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2023 Christmas Ham Prices: Actual Price Check and DTI SRP

Noche Buena will never be the same without Christmas hams. That’s why Filipinos always keep tabs on the current Christmas Ham prices. 

Christmas ham has become a Christmas icon for Filipinos, becoming the traditional company giveaway. Wherever you go, there will be ham photos in supermarkets and wet markets. You’ll even see people with free eco-friendly reusable bags of the famous hams. Whether you choose your ham based on brand, sweetness, or price, Christmas will not be the same without hams.

Nowadays, it is inevitable to see price hikes. It’s not just because of the Christmas season. The pandemic is another factor contributing to its price increase. 

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released a list of suggested retail prices for public markets and supermarkets. DTI shared a noticeable price increase with the holiday goods this year compared to the previous years. The hams you could buy for Php 500 or less have gone up.

We went to Robinson’s Supermarket and SM Supermarket. However, your nearby groceries and mini-marts may sell the same hams at a slightly lower or higher price. Also, we checked various digital platforms that sell Christmas hams online.

With the current economic status, checking the Christmas ham prices before purchasing your hams is still the best. Also, many supermarkets offer freebies and discounts when you buy in bulk. Meanwhile, online shops have promos and free shipping to offer. 

Nonetheless, here are the Christmas ham prices as per DTI’s SRP. The 500 grams of Christmas hams range from PHP 163.00 to PHP 225.00. Meanwhile, the 700 to 850 grams of Christmas hams range from PHP 230.00 to PHP 320.00. Lastly, the 1-kilo hams can now start at PHP 314.00 and go to PHP 893.

Christmas Ham Price Philippines: Suggested For Retail 

Christmas Ham Prices


Christmas Ham Prices for Robinson’s Supermarket

CDO Ham Price List

Holiday Ham Price 1 kilo: PHP 599
Pear Shape Ham 800 grams: PHP 239
Jamon de Bola 850 grams: PHP 369

Purefoods Christmas Ham Price List

Purefoods Fiesta Ham Price
Fiesta Ham 1 kilo – PHP 695
Fiesta Chicken Ham 1 kilo – PHP 495

Purefoods Sliced Ham Price Philippines

Fiesta Ham pre-sliced 1 kilo: PHP 599
Fiesta Ham Slices 200 grams: PHP 128
Purefoods Pear Shaped Ham Price 800 grams: PHP 240
Jamon de Bola Purefoods Price Glazed 1 kilo: PHP 370

Swift Festival Ham Price

Swift Noche Buena Ham 1 kilo: PHP 339
Festival ham 1 kilo: PHP 606
Jamon de Bola 1 kilo: PHP 373

Christmas Ham Prices for SM Supermarket

CDO Christmas Ham Price List

Holiday Ham 1 kilo: PHP 599
Jamon de Bola 850 grams: PHP 369

1kg Purefoods Ham Price

Fiesta Ham: PHP 599
Jamon de Bola: PHP 325

Kriegers Ham Philippines

Smoked Ham 1 kilo: PHP 750
Kriegers Leg Ham 3kg: PHP 3,000

Pampangas Best Ham Price

Ham Pinoy 1 kilo: PHP 245
Chicken Ham Premium 800g: PHP 362
Piña Ham 800h: PHP 378

Tipid Tips When Buying Christmas Hams

Christmas is a long-awaited season by Filipinos. We opt to celebrate it one way or another despite the financial struggle we experience. Be more practical this year and follow these tips.

Christmas Ham Prices


Always check the expiry date and the price tag before purchasing. 

It is a practice that goes beyond mere convenience. It promotes safety in your informed decision-making and financial responsibility.

Check if the item price on the tag or shelf is the same at the cashier. 

If the price differs, DTI encourages consumers to pay the lesser price. It serves as consumer protection and fair trade. 

Compare the weights and prices of the competing brands before buying. 

If you are buying in bulk, it is better to canvass various groceries first. It is a prudent and strategic approach that empowers you to choose price, product quality, and overall value. 

The DTI SRP is nationwide.

You can check it in supermarkets, wet markets, groceries, and mini-marts. So make sure that you are not buying an overpriced item.

Don’t let the price hikes hinder you from celebrating this festive season. Check these realistic tips about Christmas ham prices before purchasing. 

Quick Guide When Choosing The Price of Ham In The Philippines

Before you receive your Christmas bonus, plan which type of ham you will purchase. Check the list below of what you must consider. 

Christmas Ham Prices


Bone-in Ham vs. Boneless Ham 

Christmas hams have two common types: bone-in and boneless hams. Each has distinct characteristics regarding presentation, flavor, convenience, and cost.

Bone-in Ham

Bone-in hams are a premium choice for special occasions. It offers a more traditional and visually appealing presentation. The bone adds an authenticity element and rustic charm to the ham. That’s why it is an attractive centerpiece for festive occasions.

Some say bone-in Christmas hams have a richer and more intense flavor than boneless ones. The bone is a significant factor in the taste during cooking. As a result, it makes the meat juicier and more flavorful. However, bone-in holiday hams tend to be pricier per pound. You pay for the weight of the bone as well. 

Boneless Ham

Boneless hams are more uniform in shape and more manageable to slice neatly. It is more convenient to prepare and serve. You have no bone to carve around for quick and effortless serving. That’s why it is an excellent choice for many Filipinos.

Boneless Christmas hams have a different depth of flavor than bone-in hams. But it is still delicious, especially when prepared with flavorful glazes or seasonings. Most importantly, it is more cost-effective. The lack of bone weight makes it a budget-friendly option this holiday season. 

Bone-in and boneless hams are perfect options regardless of your preference and occasion. But the ultimate decision depends on your choice, tradition, and affordability. 

Choose a flavor based on your taste.

The right flavor profile enhances your Christmas ham and makes dining this holiday season more fun. Here are some typical flavors you can choose from.

Traditional Smoked Ham

The most common preparation of Christmas hams is a smoky and savory glaze. Often, it has traditional holiday sides like mashed potatoes and green beans. It is a safe bet if your family enjoys the familiar taste of smoked ham.

Honey-Glazed Ham

A honey glaze adds sweetness and a glossy finish to the ham. It balances the meat’s saltiness and provides a delightful contrast of flavors. If your family prefers a sweeter ham, this can be your choice.

Spiced or Spicy Ham

Some Christmas hams come with a spiced or spicy flavor profile. It is ideal for those who enjoy a bit of heat and spice. These holiday hams have coatings of herbs, such as cinnamon, cloves, or cayenne pepper. It adds a kick to your holiday meal.

When choosing the flavor profile for your Christmas ham, consider the preferences of your family members and any dietary restrictions or allergies. Also, consider the other dishes you plan to serve so they will complement the overall meal. The right Christmas ham flavor will make your holiday meal a memorable and enjoyable experience for your loved ones.

Consider the proportion of meat to fat in the ham.

Hams typically contain some fat, which enhances their rich and tender flavor. Look for hams with a higher meat-to-fat ratio and a thinner layer of fat. It is a vital factor when picking your Christmas hams. Since it is the holiday season, get-togethers and festive dining are everywhere. Be careful, especially if you have health concerns and prefer leaner options. 

There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself during the festive Christmas season. Be mindful of your fat intake to balance flavor and dietary considerations.

Determine the size of the ham to buy.

Selecting the appropriate ham size is crucial, regardless of whether your celebration is small and intimate or a grand gathering. It ensures that everyone gets an equal share of this Noche Buena star. 

A single ham steak should suffice for 4 to 6 people. However, if you have a larger family, there may be more than this, so consider purchasing a whole bone-in ham or a 1-kilogram ham to accommodate everyone’s appetite.

Make the most-awaited event of the year more fun to celebrate with Christmas hams. Although Filipinos struggle financially, it doesn’t hinder them from celebrating. 

Now that Christmas is in the air, we must prepare our Noche Buena shopping lists and finances until the coming New Year. Should you need extra cash this holiday, do not hesitate to get a personal loan from Cash Mart.