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Complete List of Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes in the Philippines

Complete List of Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes in the Philippines Updated November 2022 

Are you a freelancer working with a client abroad? If so, you must’ve paid through a PayPal account. This is how most freelancers get paid.

To withdraw the money sent to your account, you need a bank code and SWIFT codes.

Everything you need to know about bank code and/or SWIFT codes is here. And if you want to check which bank code Philippines and/or SWIFT code you need, you can check the lists in this article.

What is a Bank Code? 

The bank code is also called the Bank Routing Symbol Transit Number (BRSTN). It is a unique nine-digit code that serves as an identification for a specific bank. Also, it identifies the name, city, and country. 

Freelancers usually use bank codes. This is when they need to withdraw funds from their PayPal account to their local bank account. 

Ways to Find the Bank Code Using your Paypal Account:

1. On the top menu, tap the “Wallet” link.

2. On the “Bank Accounts” link, tap the “Link a Bank Account.”

3. Then click the “Add” button

4. Next to the “Bank Code” link, click the “List of Bank Codes.”

Here are the BRSTN codes in the Philippines:

BRTSN Codes in Philippines

NOTE: If your bank is not on the list, Paypal doesn’t allow withdrawals from your bank. 

What is SWIFT Codes? 

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)

This code is usually known as the Bank Identifier Code or BIC. It’s an international code for identifying banks and routing financial transactions worldwide. 

It’s like the BRSTN code. Composed of either eight (8) or eleven (11) characters that include numbers and letters. A Bank SWIFT code Philippines purpose is to be used for sending money to overseas banks. 

Also, these codes help in communication. There is a system used in designating a bank’s code:

1. Bank Code: It is a four-letter code. It is either a bank’s name or initials. 

Example: Bank of the Philippine Islands – BOPI

2. County Code: A two-letter code specifies the bank’s country. 

Example: Philippines – PH

3. Location Code: It is a two-letter or two-number code. It tells the location of the head office.

4. Branch Code: An optional three-digit code specifies the bank’s branch. 

Example: Cebu – CBU

NOTE: To get the right code, visit the SWIFT Website and search for your bank.

Ways to search your BIC Online:

1. Enter your bank’s name next to “Institution Name.”

2. In the “Country” drop-down menu, choose “Philippines.”

3. Click the “Search” button.

Here are some of the institutions in the Philippines and their BIC: 

Complete List of Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes in the Philippines

NOTE: If your branch is not included in the list, you can use the main branch’s SWIFT or BIC Code. Do not worry because your transaction will still be valid.


Freelancers work with clients abroad who are paid through a PayPal account. Transacting with PayPal means you have to get a bank code and SWIFT code Philippines. Both play a significant role in banking transactions. 

These codes serve as identification codes of local and international banks. You use bank codes when you withdraw from your PayPal account. In contrast, you use SWIFT codes for sending money to overseas banks.

Are you having trouble withdrawing from your PayPal account? Just visit and reach them through their customer support and Help Centre.

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