After all day at work, end your day with a Banapple meal. It is a very friendly bakery cafe for you. Rice meals, pasta, cake, and pastries are served in huge servings. One order is good for two hungry people. 

Moreover, it has an IG-friendly interior. Capture your bonding moments with your workmates and friends. 

Indulge yourself with these highly recommended meals. Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs for PHP 295, Chicken Parmigiano for PHP 275, Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne PHP 255, and Banapple Smoothie PHP 145. 

If you’re around Ayala Triangle Gardens, Ayala Avenue, Makati, stop by at Banapple & Cheesecakes. 

Señor Pollo

Best Advice on Where to Eat in Makati | Señor Pollo


Señor Apollo was established last 2014. Latin American foods are served in an artsy setting.

The most recommended meal is the Senor Pollo Roast with two side dishes for Php 264. Fried Chicken with two side dishes follows through at Pho 289. 

Señor Apollo is just at 5767 Ebro Street, Poblacion.


Celebrate your special occasion without exceeding your budget at Locavore. The place is perfect because of the great interiors and excellent service. Plus, the food is very delicious. 

Locavore is a Filipino modern restaurant. It uses fresh ingredients all over the Philippines. Making it an outstanding restaurant. Food is quite expensive but worth it. 

Most recommended meals are Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken for Php 270, Tortang Alimasag at Php 370, Lechon, and Oyster Sisig at Php 400 and Sizzling Sinigang at Php 550. 

Drop by Locavore at A1-A2 Three Central, Salcedo. 

There are endless food options in Makati. Choose between five-star restaurants to budget-friendly food joints. Always consider your hard-earned money before paying for your lunch meal. 

Don’t be sad if you’re eating within budget. There is Php 50 to Php 250 meals that can still satisfy your tastebuds. Surely, you’ll enjoy it more if you bring your friends with you. 

Underrated Restaurants in Makati

Everything is within reach in Makati, from five-star restaurants to sidewalk stalls. You can easily satisfy your cravings, from expensive to cheapest. 

But hey! Not all high-priced dishes are yummy, right? Some restaurants have high-quality services that are yet to be exposed. 

Be one of the first to try out the best-underrated restaurants in Makati. 

Miker Chef’s Persian Restaurant

Be at G-09, Tower 3, Cityland Dela Rosa, Dela Rosa St., Buendia Ave., Makati for Mike Chef’s Persian Restaurant. 

Self-trained Chef Mike from Iran and his Filipina wife Veronica manage this Mediterranean restaurant. Their menu offers diverse food like shawarma, kebab, samosa, and hummus plates. Also, Filipino dishes are served such as sisig, chicken, and fries. 

And all of these are budget-friendly for about Php 200. 

Indulge with the customer’s favorite Joojeh (chicken) and Kubideh (beef) kebab. Both served with rice and grilled tomato. If you’re an adventurous eater, have a sizzling plate of Ox brand with two slices of freshly made pita bread.  

Lao Beijing/Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

The right place to be is at Tower 3, Cityland Dela Rosa, Dela Rosa St., Buendia Ave., Makati

Lao Beijing is a 24-hour Chinese restaurant. It serves authentic and affordable oriental food. The place is popular for foreigners. They sometimes line up and wait for their table. 

With a very diverse menu, not often seen from the run-of-the-mill Chinese places. Steamed buns, rice meals, and milk tea are worth trying. But the best is their original pork xiao long bao or soup dumplings. Imagine, 8 pieces for only Php 182, and the taste is not even compromised. 

Customer’s top choice is their special beef noodle bowl. 

Kenshin Japanese Izayaka Restaurant

The restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, The Linear Makati, Yakal Corner Mayapis Street, San Antonio, Makati City. 

Kenshin is an Izakaya-inspired restaurant that offers affordable Japanese dishes. The absolute rivalry of expensive plates from restaurants of the same kind. 

Their tonkatsu meal set is only Php 299. It comes with a main dish, rice, soup, salad, and dessert. Ramen and curries are also available. You can even make your takoyaki meal.

The customer’s top choice is Kaisen Don, a dish with various sashimi cuts piled on top of Japanese rice.

8065 Bagnet

Best Advice on Where to Eat in Makati | 8065 Bagnet


At 8065 Bagnet at 8065 Estrella Street, San Antonio, Makati City is where you can find 8065 Bagnet. 

8065 Bagnet makes you forget you’re on a diet. This place has a guilty reputation but calorie food worthy. 

Based on its name, Ilocos’ famous bagnet is their specialty which is a double-fried crispy pork dish. The Original Bagnet Budget meal costs Php 135 with a generous amount of tender pork, rice, green mangoes, and bagoong.

Another customer’s top choice here is the Bagnet Dinuguan, a savory dish with a crispy surprise. 

Bon Banhmi Vietnamese Sandwich

Get here on time at 8390 Mayapis, Village, Makati. 

Looking for an authentic Vietnamese taste? Satisfy your palate with the traditional Vietnamese sandwiches. It feels like you’re in Vietnam since the place is similar to banhmi stands. The only difference is you can observe your sandwiches being made by the crew. 

First time at Bon Banhmi Vietnamese Sandwich? Banhmis are Viet-style sandwiches made with a french baguette. It has a variety of fillings like cilantro, pork cuts, ham, and pate. Here at Bon Banhmi, bread is freshly baked every day. 

Each order is worth Php 109 for medium and Php 129 for a large serving. Try it out in a different way, from traditional style, roasted pork, pork barbecue, and grilled beef. All served at an affordable price. 

Final Say

Makati has cultivated a rich collection of culinary spots. If you’ve been craving for a certain cuisine, it’s definitely within your reach. Know where to eat in Makati to satisfy what your palate has been looking for. 

Makati City is unquestionably the most delicious district in Metro Manila. The city is refreshingly compact and strolling-friendly. Far different from the standstill traffic in Manila. 

To set the city apart, it has all sorts of eating places you can imagine. From fine dining, cafes and coffee shops, and high-end bars up to budget-friendly, underrated, yet best affordable restaurants in Makati.

Learn and take note of the best advice on where to eat in Makati. Tag your friends and family and savor a sumptuous meal you’ve longed for. 

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