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SSS’ Loan Assistance Aided Thousands Of Members Affected By COVID-19

SSS’ Loan Assistance Updated on March 2023

Last June 15, the Social Security System (SSS) launched a Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP). It aids members highly affected by this pandemic crisis. 

With this loan assistance program, members can apply for a loan of up to Php 20,000. The loan amount will depend on the member’s monthly salary for the last 12 months. 

CLAP has a payment term of 24 months with ten percent interest per annum. But due to the impact of COVID-19, SSS extended the payment terms to 27 months.

Add to that. The agency lessens the interest from ten percent to six percent (6%) per year

Inclusive to CLAP terms is a three-month moratorium period. The moratorium period means the member-borrower may stop or not make any loan payments for a specific reason.

The payment for the loan will begin in the fourth month from the date of your CLAP’s approval. There will be no advance interest charged for the said loan. But there’ll be a one percent service fee (1%).

The agency will charge and deduct the service fee from the loan proceeds. Also, there’s one percent (1%) penalty per month if you fail to remit on your loan’s due date.

As per the SSS President, Aurora C. Ignacio, the potential member-borrowers of the Calamity Loan Assistance Program have an estimated 1.74 million.

Out of which, there are already 346,375 approved applications since the program launched. Within two weeks, SSS had already authorized P5.4 billion in loans under CLAP.

All member-borrowers may receive their loan proceeds through the following: 

  • Unified Multi-purpose Identification cards (UMID) enrolled as an ATM
  • Union Bank of the Philippines Quick Card
  • Through checks that will be sent to a member-borrowers mailing address

How to Qualify for SSS’ Calamity Loan Assistance Program?

Here are the qualifications you need to meet for you to avail of the SSS’ Calamity Loan Assistance Program: 

  • The SSS member must have at least 36 monthly contributions. Six of that contributions should be posted within the last twelve (12) months before the application.

  • A member must have a work or home address in the Philippines registered in SSS records or data.
  • A member must not be granted any final benefit (total permanent disability, death, or retirement).
  • And a member must have no outstanding loans under the Loan Restructuring Program or previous CLAPs.

Members should meet all these four qualifications. Otherwise, the application will be rejected. Because recently, the agency has already rejected 119,000 applications due to non-compliance with requirements.

How to apply for SSS Loan Assistance?

For fast and easy transactions, SSS developed a web portal which is My.SSS. All members can only make the application for the loan program through this portal. 

Below are the simple ways how to apply for the Calamity Loan Assistance Program.

Steps to apply for SSS loan assistance via My.SSS portal:

You can start your application for SSS loan assistance by following these steps. 

Step 1. Go to You will see on the right side of the website you can find the “PORTAL”. 

Step 2. Click the “MEMBER” button.

Steps to apply for SSS loan assistance via My.SSS portal:

Step 3. Enter your USER ID and Password

SSS loan assistance | Enter your USER ID and Password. 

If you’re not yet registered, just click “Not yet registered in My.SSS?” and provide the information needed. After logging in, you will proceed to the home page of your account.

SSS Portal Log in | SSS’ Loan Assistance

Step 4. Go to “E-SERVICES“.

SSS Loans Portal Philippines | SSS’ Loan Assistance

Click the “Apply for Calamity Loan” button.

SSS Calamity Loans Philippines | SSS’ Loan Assistance

As you proceed, you must provide the required information in the portal.

Members can still apply until the 14th of September, 2020.

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COVID-19 is still spreading in the Philippines

This pandemic – COVID-19 – is a great calamity that our entire country has faced in history. Since the coronavirus entered the country, thousands of businesses are slowly filing for bankruptcy. Worse is millions of people lost their jobs. Physically and financially, people continue to suffer. 

As Aurora Ignacio said, “The threat of COVID-19 will likely remain in the coming months.” With the help of SSS’ Calamity Loan Assistance Program, Filipino members can at least sustain their basic needs while the entire country is under quarantine.

Aside from the Calamity loan of SSS, many financial institutions like banks and licensed moneylenders continued to operate to extend their services amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Have you been rejected or disqualified from the SSS’ Calamity Loans Assistance Program?

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