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10 Smart Ways Loans Can Boost Your Small Business Venture

Boost Your Small Business Venture Updated on May 2023

Whether you own a startup or a thriving small business, a loan comes in handy in various ways.

Every business needs a loan to boost its sales, as well as expand and grow. It is your ally to keep you on track and even get ahead of the competition. However, knowing the specific reason(s) when getting extra funds is vital.

Ways Loans Can Boost Your Small Business Venture

Here are 10 best ways to use a small business loan.

As an entrepreneur, a loan can be the secret to boost your small business strategy.

Additional Supplies in Inventory

Some businesses experience surging demands during certain seasons.

Let’s say you own a flower shop. You have a steady income and cash outflow until Valentine’s Day when you receive a high volume of orders. You just can’t let go of the seasonal opportunity.

Since you need to buy more flowers and other supplies than usual, you might need a loan to take this on.

More Working Capital

While running a business requires creativity, it will not survive without working capital. This is used to spend on daily operations.

However, there may be instances when your fund is insufficient to help your business stay afloat. Add to that the pressure of maintaining your products and services’ top quality. You do not want to lose your loyal customers and clients, do you?

You can apply for a business loan to keep your venture running. Also, it can boost your small business. 

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Expanding Your Reach

Having a small business does not mean you will always keep it small. Of course, most entrepreneurs dream of making it big or branching out to other locations. How would you expand without enough funds? 

A steady cash inflow and a positive return on investment indicate that you are now ready to expand your business. If your savings is not enough, but the timing is hard to pass up, a loan can help you take care of it.

Purchasing Equipment

There are a couple of ways to get the equipment you will need for your small business. You can acquire it through a credit card installment program or purchase it outright from the supplier.

Purchasing with a credit card holds a lot of financial risks. That’s because banks can impose outstanding additional interests if you fail to repay on your due date.

If you have some savings, you can just use a loan to add to your funds and purchase your equipment straight from the supplier. That way, you turn your additional equipment into a business asset instead of a liability.

Building Up Your Credit Score

Moneylenders and banks give perks to their loyal consumers. If you keep your loyalty to a registered financial institution, expect a couple of perks. This can include getting loans with less requirement, faster processes, and better customer experience.

In relation to this, keeping a licensed moneylender as your constant financial partner allows you easy and convenient access to additional funds in times of need. If you are always on time when paying your loans, this can also help you build up your credit score.

Putting Up a Website

Every small business owner needs to invest in marketing. You need to ensure your target clients know that you exist and offer the best in your field.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand your reach, you must understand the importance of online marketing.

According to Forbes, 46% of consumers would check the internet about a store before purchasing in person. If you are not present online, then you are missing out.

You can use a small business loan to buy a domain, get website premium themes on WordPress, and hire a website development team. 

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Old School Advertising for a Small Business

While a website is a vital marketing tool, do not forget that you can still do other advertising practices.

Are there business conferences nearby? Put up a booth. Meet people and introduce your brand. Wear shirts and give away freebies with your company logo. Print out business cards and fliers to give out on every available occasion.

While these marketing tools seem quite simple, you might need a loan to fund them. An effective marketing strategy is a good business investment, after all.

Good Business Opportunity

Imagine this scenario: You were given a chance to acquire a PHP 100,000 contract. However, this would require you to buy PHP 30,000 worth of supplies and equipment and pay additional help at PHP 5,000.

Would you consider applying for a loan with 10% interest?

A lot of business opportunities may come only once. You need to weigh in if its potential benefits can compensate for the risks involved.

The opportunities that are hard to pass up could be buying a bulk inventory for a lower price, finding secondhand equipment you need for your business, or scouting another good location for business expansion. However, these chances could be for a limited time only. If you do not have enough funds, but the opportunity can greatly help your business, it is better to get a loan.

Going back to our example earlier: You will be spending a total of PHP 38,500 and earning PHP 61,500 in exchange.

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Hire More Staff

So your business is booming, there is higher demand, and you luckily have enough supplies. However, the more your business grows, the more hands are needed on deck to help you keep up with the sales.

In addition, you will need funds to train your newly hired staff. A business expansion could also mean you need a bookkeeper and a marketing team.

Why hire more if you already have staff? That’s because employees who handle too many responsibilities are a recipe for disaster. When they are spread too thin, they are prone to making mistakes, which might cause serious consequences to your business.

Get fresh talent rather than risk what you have built up.

Covering Unexpected Expenses

Businesses, no matter the size, can have unforeseen costs. You might have discovered a major leak problem. You need to suddenly purchase more tools or complete your expansion paperwork. Short–term loans can help you cover these expenses.

Isn’t it reassuring to get your hands on available funds without going through an ordeal? You do not have to lose a lot of opportunities just because you lack some cash. Loans can be your business’s lifesaver in times of need. 

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