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PNB Credit Cards Review

There is a vast range of credit cards to choose from, all with tempting rewards and benefits. 
How will you consider the best card for your lifestyle? 
Filipinos are now investing more in experiences than in gadgets and accessories. The Philippines alone is teeming with countless picture-perfect islands, beaches, and mountain ranges. Then, the world offers more escapades waiting to be discovered.
You will always have a Facebook friend posting travel photos every long weekend and holiday. This is why PNB credit cards appeal to both business and leisure flyers. Understand more about it with this PNB credit card review. 


PNB Credit Cards Promo

  • 12%OFF on flowers at Island Rose
  • Free 50ml The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter for a minimum single-receipt purchase of P2,000
  • Free snacks every Friday at SM Cinemas
  • 25% off for  a minimum spend of P8,000 at Banana Republic
  • 25% off at Old Navy for  a minimum spend of P4,00 at Old Navy
  • 25% off for  a minimum spend of P5,000 at GAP
  • 5% off at Japan Duty-Free
  • 15% Discount at Marco Polo Hotel Cebu
  • 40% Discount at Midas Hotel and Casino

PNB Credit Card Benefits

Filipinos look forward to having their own PNB credit card in their wallet. This plastic card brings advantages to various life needs. Check it out. 

PNB Credit Card Travel Insurance

PNB credit cards have free travel insurance if you charge the whole fare on the card. The insurance covers delayed flight, lost luggage and others. Depending the card, it could cover as much as Php1 million (PNB Visa cards) to Php10 million (PNB Diamond UnionPay and PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard).

PNB Credit Card Purchase Protection Insurance

Purchase Protection Insurance is an added security to your purchased items from accidental damage and theft, provided that the incident happened 90 days after the date of your purchase.  This eases your mind when you go shopping on your travels.

PNB Credit Card Fraud Transaction Insurance

Having a credit card comes with the fear that someone else might use its details and go shopping galore at your expense. What makes it worst is if your card details have been used in illegal transactions. Save yourself from this horror by paying Php10 a month for Fraud Transaction Insurance. You will be charged starting from the date of your enrollment.

PNB Credit Card Features

Aside from the numerous benefits of a PNB credit card, its features are truly amazing. These are as follows. 

PNB Credit Card Cash Advance

Credit cards have a credit limit that depends on your net income and creditworthiness as discretely determined by your bank. PNB allows you to withdraw 30% of your credit limit from over 5,000 BancNet and 600 PNB ATMs in case you need cash more than a card. PNB Cash Advance does not come for free, though. You will be charged Php50 to Php100 as a cash advance transaction fee apart from the cash advance service fee, which is 5% of the amount you withdraw.

PNB Credit Card Global Acceptance

PNB credit card gives you the freedom to pay cashless in over 200 countries from millions of partnering shops. This is a great benefit if you are a frequent traveler who loves shopping for pasalubong or collecting souvenirs.

PNB Credit Card Dual Billing Flexibility

This is a great deal for those who frequently travel overseas. You can pay in pesos for your local transactions and dollars for purchases abroad. You can also convert your dollar charges into pesos but it may not be a free service.

PNB Credit Card Flexible Payment

You can pay a minimum of 5% of your balance or Php500, whichever is higher, to avoid late payment fees. However, if you do not settle your balance on its due date, you will be charged the interest rate.

PNB Credit Card Rewards

Maximize the use of your PNB credit cards since you earn rewards from them. Learn more about this as you read along. 

PNB Credit Card Mabuhay Miles

Aside from the exclusive free 2,000 miles promo, you will earn one Mile for every Php33 charged on PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard or PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Platinum MasterCard. Get a Mile per Php40 spent by using PNB The Travel Club Platinum MasterCard, while other PNB credit cards reward a Mile for every Php50 charged.
To give you an idea, it takes 4,500 Miles to fly in economy class from Manila to Cebu and 7,000 miles to Davao and General Santos. Flying in economy class from Manila to Bangkok, Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh, Pusan, Shanghai, or Singapore takes 12,000 Miles.

PNB Credit Card Cash Credits

You can get Php1.00 PNB Cash Credit with every four points you earn. However, you can only redeem your cash credits with every 500 points. If you have less than 500, then you can’t redeem even a single cent.

PNB Credit Card Balance Transfer

You can transfer any outstanding balance of your previous card to your new PNB credit card. Let’s say you have an outstanding balance of Php5, 000 on your previous credit card. This will continue to multiply with the charged interest rate as long as you haven’t settled it. It will keep on ballooning and hurt your credit report.
If you have no cash to pay for it, then one of your options is to transfer the balance to another credit card. The new card will settle your old balance. It is like paying your credit card balance with another credit card.
However, bank transfer comes with a service fee and will also charge its interest rate after a few months, so you better settle it as soon as possible to prevent the same horror from happening again.

PNB Credit Card Transaction Conversion

You can convert your transaction into installment payments with any PNB partnering stores. However, there could be a service fee charged.

PNB Credit Card 0% Affordable Payment Plan

PNB cards give you the advantage of paying your expensive purchase in installments at your choice of term from 3 months up to 24 months without an interest rate. This makes shopping for great buys tempting, but you must know that there are still certain fees that come with it, such as the administration fee.

PNB Credit Card Hotline

Do you have concerns or further matters to clarify? Call (02)818-9-818 for Metro Manila. Or you may use the Domestic Toll-Free at 1800-10-818-9-818

PNB Credit Card Limitations

  • PNB credit cards seem to have narrow variations. You have very limited options.
  • Miles reward is not useful for non-air travelers. If you are not a frequent flyer, you will not maximize the card’s benefits and rewards.
  • A PNB cash advance is very limited, as you are only allowed to get as much as 30% of the credit limit. If your PNB credit card limit is Php15, 000, then you can only withdraw Php 4,500. Do not forget that this will also incur charges, and you have to settle the balance on its due date.

You might find it hard to pick the best PNB credit card. But if you need quick cash and the cash advance is not enough, you can get a flexible loan from Cash Mart through an online application.