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2018 Christmas Ham Prices: Actual Price Check and DTI SRP

Noche Buena will never be the same without Christmas hams. That’s why Filipinos always keep tabs on the current Christmas Ham prices. 

In fact, it has become a Christmas icon for Filipinos that it has become the traditional company giveaway. Wherever you go, there will now be photos of ham in supermarkets and wet markets. You will even see people with free eco-friendly reusable bags of the famous hams we have grown to love. Whether you choose your ham based on brand, sweetness, or price, we can’t deny that Christmas will not be the same without hams.

Nowadays, it is inevitable to see price hikes, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released a list of suggested retail prices for public markets and supermarkets. DTI shared a noticeable price increase with the holiday goods this year compared to 2017. The hams you could buy for Php 500 or less have gone up.

We went to Robinson’s Supermarket and SM Supermarket to see their prices. However, your nearby groceries and mini-marts may sell the same hams at a slightly lower or higher price than these supermarkets. It is still best to check out their prices before purchasing your hams. Many supermarkets also offer freebies and discounts when you buy in bulk.

Nonetheless, here are the Christmas ham prices as per DTI’s SRP. The 500 grams of Christmas hams range from PHP 137.00 to PHP 169.00. Meanwhile, the 700 to 850 grams Christmas hams range from PHP 190.00 to PHP 269.00. Lastly, the 1-kilo hams can now start at PHP 255.00 to up to PHP 808.50.

Christmas Ham Price Philippines: Suggested For Retail 

Christmas Ham Prices

Christmas Ham Prices for Robinson’s Supermarket

CDO Ham Price List

Holiday Ham 1 kilo: PHP 530
Pear Shape Ham 800 grams: PHP 199
Jamon de Bola 850 grams: PHP 269

Purefoods Holiday Ham Price

Fiesta Ham 1 kilo: PHP 539
Fiesta Ham Slices 200 grams: PHP 115.50
Pear Shape Ham 800 grams: PHP 205
Jamon de Bola 1 kilo: PHP 325

Swift Festival Ham Price

Noche Buena Ham 1 kilo: PHP 255
Festival ham 1 kilo: PHP 519

Christmas Hams Prices for SM Supermarket  

CDO Ham Price List

Holiday Ham 1 kilo: PHP 530
Jamon de Bola 850 grams: PHP 269

Purefoods Holiday Ham Price

Fiesta Ham 1 kilo: PHP 539
Jamon de Bola 1 kilo: PHP 325

Tipid Tips When Buying Christmas Hams

  • Always check the expiry date and the price tag before purchasing.
  • Check if the item price on the tag or shelf is the same at the cashiers. If the price differs, DTI encourages consumers to pay the lesser price.
  • Compare the weights and prices of the competing brands before buying. If you are buying in bulk, it is better to canvass various groceries first.
  • The DTI SRP is applied nationwide in supermarkets, wet markets, groceries, and mini-marts. Make sure that you are not buying an overpriced item.

Now that Christmas is in the air, we must prepare our Noche Buena shopping lists and our finances until the coming New Year. Should you need extra cash this holiday, do not hesitate to get a personal loan from Cash Mart.