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Unionbank Credit Cards: Rewards and Features Review

Is it your first time to get a credit card?
Application for a credit card can be overwhelming. Aside from attractive promos and features, you must not forget to check the fees and penalties it comes with.
Let’s take a look are Unionbank credit cards.

Unionbank credit cards

UnionBank Credit Cards for Travel

Enjoy more perks of Unionbank credit cards when you use the following for travel. 

Cebu Pacific GetGo Platinum Credit Card

  • 1 GetGo Point for every P30 spend
  • Automatic Crediting of Points to your GetGo account
  • Early alerts to Cebu Pacific seat sales

Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card

  • 1 GetGo Point for every P30 spend
  • Automatic Crediting of Points to your GetGo account
  • Early alerts to Cebu Pacific seat sales

UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card

  • 5X Points for every P25 spent on Travel-related
  • Convert points to cash or PAL Mabuhay Miles

UnionBank Credit Cards for Cash Back

Earn more while you spend for your needs and leisure with these Unionbank credit cards. 

Platinum MasterCard UnionBank 

  • 5% cash back on all your purchases
  • Free access to the Club Manila Lounge
  • Cash backs never expire
  • No caps on the cash back you earn

UnionBank Gold MasterCard

  • 5% cash back on all your purchases
  • Cash backs never expire
  • No caps on the cash back you earn

UnionBank Credit Cards for Rewards

Maximize the rewards and privileges that come with these Unionbank credit cards.

UnionBank Platinum Visa Card

  • Free travel assistance
  • Free access to Club Manila Lounge
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Visa Platinum Concierge

Card for UnionBank Gold Visa 

  • 1 Point for every P35 spend
  • Shopping gift certificates from SM malls, Ayala malls, and Rustan’s
  • Transfer points to PAL’s Mabuhay Miles Frequent Flyer Program
  • Get SM Movie Passes

UnionBank Classic Visa Card

  • 1 Point for every P35 spend
  • Shopping gift certificates from SM malls, Ayala malls, and Rustan’s
  • Cash Credits for a minimum of P100 from your points

Promos for UnionBank Credit Card 

Stay updated with the latest trends and promotions when you shop here. 

  • For a minimum of two (2) movie tickets at SM Cinemas, you can get free regular popcorn from the SnackTime counter.
  • 10% discount on the Identity apparel from Identity Lazada Marketplace
  • 0% installment when you shop at Abenson or ElectroWorld with a minimum purchase of P3,000
  • 0% interest on 3-month installment with a minimum of P5,000 single-receipt purchase.
  • Dining privileges at select partner establishments only for UnionBank Visa Platinum cardholders

UnionBank Credit Card Features

Many Filipinos widely use Unionbank credit cards for several reasons. Find out why. 

Unionbank Credit Card Worldwide Acceptance

Shops and other establishments all over the world usually accept VISA and MasterCard. You can bring your credit card along in your adventures overseas and gain rebates, rewards, and exclusive promos.

Unionbank Credit Card Account Access

You can get access to your UnionBank Credit Card Account online wherever you are around the globe.

Unionbank Credit Card Email Statement of Account

Has your billing statement been emailed to your registered e-mail address? The e-statements are emailed two days after your billing cycle.

Unionbank Credit Card 24-Hour Customer Service

Get assistance 24/7 via telephone, postal mail, fax, email, or the Unionbank website.

Cash Advance Unionbank Credit Card Facility

You can request a Cash Advance PIN should you need to withdraw some cash from your credit card. The amount will be deducted from your credit limit, and an interest rate will be charged from when you withdraw the cash until you settle the outstanding bill. Do not be surprised if you get charged a processing fee.

Unionbank Credit Card Longer Credit Terms

If you settle your dues diligently, you can get a grace period of up to 53 days of credit from your cutoff date to your due date without any interest charge.

Unionbank Credit Card Flexible Monthly Payment

You can pay the minimum amount of 5% of the total outstanding balance or P500 to avoid the late payment fee. However, you will be charged an interest rate unless you settle the bill. Pay off your outstanding balance as soon as possible to avoid records of delinquencies on your credit history.

Unionbank Credit Card Payment Convenience

You can access UnionBank branches nationwide and even transact with thousands of MegaLink and Bancnet ATMs.

Unlimited Number of Supplementary Card

Your family and friends ages 14 years old and above can get a supplementary card under your principal card.

Unionbank Credit Card Auto-Insurance Installment Plan

Under the Roadside Assistance Program, flat tire changes, free towing, ambulance assistance, 24-hour assistance hotline are covered. You have to register first to get these benefits.

Unionbank Credit Card Credit Life Insurance

In the event of untimely accidents which may lead to death or permanent disability, UnionBank will help you secure your finances with U-Protect and U-Secure. This covers cardholders ages 21 to 59.
If you get into an accident that leaves you temporarily unable to work, Unionbank will let you pay 5% of your balance or P500 without any blow on your credit rating. If the accident causes permanent disability or death, the family or the cardholder will receive P400, 000. The premium costs P0.36 per P100 of the statement balance. If you pay your balance before the bill is issued (which makes your statement balance 0), the premium will not be charged at all.

Unionbank Credit Cards Discount Program

With Unionbank Credit Cards, you can enjoy various deals and discounts. Receive dining, beauty, health, and wellness deals, hotels, resorts, golfs country clubs, and various retail stores.

Unionbank Credit Card Rewards Program

Cash rebates, free plane tickets, free gas, and shopping items are rewarded to cardholders depending on their specific credit cards. Before being entitled to the rewards, you must meet the specific terms and conditions. Also, be sure to check if there is an expiration for the promos or rewards points. In addition, rebates may be capped.

Unionbank Credit Card Auto-Charge Facility

Auto-charging your bills with the Credit Card Bill Manager Facility is convenient if you always get a hard time remembering due dates. Just make sure that you have enough funds in your account, or else your bill payments will not be processed.
Upon approval of your facility enrolment, the bills will be charged monthly. No receipt will be given to you, and the payment will just be reflected in your bill. If you want to cancel the agreement, you need to send a written request and wait for 15 days. You might not get prompt updates if the bank does not process your utility bills.

Unionbank Credit Cards Installment Program

This payment plan offers cardholders up to 36 monthly installment terms at 0% interest. If you have wanted to buy a home theater, a luxury bag, a branded watch, or a ticket to a grand getaway, then this payment term gives you the affordable chance. With a minimum purchase of P3, 000 and depending on the partnering store’s condition, you can avail of the program conveniently.
Note that the 0% interest rate is only applicable to certain items at participating stores. Also, you have to pay your bill on time to avoid other additional fees.

UnionBank Credit Card Hotline

UnionBank Customer Service: (632) 8418600 (Metro Manila)
Domestic Toll-Free: 1-800-1888-22-77 (outside Metro Manila)
Universal Toll-Free: IAC+800-82772273
Premier Customer Service Desk number (632) 631-7528 is only for Platinum, Gold, and Titanium Cardholders only.

Final Thoughts on Unionbank Credit Cards

With all the benefits and features a credit card can give you, remember that certain terms and conditions also accompany these. Some deals can only be gained if you pay the required minimum amount. This usually entices cardholders to spend more.
Remember that credit cards are a way that bank uses to earn money. Know the fees you might get charged, such as the cash advance interest rate, late payment penalties, and annual fees, to avoid bill shock.
For emergencies, it is still best to get a personal loan rather than use the credit card cash advance.
Do not just focus on the seemingly perfect deals. Choose a card that lets you gain deals while smartly spending on your needs.