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What are The Pros and Cons of Carpools in Manila?

Tired of the everyday commute in Metro Manila?

Well, I am.

I am a commuter who frequently fights for breathing space in MRT daily. Looking down, a “seasoned” MRT passenger will recognize the familiar bumper-to-bumper traffic below. Despite various proposed solutions, the traffic dilemma does not seem to get better anytime soon.

Manila ranked as the 6th most terrible traffic in the world according to Numbeo’s Traffic Index 2017. This is the list we never want to top.

It is no wonder that carpooling apps appeal to a lot of commuters. It helps ease traffic congestion by encouraging people to share their rides with those with the same work route.

While this may be the answer to our traffic dilemma, you must know that it has two sides. Here are the good and not-so-good things about carpools in Manila.

What are The Pros and Cons of Carpools in Manila?

Benefits of Carpools in Manila

Carpooling app helps Manila commuters in more than ways you can imagine. 

Cheaper when you share

Uber and Grab offer the comforts of traveling in a private vehicle and the chance to escape the busy road of EDSA. It may be a bit more expensive, but many people like it because of the time they can save. They also have a carpooling service.

Meanwhile, Wunder is an app that is dedicated only to carpooling. It is a bit different since it is only a platform for drivers and passengers to meet and create a “carpooling community.” Also, it isn’t meant to give a side job to the driver. It just wants people to save because you can share the gas expenses.

Carpool Ph lets you save time and money. You can take other favorable routes at work. But, at the same time, you can share the fee with another person. Sometimes, you save around 25% of the usual ride alone with these apps.

Every day (except Friday), my regularly booked ride from Taguig to Market Market is Php 110. If I use the service carpools in Manila, I usually pay Php 80. You can save more using the apps’ promo codes and points.

Meeting New People

Ever seen the video ads of these carpooling apps? These videos suggest that you can also meet different kinds of people.

There are times when I chat with the driver during the ride. Do not be surprised if your driver is an accountant, an aspiring lawyer, or a nurse. Most of the time, they have interesting things to share if you are into small talk.

Also, you can take a carpool with the same people, just like the way Wunder loves to advertise on its FB page.

Seat and air-conditioned car rides

If you have been commuting in Metro Manila, your experience will not be complete without getting drenched in sweat from yourself and the passengers beside you.

Public transport is very inconvenient, especially during rainy days. MRT trains are always stuffed with people pushing each other for a little space to breathe. In addition, people are always anxious about the possibility of a train breakdown.

You can get a comfy ride in a private car with Uber, Grab, and Wunder. You’ll let out a sigh of relief.

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Downsides of Carpools in Manila

Despite the benefits of the carpool app Philippines, there are still disadvantages that come along with it. 

Travel time is unpredictable.

Since you are carpooling, you have to expect that you are sharing a ride with someone else. If you are the first person to be picked up, there will be a few-minute detour to fetch the other rider. Then there is also the chance that the other rider can be dropped off first, depending on the drop-off location along the route. The driver has to follow the sequence of pick up and drop off as suggested by the app.

Also, once you have searched for a ride, you will have no assurance that you can immediately get a driver.

Stranger Anxiety

Not everyone is comfortable sharing a ride with a stranger who may be stressed or in a rush at that time. You may also have to ride with a person drenched in the rain with a weird body odor or mannerisms.

The ride may make you uncomfortable. Then if you want to ignore the other rider, you may listen to music or make yourself busy with your smartphone. Keep cool, and remember you share the ride as the conveniences outweigh the discomforts.

Prices are not the same.

Uber and Grab may have price surges if the demand for a ride increases. This usually happens on Friday nights and Monday mornings. These are the days when many commuters want to go home early or get to work on time.

The usual GrabShare costs Php 150 and may go up to around Php 200. If this is the case, then reconsider your ride. Try checking the costs of other apps.


Like so many other things in our daily lives, carpooling has pros and cons. But it can help you ease the traffic jams and get to work on time without looking stressed. Carpooling gives you a relaxed ride which you can enjoy depending on how you take it in.

Keep your patience in check because you may chance another rider who might get on your nerves. If you feel uneasy, focus on the carpooling benefits instead.

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