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5 Amazing Things You Can Do Using Your Beep Card

One small plastic card is packed with benefits to adding ease to your lifestyle.
Since its introduction on October 3, 2015, three million beep™ cards have been sold. AF Payments shared that that six out of 10 Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT) riders use the beep™ card.
The main purpose of the card was to give you less time standing in a queue to buy train tickets. The card also gives you the freedom to switch trains using one ticket.
Now, it can take you way farther than the stations of the three rail transport lines in the Philippines.

Here 5 additional things your beep™ card can do for you!

  • Pay toll gate fees at Cavitex and NLEX

Gone are the days when only commuters are interested in beep™ cards. Now, drivers and private car owners can take advantage of the contactless cards. All types of beep™ cards have been accepted at Cavitex and NLEX since the last quarter of 2016. This is to lessen the transaction time spent in toll gates.

  • Ride the bus in a tap

You can now pay your bus trips with the beep™ cards. The selected bus lines are HM Transport Airport Loop, Citylink Coach Services, Froehlich, BGC Bus, P2P and RRCG P2P buses. All standard and specialized beep™ cards work in these buses.
Upon entering the bus, look for the beep™ Bus Validator. This is usually located near the driver. Tap your card and wait for the beep™. Make sure not to double tap to avoid getting overcharged. There is no need to tap again when you get down the bus if you are riding for a specific destination such as P2P or BGC buses.
If you are riding a multi-fare or distance-based bus such as Citylink buses, then you need to tap out to ensure that the correct fare was deducted. To identify buses which accept the beep™ card payment, remember to look for the beep™ sticker.

  • Watch a movie at Robinson’s Movieworld

Feeling drained after a week of hard work? Watch a movie at Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Metro East, Manila, Magnolia, and Forum. Yes! You read it right. You can now pay for your cinema tickets with the same card you use to pay your train and bus rides.

  • Get discounts on LRT fares

Get as much as Php 9 discount in your LRT rides with the beep™ card.
Let’s say you tapped in from EDSA then alighted to Blumentrit. Your beep™ card will only be charged Php21 whereas you have to pay Php30 for a Single Journey Ticket for the same trip. If you make 10 rides a week, then you can save Php90.
Take note that the discounted rates are only for LRT rides.

  • Purchase items at FamilyMart and Circle K

Yes! You can now reload and buy food or other items in selected convenience stores with your beep™ card. You don’t have to turn your bag inside out just to look for loose change, you can just tap the card on a scanner. You’ll see your balance and have an idea on how much you can spend with it.
What can you buy in FamilyMart and Circle K with your beep™ card? You can buy rice meals, desserts, snacks and anything else as long as the beep™ wallet has sufficient balance of course.
If you are a type of person who is uncomfortable wielding out your wallet in public, and you do not want to take out your credit card either, then the beep™ card will solve this problem. It gives you the privacy of your money on hand. Also, it gives you the ability to carry more money without attracting thieves and hold-uppers.
How will you know if the branch accepts the beep™ card payments? You will easily see the beep™ card sticker on the glass door. You will also immediately see the card reader at the front of the cashier.
How about the Senior citizens and PWD discounts on beep™ card?
Senior Citizens and Persons with Disability (PWD) can have their own specialized beep™ Concessionary Cards to get their 20% discount.
Students can also get a discount, however, it will not be applicable for MRT and LRT lines yet. Why? Because only the transportations under LTFRB are mandated to give the fare discounts for students and the three railway transit lines are under Light Rail Transit Authority.
You can get the beep™ Discount Cards at these locations:

  • BGC Bus: EDSA McKinley and Market! Market! terminals
  • Citylink: San Lorenzo Place, Upper McKinley, Eastwood, and Newport P2P terminals
  • RRCG : South Park Alabang, ATC, Greenbelt 1, StarMall Alabang, and StarMall Shaw
  • Froehlich : Glorietta 5 and Trinoma P2P terminals

The application only takes a couple of minutes and you just need to present your valid IDs. The verification, on the other hand, may take a week.
Beep™ Cards has more to offer. It can give you more flexibility in your transportation, shopping, and entertainment. If you live or work in Metro Manila, it can bring a huge impact on your daily commute. If you have a transportation budget, this card can help you to stick with it.
What’s the catch?
Of course, everything has its two sides of the coin.
You can load your card as much as Php 10,000. Use it as a card wallet to pay for transportation fares, movie tickets, and snacks in a convenience store.
However, you have to take care of it. Once you lose the card, the amount it has can’t be refunded. Load it up at your own risk.
Are you a beep™ card user? Tell us your experience in the comment box below!

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