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Is PSBank Personal Loan Simple Enough For You?

Can you get rebates from a personal loan?
Yes! But do not forget to check the terms.
PSBank Flexi Personal Loan offers rebates for personal loans. This unsecured personal loan has two credit facility which can either be a term loan of a revolving credit line. What does it mean?
The term loan has a fix term of either 24 month or 36 months. The tenor has not much flexibility. If you are looking for a loan with fixed shorter term than two years then you can have another personal loan, or you can just make a prepayment. This means you can settle your loan earlier without any penalty.
You can earn the rebates or savings under two conditions. You must pay five days ahead of your monthly due date or make an excess payment on top of your monthly dues.
There is no need to register as you are automatically enrolled for the promo. You just need to be sure to pay in advance or in excess.

Why PSBank Personal Loan may not be for you?

  • If you are just looking for a short term loan of less than P20,000, then this loan is not the right loan for you.
  • If you need a loan for emergency, then it is better to consider other loans since the personal loan approval of PSBank will take five to nine days. This will be prolonged if you are unable to present the complete required documents.
  • You must be prepared to pay off the handling fee worth of P1,500. Some private lenders offer personal loans with lower administrative fees and interest rates at a more flexible loan terms.
  • To qualify for the PSBank personal loan, you must be at least 22 up to 54 years old.

PSBank Flexi Loan Contact Number
PSBank Customer Experience hotline is (632) 845-8888
If you need a quick cash loan with more flexible terms, you can get it from Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers weekly, biweekly and monthly term. you are only required to be a regular employee in your current company for the last 6 months, unlike with the PSBank thet requires you to be a regular employees for two previous years.
When you get a personal loan. Do not hesitate to shop around for other choices. The best one might be just a few clicks away. Cash Mart may not offer rebates, but it offers easily accessible personal loans that can also help you keep a better credit score.

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