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Valuable Facts to Consider About China Bank Loans

Quick Facts on China Bank

China Banking Corporation (China Bank) was founded in 1920 to initially cater to Chinese-Filipino businessmen. In 2007, China Bank acquired Manila Bank and soon opened its thrift bank: China Bank Savings, Inc. (CBS). They focus on deposits, consumer loans, and trust services.
Over the years, China Bank has expanded to more than 800 ATMs and 400 branches including CBS branches nationwide. They also continue to create loan products for Filipinos working here and abroad.

Valuable Facts to Consider About China Bank Loans


China Bank Home Loan

China Bank offers home loans to Filipinos of legal age but not older than 65 with regular employment status. Residents of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu must earn at least P50,000 a month. Those living in other areas must at least have a Minimum Gross Monthly Income of P35,000 a month.
The home loan term will depend on the property you want to purchase. If you are buying a house and lot, you can stretch the loan up to 25 years. Loans for vacant lots are only up to 15 years. And home loans for condominiums just takes 10 years.

Facts to Consider:

Employed applicants must have a supervisory or managerial position in a reputable company. As a Bank, China Bank strictly verifies the credit standing of every applicant.
This means that you should have handled your previous loans and credit card bills diligently. Earning a positive credit score takes some time. Once you flunked it, you’ll need more than a year to bring it back to health. Some negative records stay for 10 years.

China Bank Car Loan

China Bank has car loans for Filipinos of legal age. Whether you are employed or self-employed, you can apply for a China Bank Car Loan. You’ll need a Certificate of Employment (for employed individuals), your Statement of Assets and Liabilities and latest ITR (if self-employed), Business Registration Papers, and Community Tax Certificate.
It is best to also consider other costs such as tax, car insurance, and documentary stamps. You can apply for a certain loan amount, but the bank may approve something lower depending on their discretion.

Facts to Consider:

You can stretch the loan term for ChinaBank cars up to 72 months. Make sure to seriously consider the term of the loan. The longer the tenure, the more interest you have to pay off. Also, you will need a good credit standing to have a better car loan deal.

China Bank Credit Card

China Bank credit cards are offered both for Non-Depositors and China Bank Depositors. If you do not have a China Bank account, you must be between 21 to 65 years old. On the other hand, China Bank Depositors up to age 70 can still apply for the credit card.
There are three China Bank Credit Cards: China Bank Prime MasterCard, China Bank Platinum MasterCard, and China Bank World MasterCard.

Facts to Consider:

You can pay the China Bank Credit Card through cash, check, or through CBC Deposit Account debit. If your due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment should be made on the next banking day. Note that you must pay three (3) banking days before the payment due date if you are using a check.
There is no standard installment program, as the minimum amount and term highly depend on the merchant. You must ask the bank about their installment program.

China Bank Savings Personal Loan

China Bank Savings Personal Loan is for the depositors of China Bank Corp. (CBC), China Bank Savings Inc. (CBS) and Planters Development Bank (PDB). The borrower must be at least 21 to 55 years old on the day of loan application.

Facts to Consider:

The minimum required income is P30,000 a month. Other banks require at least P15,000 a month to qualify for a personal loan. This personal loan has a higher interest rate at 32.73% p.a. to 37.24% p.a.
The monthly payment is only through post-dated checks (PDCs). This means that you have to make sure your bank account has enough balance every month. Failure to fund your account will cause the check to bounce, and they will automatically consider your payment as late. Late payments will be penalized with a fee.

China Bank Savings Home Loan

Applicants for this home loan must have a family gross monthly income of at least Php 30,000. You can combine your monthly salary with your spouse’s.
Foreigners can get a home loan, but there are limitations with the types of properties they can buy with the China Bank Savings Home Loan.

Facts to Consider:

You can apply for a loan with a co-borrower. However, only your spouse and relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity can be your co-borrower.

China Bank Savings Auto Loan

Filipinos and foreigners age 21 to 65 years old (upon loan maturity) can apply for a car loan. Expats must provide the proper documents to prove that they are residing in the country for at least two (2) years.
You can borrow from P250,000 up to 80% of the car’s purchase price. You can use this loan to buy a brand new or pre-owned unit, to reimburse your money, or turn it into a secured multi-purpose loan.

Facts to Consider:

The minimum loanable amount is higher than most auto loans. Other commercial universal banks offer car loans with a minimum loan amount of P100,000. If you need to borrow an amount lower than P250,000, consider other car loans. It is best to just borrow the money you need, not what you want. After all, you need to pay the whole amount with interest charge.

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