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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines Revealed

Looking for a high paying job?
JobStreet has finally revealed the top paid jobs in the country for 2017!’s Salary Report has been created mainly for employers to create a job list with competitive salary offers. While this is a useful reference for the bosses, it also gives the job applicants an idea on how much they can negotiate for their salary based on their experience.
Most young job seekers in the corporate world may have no idea on how much they can ask for a salary. Of course, if you have been through a couple of interviews, you will know that some employers ask for the expected salary. If you do not know how much you are worth, you may end up with lower income than you deserve.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2017

10. Advertising and Media planning -P24,314
Media planners are usually the one who need to maximize the potential returns of a business through marketing. They need to squeeze out created juices from their team, analyze data, make innovative strategies to ensure that marketing campaigns reach the target audience. They must know how to use social media and print ads to increase attract and retain customers for the company.
9. Customer Service -P24,755
Of course, customer service related jobs has always been on top 10. If you want to start your career in this industry, you are expected to resolve customer issues via phone, email, mail or social media. You need to have patience as you keep the conversation friendly even if the client goes irate.
8. Journalist and Editor -P26,542
Journalists are expected to work long hours as they need to be always on their feet if a potential newsworthy incident happens. They must be able to think fast, ask relevant questions and find interesting angles on the news.
7. Healthcare-P26,655
Doctors and nurses with specializations (yes, nurses have specializations too) earn more especially if they are already in the company or hospital for a long time. they are expected to work more than two shifts with perfect efficacy especially during emergencies.
6. Public Relations or Communications -P26,948
If you are looking for jobs in the public relations department, then you need to keep the internal relations in check as well as the company’s reputation in the eyes of those outside the company. You also have to understand and support your clients. you have to create press releases and promotional plans to give your company a good image.
5. Actuarial Science and Statistics -P27,064
You must use statistical techniques and other mathematical skills to make an assessment of the probability on an even or perhaps financial consequences. Financial institutions, science departments, and even marketing industries hire an actuary to help them manage their plans, campaigns, studies or events.
4. Banking and Financial -P27,188
Mostly, staff in banks and other financing institutions are expected to serve customers by processing loans, receiving payments, issuing funds, opening accounts and other financial related services.
3. Training and Development -P27,253
They are the ones who usually conduct job-related surveys internally, interviewing employees on various levels regarding the needs for training and development. With the surveys, they devise plans to train individuals or groups.
2. Law and Legal -P29,430
We all know that studying law is never cheap. They are also required to be in college for around 10 years. Most Filipinos think that lawyers and legal services are too expensive, true enough they landed on the second spot. However, there are also some lawyers and paralegals who ask for lower payments.
1. IT-Related -P37,034
Since we are now getting too dependent on technology and computers, there is no wonder why Information-Technology landed on the top spot. They solve technical issues, diagnose hardware and software faults, install and configure computer systems, and gives technical support to clients either via call or chat.
While this is the general guide for salary in the Philippines, what we all need to do is work hard and prove to our company that we have the potential to help them grow in the industry. And no matter how much is your salary, it is best to live within your means and save for your future.

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