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2019 Guide to Balik Manggagawa (OEC) Online Application For OFW

Balik Manggagawa Online Application (OEC) Updated on May 2023

Obtaining an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) in Balik Manggagawa can be frustrating for many overseas workers.

They have to get their OEC instead of spending time with their families.

But they have no choice…

OEC Balik Manggagawa is an exit clearance here in the Philippines.

Securing an OEC can take a whole day due to the long lines.

If you are an OFW, you would love spending your vacation on a beach, staycation, or on the road with your loved ones. You rarely go home. So, you deserve to enjoy every moment.

Unfortunately, your time as an OFW is too limited. OFWs who look forward to spending time with loved ones end up wasting a day to get an OEC.

Many OFWs process Balik Manggagawa OEC online applications during the holiday season. This gets worse during peak seasons like the December holidays and school graduations.

Good News!

Save time and avoid long queues.

You can get your OEC using the OFW Balik Manggagawa Processing System or BM Online.

What Is POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online Appointment?

BM Online is an online system developed by the POEA. In addition, OFWs can use BM Online Balik Manggagawa anytime and anywhere.

Balik Manggagawa is a necessity for OFWs ON LEAVE and RE-HIRES.

OFWs ON LEAVE are those on vacation with an existing contract and need to return to their employer.

RE-HIRES are those that have finished their contract. But they can go back to their employer with renewed contracts.

2019 Guide to Balik Manggagawa (OEC) Online Application For OFW


How Can I Sign Up For OEC Balik Manggagawa Online

Follow these steps if this is your first time getting an OEC Online.

Step 1. For first-time users of the system, you must go through an OEC online registration using a valid email address.

Step 2. After registering, fill up any necessary details on the NEW USER.

Step 3. Click the SIGN ME UP button on the website.

Step 4. Open your email account because the Balik Manggagawa BM Online website sent a verification link. Also, you must click on the link to verify your Balik Manggagawa account.

Meanwhile, recurring users need to sign up on the ALREADY REGISTERED part of the website. Then, enter your email address and password. Afterwards, click OEC Balik Manggagawa LOG IN.

Securing a Balik Manggagawa Online Appointment

An OEC Number Verification pop-up will appear after you log into the system.

But what’s next?

Here’s a guide on how to apply for OEC Balik Manggagawa online. 

You must provide your last OEC number.

Also, you must get an appointment if you cannot provide the last issued OEC number or have a record in the system.

The BM Online website will direct you to the Appointment Page of OEC.

On this page, you can pick the preferred schedule and POEA office.

If you already have a record and will be returning to the same employer and job site, click on the YES button.

But if you have changed employers or job sites, click the NO button to set an appointment.

How to Update Your BM Online Profile Page

After verifying if you have a record, you must ensure your profile is up to date.

Update your profile photo, Personal Data, Contract Details, and Beneficiaries.

You must put in your flight details within the 60-day OEC validity period. Click on Acquire OEC or Exemption button. The system will assess whether you are eligible for the Balik Manggagawa exemption or not.

Balik Manggagawa Online Exemption

Is the OEC free?

Some can get it for free.

To get a Balik Manggagawa exemption, you need to have three things.

First, you need to have a valid visa or work permit.

Second, you must be returning to the same employer and job site.

Lastly, one must have a record on the POEA website, meaning you already have an old OEC.

Balik Manggagawa Online Payment

If you are not exempted from the fee, you need to pay PHP 119.50.

This includes a processing fee of PHP 100 plus an e-payment service fee of PHP 19.50. You can pay using 4 methods:

  • Over-the-Counter bank payments
  • Over-the-Counter non-bank such as Bayad Center or 7-Eleven
  • Online Banking like BDO or BPI bank transfers, China Bank Online or Metrobank Direct
  • Mobile Payments via Gcash

How to Print Your OEC

If you are exempted, an OEC exemption confirmation pop-up will appear.

This comes after clicking ACQUIRE OEC OR EXEMPTION. It provides the BM Exemption number and instructions on pre-departure at the airport.

In addition, this will be printed and shown at the immigration before leaving the country.

If you are not eligible for the exemption, click PRINT INFO SHEET. This is done after getting an appointment and paying the OEC fee.

This will print your OFW Balik Manggagawa Information Sheet. You will need to bring this to the airport on your departure.

The BM Online System is a convenient tool to save time and maximize the moments spent with your family. If there are any questions or concerns, you can contact the POEA through email. The email address is and Also, you can call them via 721-0785, 721-9496, and 727-777

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