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10 Small Business Ideas You Can Easily Start with P100,000 or Less

“Be my own boss.” Man, that would be awesome. To set my own hours, not be under the mercy of an employer, and of course, the promise of big bucks. But that’s a shallow way at looking at it, I know. To be your own boss requires a lot, ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most difficult undertakings they have ever taken. But they will also tell you that it’s one of the most rewarding thing ever. To build and run something that you’re passionate about is both scary and fulfilling at the same time. That’s the thing about running a business. To those who took the leap, hats off to you. You’re doing one heck of a job. And to those who are yet to find that “one thing” you see yourself doing, we hope this massive list of small business ideas give you the boost to get the ball rolling:

1. Wi-Fi Hotspot Services

wifi hotspot services 2. Vending Machines vending machines

3. Street Foods

street foods

4. Freelance Business

freelance business

5. Smart Home Automation & Home Security Systems Installation Services

smart home automation

6. 3D Printing Services

3d printing

7. Photography & Videography Business

photography and videography business

8. Junk Shop

junk shop

9. Farming


10. Entertainment Booths

entertainment booths About the Author: Amiel Pineda is a business and finance columnist at Grit PH – where he also co-authored this in-depth guide on how to get a credit card in the Philippines.