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10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

Marketing a small business is not easy if you have limited funds.

Every entrepreneur has the vision to make his or her small business a thriving enterprise—something that will last for decades. However, this will not be possible without bright marketing ideas.

If you have a tight budget, then read on to find out how to market your business without spending your money down to the last cent.

1. Always Bring Your Business Cards

Always bring a couple of business cards wherever you go. The opportunity to meet potential clients comes unexpectedly, and giving them your business card is a great chance to introduce your business formally.

Let them know who you are, how you can help them with your products, and where they can find you. You may not have enough time to discuss your products and services, but you can offer consultations in your free time.

Another advantage of a business card is to create a feeling of professionalism.

Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business


2. Attend Business Gatherings and Events

Find free events in your community and nearby locations. Take advantage of Facebook and search for organizations and groups with the same niche or interest as your company. You can even join networking events, activity clubs, and other public gatherings which interest you.

Doing so will give you the chance to meet various people and share about what you do. This marketing idea lets you personally connect with them and have an idea of what they expect from your products.

Volunteer at charity events if you do not have much funds. This way, people can see that you care.

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3. Give Free Demos, Samplers, and Consultations

Who wouldn’t like freebies?

Offer to give your potential clients a schedule for a free meetup to discuss your products. This makes them feel important, and your effort can be a memorable one for them.

In this generation, customers are more loyal to the companies with the best customer service. They would gladly purchase items if they could get the value of their money’s worth.

4. Claim Your Online Presence

Make sure your business is listed on Google Maps, Yahoo Local, or Bing Local. This will help assure people that you actually exist.

Most people now search online to validate if you are a legitimate company. By seeing that you have an actual office, they will feel more confident to make a transaction with you.

5. Put Up a Website as Your Marketing Idea

You can start with a free WordPress site and then make sure that it will rank using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A website is a powerful tool to let your target clients know you have the product or service they have been looking for.

6. Create Social Media Pages

Not much into social media? Then you are missing out on the myriad of possible marketing strategies which are also budget-friendly.

Create pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Use catchy sentences, photos, and hashtags to make people curious about your company. Share related blog links to make them know that you are always up-to-date in your chosen field.

social media pages for marketing idea


7. Create Customer  Referral Program

Satisfied clients are willing to share their experiences with their family, friends, and colleagues. Think of it as a free marketing idea.

Fortunately, you can also drive them to promote your business through referral programs actively. Give discounts and freebies, or let them join a simple raffle promo. 

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8. Leave Comments on Relevant Blogs

Leaving comments on relevant blogs gives your business an additional online boost.

Just make sure that you write sensible comments. That way, people will think that you are well versed in your industry. Give an idea that you are an expert, and they can reach you when they need more information.

9. Wear Your Brand is the Best Marketing Idea

Look for printing businesses that offer low prices for bulk orders. Print your business name on your shirts, caps, and ID laces, and then have your staff wear them.

If you have events, you can use printed apparel, mugs, fans, and even towels to give away as freebies to your clients.

10. Ask Help from Your Inner Circle

Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to like, follow, and share your social media pages. Also, you can give them product samples and ask them to give their feedback online.

You already have a small circle of people around you. Also, you can start marketing to them, and they can also refer you to their own circle.

You may have spent most of your money to start up your small business from scratch, but remember that you must be out there to reach out to your potential customers and turn them into loyal clients.

As an entrepreneur, having low funds must not stop you from advertising your small business. All you need to do is be resourceful and think out of the box. You will be surprised at how much you can do.

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