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Top 5 Near-Manila Destinations for Holy Week

What’s your plan for the coming Lenten Season? Do you want to know where to go this Holy Week near Manila?
Got a road trip destination for the family or barkada yet? Don’t miss this chance to get away!

Holy week is not only a reminder of faith for Christians, but it also reminds you to take a break from your toxic work-life balancing act.

You only live once, you have the right to have some fun every now and then. But if you are feeling lazy to spend too much traveling to magnificent and “Instagramable” spots, we have listed near-Manila destinations to spend your long weekend.

Where to Go This Holy Week?

Top 5 Near-Manila Destinations for Holy Week


Trek the caves in Biak na Bato National Park

Most of us know the rich history Bulacan has to offer, but only a few had experienced the adventure it has been hiding. If you think of Bulacan as a sleepy place with farms, then it is time to change your perspective by visiting Biak na Bato National Park in San Miguel. The entrance fee is only P30, but you will need a guide (P900) to maximize your time and get to the places you must explore.

The park spreads a total area of 2,117 hectares. A crystal clear river runs across it. You will be surprised that a number of caves have been waiting to be explored. You might even have to cross it to get to some caves.
Yungib II Cave has been hiding human bones, perhaps of those who have once fought in the revolution. The Ambush Cave had played a great role during the fight against the Spaniards. The Katipuneros lured the enemies towards this dark cave to execute a well-planned ambush. You can also visit Pahingahan Cave and Bahay Paniki Cave.

Get extreme in the outdoor playground of SANDBOX

Bring out your inner child and visit the playground for adults. Sandbox in Alviera, Pampanga is known for the extreme activities it has to offer. Bring your sunglasses, sunblock, caps, arm warmers, shoes (some activities require shoes), extra shirt and refillable water bottles!

If you have been stressed at work, this may be the perfect place to release it. Each activity has individual rates. It can cause from P100 (Rappel Wall/ Wall Climbing) to P3,000 (UTV). On the other hand, you can pick a package as much as P750 to try:

  • Giant Swing P150
  • Aerial Walk P250
  • Free Fall P100
  • Rappel Wall 100
  • Wall Climbing P100
  • Roller Coaster Zipline P150
  • Mini Golf P150

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Tap your artistic side in PINTO ART MUSEUM

There will be a lot of us who will admit to the lack of talent in art, but most of us also love to appreciate it. If you want to chill out with your friends or perhaps your sweetheart, this hits the perfect spot.

Pinto Art Museum houses a wide range of art collection. Some might be humorous, while others will make you reflect more. This museum in Antipolo supports contemporary art in different mediums. You will never guess the treasures it has from the outside of its whitewashed walls until you enter it with a fee of P150.

When you think of a museum, you would picture out a building with painting and sculptures. Pinto Art Museum breaks away from this stereotype and uses various places such as the rooftop, the ponds, and even the chapel.

Visita Iglesia from Lipa to Taal

Since it is indeed Holy Week, there will be many of us who will also want to visit different churches as part of a tradition. If you haven’t done it yet, this may be a good chance to tour around Batangas and visit a list of old churches.

If you have no idea where to start, you can go to Sto. Tomas first then travel southwards to Batangas City. You can then go westward to  Bauan, Taal, Calaca, and Balayan. Lastly, you can head to Nasugbu and perhaps enjoy the sunset in a beach. It is one of the top near-Manila destinations since going back from Nasugbu is also easy.

Fall in love with the Daranak Falls in Rizal

Never bathed in a falls yet? Then this might be the right time to do just that. Daranak Falls is only two hours away from Manila and it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The 14-meter high falls will captivate you with its beauty and coolness. The entrance fee is only P50 and the picnic sheds are around P300. If you just want a picnic table, it costs P200. You can bring your own food and water.

Now you know the best place to spend Holy Week in the Philippines. If you want to take advantage of the long weekend but you have a limited budget, you can take a loan from Cash Mart now! Reach near-Manila destinations without financial burden. Be financially ready with their Salary Loan Online!