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5 Must-Know Facts to Claim Your SSS Unemployment Benefit

SSS Unemployment Benefit – Last Updated on 9/26/2022 We fear suddenly losing our jobs. Whether you are a breadwinner, a parent, or just a person who aims to save for the future, losing a job could definitely change your life and future plans. Stories of people getting laid off are not new. Additionally, looking for a new job is not easy, with the unemployment rate estimated at 5.4 percent in July 2018. Also, update your resume and perhaps get a new NBI clearance or a mandatory medical check-up. This means you need cash to get employed again. To help the Filipinos who suddenly lost their jobs, President Rodrigo Duterte recently signed the Republic Act 11199, also known as the Social Security Act of 2018. While this new law has a couple of expanded benefits for the Social Security System (SSS) members, one of the most notable is the SSS Unemployment Benefit.

Here are five facts you have to know.

How much is the financial assistance?

Section 14-B of the Social Security Act states that unemployed individuals shall be given a monthly cash payment equivalent to 50% of the average monthly salary credit. You can receive up to 50% of your average monthly salary. If you earn P15,000 a month, you could get P7,500. However, the benefit will not exceed P10,000 a month. Even if you pay the maximum contributions and earn more than P20,000, you will only receive up to P10,000 a month.

Who can claim the SSS Unemployment Benefit?

The SSS employment insurance offered to SSS members, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) laid off or terminated against their will.
“This means those who have resigned from their recent jobs will not be eligible for this benefit.”
In addition, you must not be more than 60 years old upon application for the benefit.

What are the SSS requirements for Unemployed?

To qualify for the SSS Unemployment Benefit or Insurance, an SSS member needs at least 36 monthly contributions. At least 12 months of your contributions should have been remitted for the last 18 months preceding the involuntary unemployment or separation. If fired or laid off, you must immediately check the number of contributions made. Open your My.SSS account online and check if your contributions are at least a total of 36 months. Let’s say you got unemployed in December 2018. Count backward for 18 months. Your last 12 SSS monthly contributions should have been remitted by your employer within this period.

New SSS Contribution Table (Effective January 2022)

Here’s an SSS contribution guide for you. Latest SSS Contribution Table for Employers and Employees SSS contribution table for employed | 5 Must-Know Facts to Claim Your SSS Unemployment Benefit​ 2022 SSS Contribution Table for Self-Employed SSS contribution table for self-employed | 5 Must-Know Facts to Claim Your SSS Unemployment Benefit​ New SSS Contribution Table for Voluntary and Non-Working Spouse Members SSS contribution table for voluntary and non-working spouse | 5 Must-Know Facts to Claim Your SSS Unemployment Benefit​ RELATED ARTICLE:  SSS’ Loan Assistance Aided Thousands Of Members Affected By COVID-19

How many times can you apply for the SSS Unemployment Benefit?

The employee involuntarily separated, fired, or laid off from work can only claim the benefits once every three (3) years. If the SSS member has no employment twice or thrice within the applicable period, and all the requirements are sufficient, only the highest benefit will be paid. If you got laid off twice, your unemployment benefit SSS would be based on the job with the higher salary.

Is SSS Unemployment Benefit a type of loan?

The Unemployment Benefit Claim SSS is not a loan. It is financial assistance that you can claim if you are eligible. There will be no need to repay anything. However, it is only for a maximum of two months. This period is enough for you to update your employment requirements and move on to your new job.

Can I apply for an SSS Loan for unemployed?

SSS lets you apply for a cash loan while employed, self-employed, or a voluntary member. Therefore, it is under the Salary Loan category.

How to loan in SSS if unemployed?

You can avail of the SSS Unemployment Benefit through the official SSS website. Log in to your My.SSS account. Then, submit all the necessary details needed. For example, prepare the following information:
  • Category of employment
  • Employer’s name from where the member got separated
  • Date of involuntary separation
  • Reason for involuntary separation
Losing a job is hard for most Filipinos, especially if you have a family to feed. It is best to check if your employer regularly remits your monthly contribution. It is to ensure that you can claim your SSS unemployment benefit should you need it. According to Senator Richard Gordon, one of the bill’s authors, the law was passed to help Filipinos during the tough times of unemployment. While the maximum you can claim is up to two months, Senator Gordon hoped it was enough to lighten the burden of looking for a new source of income. If you’re not confident about applying for an SSS Unemployment Loan, you may visit trusted licensed moneylenders in the country. Cash Mart offers quick online loans so you can manage your finances fast and responsibly. It is online lending with low interest cash loans without fuss. Get it by checking their official website.