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Is BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan Fit for Your Business Needs?

Start your own business with BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan. But first, learn the facts about it. Then, read and understand it as you read through this article. 

If you have nothing to complain about your job, then you are either not really working or you are your own boss. Most Filipinos have at least one thing that makes them hate their jobs. If you are one of those who do not want to slave under a person forever since you have better ideas churning in your brain. Then why not start a business.


Of course, the main reason why your business ideas are still not in the realms of reality is a lack of funds. Good news for you! There are loans specially created for businesses such as the BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan. You do not have to grow old being an employee forever. You can be unstoppable when your entrepreneurial mindset is kick-started with much-needed capital. Get a BPI business loan that best fits your business needs by considering various questions such as:

  • Are you eligible?
  • Can you provide all the requirements?
  • Do you need collateral or a co-maker?
  • How much can you loan?
  • What are the terms?

BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan

BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan is one of the accessible loans provided by BPI to many Filipinos. It is not only offered to startups. Also, you can use it for existing businesses that seek expansion, keeping up or increasing productions, and franchising. BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan has three categories you can choose from according to your purpose or current financial capabilities. To avail of the BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan, you must be at least 21 to 65 years old upon the settlement of the loan.


If you want to build a startup company and you want either short-term or long-term funding, then you may choose the Term Loan. Also, this is for existing enterprises which has long-term plans to expand or increase production.

It offers entrepreneurs who have at least 3 years of profitable business operation. Or it fits Filipinos with at least 3 years of consistent income. If you are 18 years old or not older than 21, you can have your parents as your co-borrower.

Let’s say you have decided to get the Term Loan, then you must be ready to borrow at least P500,000. If you want to get a lesser amount, then you may opt to just apply for a personal loan. By chance, are you going to use a house and lot or vacant lot or residential condominium? You can borrow as much as 70% of the appraised value of your asset.

How can you say that a Term Loan is your best bet? Let’s say this is best for you if you already have a business development plan with definite goals and timelines. Then, you can decide if you are going to get your loan as a whole or in part.


You can use this if you have a business that needs short-term funding during holiday seasons. It can be running a bake shop, a flower shop, a gift shop, or a specialty store. However, it has fluctuating client demands depending on certain holidays or seasons. So you need working capital to add more stocks to your inventory.

You can be eligible for Credit Line if your business has already a record of three consecutive years of profitable cash inflow. The loanable amount will depend on the credit evaluation done by the bank on your business or collateral. Since this loan is best for seasonal or short-term needs, you can settle it within a year. Also, you can renew depending on the credit assessment. You can receive the loan through:

  • Issuance of Check
  • ATM Withdrawal
  • EPS Transaction
  • Fund Transfer Online

BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan interest rate is at 4.50 % for 90 days. The soonest you can settle the loan will be better. But you have to make sure that you will not be charged with early repayment fees. So ask your loan manager.

Franchising Loan

If you are a fan of food carts, then franchising could have crossed your mind. Since franchising is not new in the Philippines, BPI has a loan for it. Depending on your budget or brand preference, you can choose a brand from BPI Ka-Negosyo best list franchise. 

Like the Term Loan, only those with three years of a profitable business or three years of stable income can apply for a loan. But they must be of legal age and not older than 65 years old.

On its website, you can check out BPI’s Franchising Loan for Best List Brand Partners. It includes a minimum budget of P100,000. Once you have chosen your franchising brand, you can borrow as much as 60% worth of the Total Franchise Investment by chance that you want to franchise a brand not listed by BPI on its site. You have to borrow at least PHP 500,000 Loan Amount and not more than 60% of the Total Franchise Investment.

A Franchising Loan can be a non-collateral loan payable for 1 to 3 years, and you can even choose a Lite Mode payment. You will only be required to pay the BPI loan interest rate in the first six months without the principal loan. Then you can start paying the principal loan with interest from the seventh month onward. We know franchises usually do not yield income for the first six months.

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Benefits of BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan

BPI Negosyo Loan gives you three options, all with different purposes. And it will depend on your current business plans or outlook. Term Loans are for those who have assets they are willing to use to get a loan that can stretch up to five years. You can use this loan if you think you have to make a couple of investments rather than one big spending. As for the Credit Line, using it as working capital for buying equipment or restocking your inventory is best. A Franchising Loan is for individuals who want to start a franchising business. It can be either from the BPI list of best brands or their own brand choice.

Downsides of BPI Ka-Negosyo Loan

Most of the BPI business loan requirements include any asset as collateral. You can opt for a non-collateral loan. But it is only offered for Franchising Loans. This proves to be very limited and will not be accessible for budding entrepreneurs who have no assets yet. Also, the minimum loanable amount for Term Loans is P500,000. It cannot be the best choice for micro-businesses. Micro-businesses usually need less than P100,000 to start their operation.

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