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Sapat na ba ang sahod mo kada buwan?

Whether you are a breadwinner sending your siblings to school, a parent with a growing family, or an employee fed up with your boss, having your own business adds to financial fulfillment.

So if you now have limited savings, you can start buying your own franchise. Having a franchise means you get to buy and own a perfected business concept.

You no longer have to go through the nitty-gritty process of building a startup. If you are unsure if you have some products you can sell, why not sell something already proven to make sales?

Working in a corporate is not enough to save money and secure your bright future. It’s highly recommended to invest your hard-earned money by franchising a reputable business in the Philippines.

best franchising business philippines

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Best Franchise Business Opportunities in the Philippines

Other Franchise Business Opportunities

What is  Franchising?

You can define franchising as a “business in a box.”

The business owner (franchisor) grants the applicant (franchisee) the legal rights to obtain the trade name, market the service or goods, and operate the business with an equivalent of a one-time fee. Then, you get all the revenue from your own franchise.

But some franchisors will require you to pay a royalty fee per annum.

Don’t get too overwhelmed when choosing your franchising business. We have listed the 10 best franchise business in the Philippines for you.

Potato Corner Franchise

potato corner franchise
Photo Credit: Potato Corner

Potato Corner was launched in October 1992. Since then, this has been one of the favorite food brands of kids and even the kids at heart. You can find it in schools, train stations, malls, hospitals, and amusement parks. Potato Corner is also dubbed as the “World’s Best Flavored Fries.”

For almost 27 years in the business, Potato Corner has received multiple awards such as “Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame Award” in 2003, “Best Franchisee of the Year,” and “Global Franchise Award.”

Potato Corner now has franchisees located in Panama, the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kuwait.

Up to this date, franchisees operate almost 70% of Potato Corner’s outlets.

Potato Corner Franchise Fee

Php230,000 to Php1.2M

The prices will depend on which type of store you would like to franchise. But due to the pandemic crisis, Potato Corner waived its franchising fee until the end of December 2020. As of date, you can choose among school cart, standard cart, and customized package, kiosk, in-line counter, and in-line dine in. 

Potato Corner Franchise Inclusions:

  • Cart/Kiosk
  • Small Ware & Equipment
  • Training of the crews
  • Initial Supplies you need to start the operation

How to Franchise Potato Corner

Step 1: Submit the requirements

  • Letter of intent with the sketch and photos of your desired location
  • 2 valid government-issued IDs
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae

Download the application form that can be found on their website and answer all the necessary questions.

Step 2: Get a scheduled meetup.

After screening your application, the Potato Corner team will set a scheduled meeting with you for a site visit. This can be done on the same day you have sent all the application form requirements.

Keep in mind that the scheduled site visit may be postponed depending on the number of applicants they receive per day.

Step 3: Undergo training session.

The application process can take a month. Once approved, you will undergo a training session regarding the process and make your franchising business in the Philippines successful.

You will get to know everything from preparing the flavored fries to selling them in their best qualities.

For follow-up or if you have any questions, you may send an email to

Potato Corner Franchising Reminders

Potato corner franchise applicants should prepare the exact amount of capital money they need by choosing which type of stores you’d like to franchise.

  • School Cart –Php 145,000
  • Standard Cart  -Php 263,200
  • Customized Package – Php 128,000 (plus construction cost)
  • Kiosk –Php400,000 to Php600,000
  • In-Line Store: Php600,000 to Php800,000
  • In-Line Dine-In Store: Php800,000 to 1.2M

Potato Corner Franchise is also accepting OFW applicants located in the countries with existing Potato Corner franchisees.

Contact Details

Address: 869 Katarungan St. Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines


Local Email: | 

International Email:

Landline: (02) 534-5845/86

Siomai King Franchise

Siomai King Franchise
Photo Credit: Siomai King

Siomai King Franchise’s success has led them to be featured in some of the prominent programs of ABS-CBN’s “Umagang Kay Ganda,” “Pangkabuhayang Swak na Swak,” and a feature story in The Philippine Free Press and Entrepreneur Magazine. It was even dubbed as “Ang Hari ng Siomai” for its affordable yet tasty siomai.

Within 13 successful years in the franchising industry, Siomai King was able to sponsor ABS-CBN’s TV programs such as “It’s Showtime,” “Singing Bee,” “Bet on Your Baby,” and “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

This is the first and only franchise business in the Philippines, with 5 pieces of siomai in one serving. Utilizing the latest machinery, Siomai King Franchise aims to produce quality food products, particularly Shanghai, Hong-Kong, and Japanese siomai, for only P28 to P30 per serving.

Siomai King Franchise Fee


Siomai King’s Gold Package omits the sub-meter, breaker, and rangehood.

Aside from the free food tasting product worth Php1,000.00, complete operating utensils, and comprehensive personnel training, if you want to get this franchise Philippines, the gold package includes:

  • Refundable Cash Bond worth Php400,000
  • Use of Trade Name, Logo, Business System
  • Lighted Company Signage
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Cart with Cabinet
  • Stainless Round Steamer
  • Electric Stove
  • Acrylic Juice Dispenser
  • Opening Assistance
  • Operations Manual

But due to the pandemic, the Company waived the franchise fees, including the cash bond. 

Siomai King Platinum Online Franchise 

Businesses worldwide are greatly affected since the outbreak of COVID-19, which took last 2020 up to the present. But the opportunity to franchise Siomai King didn’t stop there. Thus, the industry adopted an online franchising system. This paves the way for Siomai King’s franchisees to get through this pandemic crisis. 

Doing an online franchising system opened doors to others who want to do the business and earn even in their homes’ comfort. The benefit of it is it’s a lifetime franchise opportunity.

How does Siomai King Online Franchise work?

As of date, you can now apply for the online franchise business for as low as Php 16,888. Once you signed up for the Online Franchise, you will receive an account containing your Shoplink I.D. instead of having a stall.

Since face-to-face transactions are prohibited during this pandemic time (a way we can help control the virus’s spread), you will do the business online. All you have to do is share your Shoplink I.D. with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. After successfully taking orders through the link, you will earn a commission based on the franchise package you availed of. 

Note that instead of five pieces of siomai, you are now selling 40 pieces to one tray (20 pieces of siomai products) of the best-selling products of Siomai King. Siomai flavors available are SK Chicken, SK Hong Kong, SK Shanghai, and SK Japanese. 

How to Franchise Siomai King

There is no better way to start franchising Siomai King but to reach out to JC Franchising Inc. through their landline numbers (02)8894773 to 76.  Get quick answers to your inquiries and the requirements they need from you.

Siomai King Franchising Reminders

One good thing about the Siomai King franchise, there will be no royalty and renewal fee every year. This means that you will get the chance to receive the complete ROI for the money you have invested in Siomai King in less than six months if you have daily operations, including weekends.

You can refund your cash bond should you decide to stop the food cart business.

Contact Details

Address: 2021 Edison, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Website: | 

Landline number: (02) 8894773 to 76


Master Siomai Franchise

Master Siomai Franchise
Photo Credit: Master Siomai

Master Siomai is one of the fastest-growing siomai food cart business in the country.

Masterrific Foods initially started as a distributor of ham, bacon, siomai, and burger patties to their clients, specifically hoteliers, restaurant owners, and market places, in 1999.

In 2007, the company had ventured and joined the Philippines’ franchise business.

There are more than 900 outlets of Master Siomai in the Philippines as of this writing. To ensure constant effort to market its brand, Masterrific Foods’ exposure is still running on TV ads, billboards, trade events, and sponsorships.

Due to Master Siomai’s success, the company launched new products and franchising concepts such as Maming Gala, Master Tempura, and SioGo.

Master Siomai Franchise Fee

Php280,000 (VAT Exclusive)

For as low as Php280,000.00 as Master Siomai franchise fee, franchisee applicant will be able to receive the following as inclusions:

  • 1 Unit of Japanese inspired food cart
  • 5 cu. ft chest freezer
  • Food steamer
  • Acrylic plastic juicer
  • Complete food cart kitchen and plastic wares
  • Initial food and paper products.
  • Complete set of crew uniforms
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Marketing  collaterals

How to Franchise Master Siomai

Step 1: Look for your own location

Set a site evaluation schedule with Master Siomai Team. If you want to have a franchise inside a mall, you must present an award notice or lease proposal before the site evaluation.

If the location is outside the mall, you need to have a written agreement with the lessor that it will be leased to you.

Step 2: Set a schedule for site evaluation.

Call (02)-281-3635, 0923-441-9957, or 09234419958 to set your site evaluation.

Step 3: Pay the 50% deposit of the total package price.

Ensure that you have paid the deposit before the food cart is constructed in your chosen location.

Step 4: Attend the Business Operation meetings.

Step 5: Have your selected crews attend the orientation and training.

Step 6: Sign the Franchise Agreement.

Step 7: Settle the payment upon delivery of the food cart.

Master Siomai Franchising Reminders

Please note that the selection of location, business permits, and human resources are all exclusive of the Master Siomai franchise fee.

Contact Details

Address: #88 C. Arellano St. Barangay Ibaba, Malabon City.



Landline Number: (02) 281 3635 |  (02) 8 709 0901 | (02) 8 709 5288

Mobile Numbers: 0923-441-9957/09234419958


Zagu Franchise

zagu franchise
Photo Credit: Zagu

Looking for a franchise business in the Philippines couldn’t get any easier than with the Zagu franchise! Zagu franchise offers iced and flavored shake with tapioca pearls, and most of the top products are chocolate, hazelnut cappuccino, four seasons, cookies and cream, and ube.

Since Zagu was launch in 1999, this establishment was able to bag three awards such as the following:

  1. “Business Excellent Award” in 2006
  2. “Most Outstanding Business Venture” in 2001
  3. “Most Innovative Business Venture” in 2001
  4. “1st National Shoppers Choice Awards,” in 2004

Interested applicant can choose which of the two types of the store they would like to franchise:

Indoor: Stall, kiosk, or standard cart

Outdoor: Roadside stall or roadside kiosk

Zagu franchise has 446 outlets all over the Philippines up to this date, and some of its franchisees are comprised of bank executives, retirees, homemakers, and other people from all walks of life.

However, the Zagu franchise is looking for people to be their next franchisees competent, customer-oriented, and dedicated.

Zagu Franchise Fee

Php650,000 to Php850,000

The price will depend on which type of store operation you would like to obtain. The franchise inclusions are:

  • Use of ZAGU trademark and logo, proprietary recipes, ingredients, and procedures
  • On-going Training and Operational Support including continuous marketing effort through event participation, sponsorship, and other applicable marketing approaches
  • Contemporary design and décor package
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Customized operational system
  • Discount for future purchases
  • High profile national presence

How To Franchise Zagu

Step 1: Download and fill up the initial questionnaire available on Zagu’s website. Expect to be pre-evaluated and be scheduled for an initial interview.

Step 2: The Sales Account Officer will inform you through mail and phone call regarding your application.

Step 3: Pay the cash bond amounting to Php10,000.00 in cash or a post-dated cheque. Don’t worry. The cash bond is refundable.

Step 4: Complete all the requirements mentioned during the initial interview, failure to comply may result in your application getting on hold.

Step 5: Attend the application interview. This is where the Zagu franchise team will examine if you have the capacity to handle a business.

Step 6: Have the Final Interview and post-approval meeting once your application is approved. The Expansion Division will then release a Letter of Approval.

Step 7: Submit the proposed location together with your Letter of Intent and have an ocular inspection.

Step 8: Pay the Zagu franchising fee in full and sign the agreement. You will be given a notarized copy of the agreement.

Step 9: The construction of cart, kiosk stall, and roadside (depends on your choice) with a start.

Step 10: Submit the complete operating requirements to the Zagu franchise right before the operation starts.

Step 11: Attend the business orientation and service crew training.

Step 12: Let Zagu do their final ocular inspection and construction approval.

Step 13: Pick-up stocks from the Zagu head office and set a realistic target opening date.

Step 14: Submit the 1st week’s gross sales.

Please note that all married franchisee applicants should bring their spouse or business partner in every interview.

Zagu Franchising Reminders

Zagu franchise highly discourages the applicants from making any location reservations until they receive the Zagu franchise application status. This prevents the franchise applicants from spending money without a money-back guarantee.

Contact Details

Address: #52 West Capitol Drive, Bo. Kapitolyo Pasig City

Landline Number: (02) 6874432/30 local 150 or 113




Mobile Number: 09178098043/09234563586

Facebook Page:

Mr. Liempo Franchise

mr. liempo franchise
Photo Credit: Mr. Liempo

Cesar and Grace Suan launched Mr. Liempo way back in 2009 in Mandaue City, Cebu, with high hopes to provide the best liempo and Lechon kitchen to the diners. Fortunately, Mr. Liempo has been a success, and in just after 8 months of operation, Mr. and Mrs. Suan open another branch in Cordova Cebu.

Mr. Liempo’s franchise started in January 2010, 33 franchise stores have been successfully operating in the Visayas until now. Mr. Liempo’s franchise is now available in Metro Manila as the first store in Zapote Las Pinas was launch in October 2010.

The owners of Mr. Liempo’s franchise are still actively looking for franchisee applicants to grow business with them.

Mr. Liempo Franchise Fee

Php295,000 to Php425,000

This fee includes:

  • Chicken and Liempo product worth 12,000
  • Supplies worth Php1,500.00
  • Feasibility study of area or location as well as the store layout design
  • Tarpaulin either for pole signage or store design
  • Brand new freezer 8 cubic feet
  • Franchise set-up
  • Poster size tarpaulin
  • Equipment

How to Franchise Mr. Liempo

All interested applicants should submit a letter of intent indicating your contact number, email address, vicinity map of your target site, and fully accomplished application form.

Mr. Liempo Franchising Reminders

Franchisee applicants must consider their target site with the minimum space requirement of 2.5Mx3M for renovation or with the standard size of 3M x 4M. The same sizes are applicable if you prefer to get Mr. Liempo franchise stand-alone.

Contact Details


Manila Address: 250 Fastrack, Dona Soledad Extension, Better Living Subdivision, Brgy. Don Bosco, Paranaque City

Cebu Address: AC Cortes Avenue, Alang-Alang Mandaue City, Cebu

Landline Number: (02) 3765326

Mobile Number: 09237351513 | 09062487852 | 09258120046

Aquabest Franchise

Aquabest Franchise
Photo Credit: Aquabest

The leading water refilling franchise in the Philippines uses the highest water treatment system called S.O.U.L. Technology to ensure providing the cleanest and safest drinking water to its customers. Aquabest franchise is also a proud member of the Philippine Franchise Association(PFA).

If you are looking for the best franchise business in the Philippines, it should be the Aquabest franchise since water is necessary for every home and even office. Aquabest franchise strictly follows high-quality methods to provide affordable, refreshing, and the cleanest water to its customers.

Aquabest Franchise Fee

Php100,000 (Then Php500,000 for the machineries)

Aside from the seminar before availing Aquabest franchise, you will receive the following inclusions:

  • Machine installation
  • Use of brand, logo, operating manual
  • Service and logistical support
  • Staff training
  • Delivery vans and renovation (Optional)
  • Water treatment service

How To Franchise Aquabest

Aquabest continuously accepts franchisee applicants who have marketing management experience and devoted to handling a business.

Step 1: To start your Aquabest franchise, fill-up the questionnaire that can be found on their website’s “Contact Us” section.

Step 2: Attend orientation at their main office in Quezon City.

Step 3: Be available on the scheduled site inspection with the Aquabest team

Step 4: Once your proposed location is approved, pay the franchising fee

Aquabest Franchising Reminders

Aquabest franchise requires franchisees to pay Php4,000.00 per month for the advertising fee, including promotional ads to TV, billboards, and other marketing strategies.

When choosing your Aquabest franchise location, it must have at least 28 sqm as the minimum required space with a toilet and stock room.

Contact Details

Address: #883 Quezon Avenue, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Quezon City


Landline Number: (02) 332 2222/3710478



Turks Franchise

Turks Franchise
Photo Credit: Turks

Turks use Pita bread to wrap Turkish minced beef or chicken pita doner together with its signature garlic and cheese sauces.

From shawarmas wrapped in freshly baked pita bread, Turks now offer quesadilla, kebab on rice, doner on rice, steak platters, kebab wrap, hotdog wrap, and Turk’s fries.

Turk’s franchise is the largest and the most reputable shawarma brand in the Philippines today. It boasts of its solid return of investment in a short span of time with strong, aggressive campaigns and a growing customer base.

Turks Philippines’ decision to get Piolo and Inigo Pascual to be their official brand ambassadors in 2017 has impacted the business branding and marketing strategy. In fact, there are now over 500 branches of Turk’s franchise in the Philippines.

Turks Franchise Fee

Php1Million up to Php3.5Million

Turk’s franchise fee range from Php1Million to Php1.4Million. However, it doesn’t include the other investment. If you want to know the overall investment, it will range from Php1.6Million up to Php3.4Million. 

Turks’ franchise fee changes from time to time, so it would be best to contact the franchise owner to get the latest information directly. 

Below are the different packages of Turk’s franchise: 

  1. Food Cart, kiosk, and take-out corner
  2. Food Stall
  3. In-line

How to Franchise Turks

Step 1: Fill up the franchising inquiry form in

Step 2: An Initial Screening Requirements (ISR) will be sent to your email. Make sure to fill it out completely. Include your letter of intent, proposed location and lease offer (if applicable), and bank statement.

Step 3: Attend the Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM).

Step 4: Your application and proposed location will be evaluated.

Step 5: Sign the franchise agreement, settle the franchise fee, and schedule franchise orientation.

Turks Franchising Reminders

To avail of the Turks franchise, applicants should target a site with the following requirements:

  • 4 square meters for food cart
  • 8 to 10 square meters for kiosk
  • 11 t o15 square meters for take-out
  • 15 to 30 square meters for the food stall
  • Minimum of 20 square meters for in-line (full store)

To know the full franchise inclusions and get started in Turk’s franchise, the company highly suggest visiting their website and leave your mobile number on their contact form.

Contact Details


Address: Unit 2807 Jollibee Plaza F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Facebook Page:

Email Address:

Landline Number: 9909992 |6340586

Mobile Number: 091788169999

Bayad Center Franchise

bayad center franchise
Photo Credit: DFA Twitter Account

Bayad Center boasts itself as the country’s pioneer in the Outsourced Payment Collection Industry. It is known to provide a dependable bill collection solution offering the public a convenient bill payment service.

Filipinos can now pay for their utilities, government service, cable TV, Internet, electronic wallet, credit card, financial services, insurance, memorial park, and charities. Add to that, Bayad Center also offers remittance and e-loading services.

It has created business opportunities for Filipinos who want to have their own Bayad Center franchise.

Bayad Center Franchise Fee


The Bayad Center franchise fee is for the term of five (5) years plus the
12% value-added tax. This covers training, constant feedback, and marketing activities from Head Office.

The minimum cash bond is around Php600,000. Other costs are site renovation costs (Php150,000) and equipment (around Php120,000).

The return of investment is projected to be two (2) years.

How to Franchise Bayad Center

Send your franchise inquiry to or call (02) 672-5700.

Bayad Center Franchising Reminders

Franchisees can get P5.00 to P7.50 for every payment transaction. Other types of transactions have different fixed commission amount.

Having a Bayad Center can attract more customers if you already have an existing business in the same establishment. This is especially useful for retail businesses.

Contact Details


Address: G/F, Business Solutions Center, Meralco Complex, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

Facebook Page:

Email Address:

Landline Number: (02) 672-5700 loc. 5040

Mobile Number: 0917-8363000 | 0920-9663000

Farron Cafe Franchise

farron cafe franchise
Photo Credit: Farron Cafe

Farron Cafe is considered a cafe business born out of love between Farwa and Hombre. Both of them have a strong passion for coffee beverages. They believed that good coffee and frappes should be enjoyed by Filipinos regardless of social status. Thus, they have started their business with affordable coffee drinks.

From a capital of Php100,000, the couple has grown their cafe into more than 200 kiosks nationwide.

Farron Cafe Franchise Fee

Barangay Cart: Php168,000

School Cart: Php299,000

Cart: Php499,000

Outdoor Shop: Php599,000

Kiosk: Php888,000

Full Cafe: Php899,000 + Construction Fees

The franchise fee includes:

  • Initial supply and equipment
  • Site selection assistance
  • Licensed to use the trademark and logo
  • Local store marketing and soft-opening assistance
  • Training on coffee preparations, business operations, and customer service
  • Continuous mentoring

How to Franchise Farron Cafe

Step 1: Fill up the online application form.

Step 2: You will receive an email and get a scheduled meeting.

Step 3: Pay the franchise fee.

Step 4: Sign the Farron Cafe Franchise Agreement.

Step 5: Get approval for your location.

Step 6: Pay the remaining balance.

Step 7: Attend the Barrista Orientation and Training.

Farron Cafe Franchising Reminders

If you choose to franchise a full cafe, you need to have a minimum of 10sqm. This package includes Frosty Frappe, Hot Drinks, Over Ice, Milk Tea, and Yogurt.

The kiosk offers Frosty Frappe, Hot Drinks, Over Ice. The cart only has Frosty Frappe products.

Contact Details

Address: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1103




Landline: 8294 0295

Facebook Page:

Noodle House Franchise

noodle house franchise
Photo Credit: Noodle House

Filipinos craving for Hong Kong stir-fried noodles usually look for the Noodle House food cart. Noodle House offers scrumptious stir-fried noodles with pork, beef, wanton siomai, and shark fin toppings. Beef teriyaki and beef balls are also available.

Noodle House Franchise Fee


The Gold package includes:

  • A refundable cash bond of Php40,000
  • License to use the trade name and logo
  • Use the business system
  • Equipment and utensils
  • Six staff uniforms
  • Marketing collateral such as banners and tarpaulins
  • Comprehensive personnel training
  • 4-day on-site crew training
  • The assistance of the monitoring officer
  • Operations manual
  • Free food tasting product worth Php1,000
  • Notarized franchise contract

How to Franchise Noodle House

Send your franchising inquiry to or fill up the inquiry online form.

Noodle House Franchising Reminders

If you are having a hard time looking for your franchise’s perfect spot, JCFranchising will help you through their site assistance.

There is no renewal or royalty fee, unlike more costly franchising businesses.

Contact Details


Address: 1196 Batangas Street, San Isidro, Makati City

Telephone: +632-889 4773 to 76

Other Franchise Business Opportunities

PCSO Lotto Franchise

PCSO Lotto Franchise
Photo Credit: PCSO

Franchise Fee: None

There is no need to pay any franchise fee if you want to have your own lotto outlet. You simply have to pay Php10,000 as installation fee and
Php1,700 as a processing fee. The fees you have paid will include the bet slips and the thermal rolls.

The cash bond for a PCSO lotto outlet is Php500,000, but you do not have to pay it in full. You can just pay a surety bond worth Php5,795.37 annually.

You can earn a 5% commission per sale but take note that you must reach a quota. If you are in Metro Manila, your quota should be Php300,000 to Php600,00 a month.

Contact Details

Contact Details: The email and contact numbers will depend on your area. You can find the complete list here:

Mister Donut Franchise

Mister Donut Franchise
Photo Credit: Mister Donut Philippines

Franchise Fee: Php100,000 good for three years.

The total amount of initial investment will depend on the package or food cart size you are getting.

If you choose the Take-Out Shop, you will get a showcase, signage, POS, LCD menu board, back bar, cabinets, lifestyle mural, and other design elements. For Dine-In Shop, the glass decal, refrigerator, oven, crackpot, table, and chairs will be included.

Contact Details

Website: (currently under maintenance)

Facebook Page:


Rice in a Box Franchise

rice in a box franchise
Photo Credit: Rice in a Box

Franchise Fee: All in package starts at Php350,000

This franchise caters to Filipinos who are always on the go but still craves the satisfying fullness only rice can give. Serve mouthwatering menu including beef & mushroom, seafood bagoong, chicken barbeque, chicken teriyaki, and siomai.

You will get a constructed cart/store, a chest type freezer, a rice cooker, two units of the griddle with stove, three sets of staff uniform, one week of training for three staff and you, and other cooking utensils. Unlike the other food cards and franchises, there will be no royalty fees. It requires small space of at least 4sqm.

Contact Details



Telephone Number: (02) 8367 – 3097 | (02) 8367 – 3098




Kerrimo franchise
Photo Credit: Kerrimo Philippines

Franchise Fee: Ranges from Php250,000 to Php350,000

To successfully get a franchise, you have to secure the following:

  • Approval for location
  • Letter of Intent
  • Updated resume
  • Franchise Fee
  • Duly filled up Franchisee Evaluation form.

There will be no royalty fee, and your franchising fee can be paid in four parts. The first payment is on the face-to-face meeting, the second is upon signing the contract, the third is on one week before the opening, and the fourth is on the opening day of the store.

Contact Details



Facebook Page:


Address: Bahayang Pilipino Village, City Park Subdivision, Sabang, Lipa City

Landline: 043-7740570

Mobile Number: 0917- 8233310

How to Finance a Franchise with No Money?

We know that each business venture needs money to start rolling. You may have some savings now, but it is not yet enough.

What if the franchising business you have always wanted suddenly gave a better deal for a short period of time? Perhaps there is a “50% off promo” on the franchising fee. Maybe the franchisor is throwing more inclusions in the franchise package.

Will you be able to pass up the good opportunity? Of course not.

Time is gold when it comes to business and investing. Fortunately, there are five ways to fund your dream franchise venture.

Banks Loans

Banks are known for their strict requirements. The list can go on, including collaterals and co-maker. Add to that, the more the requirements you have to submit, the longer it will take for the bank to verify your documents.

The process alone takes a few days. If you get your loan approved, it will take a few more days before you can get your cash. Not to mention that you also have to take a leave from work since banks require personal submission of documents and forms.

Family and Friends

As Filipinos, we are used to borrowing cash from family, friends, and neighbors. The process is quick and smooth depending on how close you are to the person. Usually, there is no need to pay interest. However, you are putting your relationship at risk.

You can only get short-term loans from the people you personally know. This is because the money they let you borrow is already intended for something important in the future.

Imagine borrowing the tuition money from a friend, but you have to pay it before the enrolment.

Missing the payment means you break a precious relationship. Not to mention that the lender (who used to be close with you) can go to your other friends and tell them your bad paying habits.


Over the years, we have grown familiar with “sangla“. We are also familiar with the risk of losing our valuables if we fail; to pay the loan on time.

It gets worse too. The money you can borrow is limited by the amount you are pawning.


Crowdsourcing is an effective way to fund your franchising business. You might set up your crowdfunding page or look towards specific organizations.

But here’s the deal: crowdfunding has the least assurance of success. It also takes too much time.

If you are looking forward to paying the franchising fee and run the business immediately, you will need a faster option.

And that is getting an online cash loan from a direct lender.

Online Personal Loan

How to apply for a loan for your franchise business?

Getting a personal loan from an SEC-registered lending company will help you get the additional cash you need to start your franchise.

You can apply for a personal loan online and get the cash straight to your bank account in just one day.

There are too many lending companies with online apps, but you need to scrutinize each. If you get a loan from a registered lender and build a good borrowing reputation, this direct lender will be willing to give you better loan deals in the future.

And it gets better!

Registered online lenders usually do not require any collateral or a co-maker. This makes the loan process faster. You will get your cash when you need it the most.

Best Tips Be a Successful Franchisee?

We get it that the first thing you need is to have the funds to support your new venture. But funds are not the only factor to success. You should also have the right attitude to handle customer relationships and their complaints.

To be a successful franchisee, you need to obtain the following attributes:

  • If the franchisor requires you to pay the royalty fee per annum, it’s better to pay on time rather than lose the right to operate the business you just obtained.
  • Be a problem solver. We know that the franchise business offers marketing and any other support they can provide. Still, it takes someone to be a problem solver to withstand the franchising business competition.
  • Be passionate and results-driven. No matter how much you have paid for the franchise business, if you don’t spend time to check on your employees, it will never be a passive income for you. You have to be passionate about running a business and set up measurable goals.

Tired of just being an employee?

What if you want a business, but you lack ideas?

You can now be the boss with your business franchise.

There is no magic button when it comes to running your business. The franchisor may have a great business process, but it will still depend on how much effort you will pour to make sure it thrives and grow.