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Where to Buy Christmas Hams in Manila for Under P500

Updated November 16, 2018
Christmas hams will always be a part of Filipinos’ festive Noche Buena.
Ham is a common deli we see in fried rice and sandwiches, yet when it comes to the Christmas holidays, we crave to see the well carved whole hams glistening with honey or caramelized sugar. For once in a year, we spend a little more on holiday hams to give that extra special ambiance.
The sight of it gives you the nostalgic feeling that Christmas is a jolly season we love to celebrate and be thankful of. If you think you need to spend a thousand pesos or more to have a Christmas ham, then read on to know where to get quality hams in just under P500.

CDO Holiday Whole – Meat Ham

CDO Holiday Ham earns the top spot as the best quality ham below P500.
This star of Noche Buena is a boneless ham precisely molded into a perfect ham shape. It may take a bit longer to fry compared to other premium hams as it has a generous amount of fatty layer. Made with quality pork meat glazed with lip-smacking pineapple jelly, CDO Holiday Ham is a famous gift to loved ones and officemates.
CDO Holiday Ham has been a traditional deli for a lot of Filipino families every Christmas. The whole cut ham takes pride of its meat consistency and affordable price. The smoky hint is not strong enough to overpower its sweet and salty taste. Over the years, this prime-cut ham has been one of the top contenders alongside the Purefoods Fiesta Ham which is pricier.
Surely, the texture shows no sign of extenders as it is naturally meaty. There is not even a hint of any artificial chemical used by other brands to preserve their products. Also, unlike other hams made of various meat pieces combined together to look like whole-meat, the CDO Holiday Ham evidently has net marks which proves that it is a whole meat from a hind leg smoked in ham nets. You can buy it as a whole or pre-sliced as malls have CDO Carving Stations. You can even them to slice or carve your ham in the thickness you prefer.
Price and Promo
P490 per kilo
Rustan’s Supermarket
Buy a CDO Holiday Ham and get 1 CDO Premium Super Jumbo hotdogs 429g
Save P112.5
Here are other holiday hams “swak” to your budget:

King Sue Sweet Ham, Cooked

The sweet tasting ham comes with the strong taste of the herb, star anise. With the heavy sweet pork taste of this whole meat ham, it is great in sandwiches with cheese. King Sue used to put their hams in nets, after 80 years in business, they are now in bags great for gift giving. Specializing in Chinese hams, King Sue have created various hams to choose from not only for holidays, but also for everyday delights.
Price and Promo
P334 per package of 800g
P410.00 per kilo
Landmark Supermarket
Buy in bulk to receive discounts

CDO Jamon de Bola

CDO Jamon de Bola is one of the famous round shaped ham seasoned in authentic Spanish style. Known to be glazed with pineapple sauce, the mixture of sweetness and saltiness will be memorable to one’s palate. If you are stock with a very limited budget, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your ham, CDO Jamon de Bola is just about the right choice.
Price and Promo
P251 per piece (860g)
SM Supermarket
Buy P500 worth of CDO Jamon de Bola and get a free SM Bonus White bread 450g

SM Bonus Pear Shaped Ham

SM Bonus Pear Shaped Ham is your classic ham with generous fat and comes with a sauce. It is a bargain considering the low price and the right pork meat texture. Though the juiciness may be considered average, the saltiness is just right though it lingers in your taste buds after some time together with its smoky flavor.
Price and Promo
P172 per piece (800g)
Savemore Supermarket
Buy P500 worth of SM Bonus Pear Shaped Ham and get a free 1.5L coke
Buy 10 pieces and get one piece free to save P172

Super8 Pear-shaped Ham

This perfectly shaped ham made of pork and chicken comes in resealable plastic containers to keep it fresh and presentable. With the balanced seasoning and saltiness, this pear-shaped ham is perfect for families who want to keep on the budget but still wants some ham to add on the Christmas spirit.
Price and Promo
P170 per piece (800g)
Super8 Grocery Warehouse
Buy P500 worth of Super8 Great Buy Ham 800g and get a free 1.5L Coke
Christmas is a special holiday when families get together to catch- up, recall sweet memories and joke around over silly things. This is a time when we feel loved the most. Make it more memorable despite being in the budget, after all Christmas is a season for the gift of love.

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