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A Commuter’s Guide to BGC Bus Route

Bonifacio Global City is a continuously growing lifestyle and business hub in Metro Manila. Due to BGC’s public transport system, it is now easier for travelers to go to and around the district. 

First time in BGC?

You might get confused roaming around the community. So, the first thing you’ll need to know and be familiar with are the BGC bus routes. 

BGC’s Buses aren’t just comfortable to ride – they’re reliable as well… 

Here are a few routes that you should know to help you navigate around the district easily.

Table of Contents

Ways to Get to the BGC Bus Terminal

BGC Bus Routes

BGC Bus Fare: Beep Card

A Commuter’s Guide to BGC Bus Route

Ways to Get to the BGC Bus Terminal

The BGC Bus Terminal is the station for most buses that roam around BGC. If you stay outside of BGC, you need to know how to go to the BGC Bus Terminal first. 

There are three modes of transportation. You can ride a jeepney, bus or MRT. Here are the directions you can follow to go to the BGC Bus Terminal. 


1. Get off at Ayala Station.

2. Go to the East Exit or right side.

3. You can see a pedestrian lane. It is right across the Shell Gas station.


BGC Bus Route

1. North Bound Bus in EDSA: Board on either a B or C bus that is bound to MIA and Baclaran. Get off at Ayala Avenue. Cross EDSA and take note of the Shell Gas Station as your landmark. 

2. South Bound Bus in EDSA: Ride an A or C bus that is bound to Cubao, Ortigas, or Fairview, then get off at Ayala Avenue bus stops. Your landmark is the Shell Gas Station. 


Take a Washington-Ayala jeep. These jeeps usually pass through McKinley Road that will bring you to the BGC Bus Terminal. But if not, get off at the last stop at the intersection of EDSA and McKinley Road. You may cross through the pedestrian overpass. Some jeepneys though, cross EDSA so going through the pedestrian might not be necessary.

BGC Bus Routes

There are ten routes for buses at BGC. They are further divided into other routes which are the regular BGC bus routes, express routes, BGC bus routes during rush hours, and evening BGC bus routes. (Image source:

traveling with BGC Bus Route

East Express Routes

This is a point-to-point route from EDSA Ayala bus station to the Market! Market! Mall. This is the fastest way to go to the two points because it does not go to stopovers. 

These also operate on weekends. If you are going from Alabang to Market! Market! during rush hour, you can take a point-to-point bus from the Alabang Town Center.

Buses at the East Express routes stop at the EDSA Ayala and Market! Market! It operates from Monday to Sunday from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM. The fare starts from PHP 13

North Express Routes

Buses at this route stop at Arya Residences, BGC Turf, and BGC Arts Center. If you are heading to those areas, you can take the North Express bus route.

The BGC bus stops at the North Express route are ESDA Ayala, Arya Residences, Nutriasia, HSBC, BGC Turf, The Globe Tower, and BGC Arts Center.

Buses in this route operate from Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM. The fare is about PHP 13

Lower West Express Routes

The Lower West Express Routes passes the McKinley Road. It has three stopovers from EDSA Ayala. They are RCBC, Picadilly Star, and Fort Victoria.   

The bus stops at EDSA Ayala, McKinley Parkway, RCBC, Net One, and Fort Victoria. The BGC bus time schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 6 AM to 10 PM. It has a fare of PHP 13

Upper West Express Routes

The Upper West Express Routes is the fastest way for you to go to the Bonifacio Stopover and Crescent Park West. 

This takes you to the upper west side of Buendia Avenue to and from Kalayaan Flyover. The bus stops at EDSA Ayala, Bonifacio Stopover, and Crescent Park West. Once you spot the JP Morgan Chase and Co. building, that means that you are about to enter the area of BGC.

Buses operate from Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM. The transportation fare is PHP 13

Central Routes

The Central Routes is the only BGC bus route that takes passengers to eight stopovers. They are the One Parkade, RCBC, Net One, Bonifacio Stopover, Crescent West Park, The Globe Tower, Nutriasia, and the University Parkway. 

It does not stop at the HSBC anymore. So if you want to go to that area, you should get off at the Globe Tower. 

Buses on this route operate from Monday to Friday, from 6 AM to 10 PM, with a fare of PHP 13.

Night Routes

If you are a night shift employee or someone who wants to know how to commute going to BGC at night, you can take the BGC night route buses. 

It is the longest BGC bus route that has more stopovers that start at EDSA Ayala bus terminal. Buses on this route pick passengers every thirty minutes. 

Here are the lists of stopovers if you take night route buses: 

  • EDSA Ayala
  • McKinley Parkway
  • RCBC
  • Net One
  • Bonifacio Stopover
  • Crescent Park West
  • The Globe Tower
  • One Parkade
  • University Parkway
  • Market! Market!
  • RCBC
  • Fort Victoria

They no longer stop at HSBC, so if you are heading to that area, you can tell the driver to get you off at the Globe Tower bus stop. Buses on this route operate from Monday to Friday, from 10 PM to 6 AM. The bus fare is PHP 13

Weekend Route

This Route serves passengers on Saturdays and Sundays. The BGC bus stops are the same as the Night routes. It starts from 6 AM to 10 PM. The bus fare is also at PHP 13

Arca South Express Route

If you are coming from the Arca South, the most convenient way for you to go to the central business district of Taguig is to take the Arca South Express Route.

Arca South BGC bus stop is at Market! Market!, Nutriasia, RCBC, Net One, Bonifacio Stopover, Crescent Park West, HSBC, The Globe Tower, and One Parkade.

Buses from the Arca South Express Route operate from Monday to Friday. They start from 6:10 AM to 8:40 AM and 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. The bus fare is PHP 25.

Nuvali Express Route

The Nuvali Express BGC Bus Route sends passengers to and from Nuvali in Laguna to BGC. The bus operation is limited as of now. 

The buses at this route stop at Nuvali and Market! Market!. They operate from Monday to Friday. The operation hour from Nuvali to BGC is at 6:30 AM. The PM trip from BGC to Nuvali is at 6:30 PM for its first trip and 7:15 PM for its second trip.

The bus fare is PHP 90 and PHP 72 for PWD and senior citizens

Ayala Express Route

The Ayala Express Route serves passengers from the central business district of Makati. The BGC bus schedule is from Monday to Friday, and its operation hour is from 6 AM to 10 PM. 

Buses at the Ayala Express Route stops at EDSA Ayala, Ritz Tower, Makati Stock Exchange (MSE), PBCom, RCBC Plaza, The Columns, City Gate, Security Bank, SGV Building, and Glorietta 5. 

The bus fare is PHP 13

BGC Bus Fare: Beep Card

Aside from reliable and convenient public transport, you can use a BGC Bus Beep Card in paying for your fare.

BGC Bus Fare: Beep Card

You can also choose another option for your transportation fare and that is by paying through cash.  

Using the Beep Card is convenient. Just like the MRT, all you need to do is to tap your card at the card reader near the driver and your bus fare is paid. But you need to make sure that you load up your card before doing any transactions to avoid any inconvenience. 

You can buy your Beep card or have it loaded at the BGC bus Terminals at EDSA Ayala and Market! Market!, any stations at LRT and MRT, Bayad Center Outlets, SM Department Store, Hypermarket, and Savemore. 

BGC does have a mobile app and is available on iOS and Android.

You can view bus routes, locate parking spaces, locate places you want to go (i.e. restaurants), and even with the real-time traffic update through the mobile app of BGC Bus Route.

Final Words

Bonifacio Global City or BGC is one of the most attractive places in Metro Manila. A place where lots of activities will excite every visitors coming to the place.

Thrilled to come and visit? You may find it overwhelming if it’s your first-time to visit the place. But by learning how to commute to BGC by the bus routes using this commuter’s guide, it will make your travel more easy.

Explore BGC all you want and make it more fun and handy with the digital navigation using the BGC Bus Route mobile app!

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