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Planning a trip outside the country?

Working abroad but your passport is soon to expire?

You’ll definitely need a passport.

Have one already but near its expiry?

Renew it first before stepping beyond the departure line.

Must-Know Facts for Online Passport Renewal

You can renew your passport without so much fuss.

Thanks to the recently launched ePayment system, you will get your new passport in two weeks.

Securing an appointment slot in the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is now easier. With the new payment policy, agencies can no longer hoard the appointment slots.

But don’t get too excited.

There are still things to take note to ensure a hassle-free passport renewal.

So grab a pen and paper! Jot down these important reminders to get a newly updated ePassport valid for 10 years.

Are You Eligible for the Online Passport Renewal?

Heads up!

The new ePassport renewal process is not for everyone who has a passport.

You have to check the color of your old passport.

Is your current passport brown, green, or maroon? If the answer is yes, then you belong to the “new” application.

The Philippine Passport now is now an ePassport. This means it has a microchip embedded on it.

Check your passport. If should look like the image below.


If the cover of your passport has a microchip icon at the bottom, you already have an ePassport.

If your current passport is not ePassport, you can see my guide for your below.

ePassport Renewal Process is for you if you have an/a:

  • expired ePassport
  • ePassport expires within the next year, and
  • ePassport already full and you need more space for your future travels.

If you are qualified, you can proceed with your online ePassport renewal.

Requirements for Passport Renewal

Here are the requirements you’ll need to renew your passport.

Approved DFA appointment

Setting up an online appointment is a must.

It is also free of charge.

DFA only entertain applicants with secured online appointments.

How to book an appointment?

Visit the official website of DFA.

Choose a date and time you prefer with the most accessible DFA satellite branch.

Clear copy of the passport appointment slip

Once you have secured an online appointment, check your email.

You should have received your passport appointment packet. This will look like a link.

Click the link and print the contents.

It should include:

  • Checklist with your secured schedule
  • Confirmed Application Form with the appointment reference number (ARN) and eReceipt number
  • 2 copies of the eRECEIPT

Completed ePassport Renewal Application form

All applicants need to fill up the online application form.

Unless you belong to these types of courtesy lane applicants:

  • Minors (17 years old and below) should be with his/her parents
  • Pregnant women with a medical certificate as proof
  • Senior Citizen with Senior ID
  • Solo Parent with Valid Solo Parent ID (with his/her minor child/ren)
  • OFWs with valid proof of status like iDOLE card and POEA-authenticated employment contract. All documents must be less than a year from the date of application
  • People with disabilities with valid PWD ID
  • Government employees with valid Employee ID

If you belong to this group, you can visit the DFA office without an online appointment. But, you’re still required to do the Philippine ePassport renewal application form.

Where can you get this form?

You can get it from the DFA on the same day of your appointment or you can download it from the official website.

Personal Appearance

All applicants, yes all, must be present on the scheduled date of renewal.

A representative can not do your biometrics, photo, and fingerprints. These are vital information saved in the microchip of your ePassport.

You need to show up on your appointment. If not, DFA will block you from making another appointment scheduled for the next 30 days.

Minor applicants must be with their parents.

A guardian may go with them instead of the parents. But they will need an authenticated Special Power of Attorney from the parent.

Current ePassport with a photocopy of the data page

Whether your actual passport is still valid or expired, you’ll have to photocopy the second page.

If you’re renewing an expired Philippine passport, you’ll need to bring an extra valid ID.

DFA have photocopy machines in their offices, but there are a lot of people usually lining up. If you want to save your time, photocopy your passport’s 2nd page before going there.

Valid ID

You must bring 1 valid picture ID (original and photocopy) issued by the government.

Here is the list of acceptable IDs for passport renewal. You only need one but you may bring at least two if sigurista ka.

  • Current valid ePassport
  • UMID
  • Postal ID (PVC not the laminated card)
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License or Student Permit (PVC )
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • School ID (for students)
  • PRC ID
  • OWWA or iDOLE card
  • PNP Firearms License
  • Residence ID if you are an OFW based in other countries and still have a Filipino citizenship.

Take note that only IDs listed above are acceptable for passport renewal.

Original PSA authenticated documents (if you have changed your name)

In case you got married or changed your name, you will need a PSA authenticated:

  • Marriage Contract
  • Annotated Birth Certificate
  • Annotated Marriage Contract (for annulment, divorce or court-ordered instruction)
  • Spouse Death Certificate

If you got married and chose to keep your maiden name, a marriage contract is not necessary.

How to Renew Passport Online (3 Easy Steps)

Today, you have many options on where you plan to renew your passport. You don’t need to go to the main DFA office just to complete the renewal. There are many satellite branches and for sure there’s one out there in your area.

Finish your renewal process with these three easy steps.

Step 1: Schedule your DFA Online Passport Appointment

Set an appointment online. It is best to use your laptop or desktop and a strong internet connection.

Secure a slot with your chosen date and time at least 2 to 3 months ahead. Remember, there are thousands of Filipinos vying to renew their passport. It’s better to be early than lose that spot.

How to set an online passport appointment?

  1. Visit PASSPORT.GOV.PH. Click the option “Schedule an Appointment.”
  2. Read the warning about fixers before clicking the “Start Appointment button.” Passport appointments are free of charge. You only have to pay for the renewal process.
  3. Confirm that you understand the terms and conditions by checking the box.
  4. Select an appointment between “Individual Appointment” or “Group Appointment.” This depends if you’re planning to go alone or with your family or friends).
  5. Choose the DFA office accessible to you by clicking “Next.” The new passport system lets you choose a satellite branch convenient for you.
  6. Book an appointment date and time you prefer. There are some offices open on Saturdays too. Check out the calendar for green slots (still available) and red slots (fully-booked.) Keep in mind that you can only reserve the slot for only 15 minutes. Be sure that you can pay for your slot lick the “Next” button immediately.
  7. Fill up all the required information in the online form before proceeding to the “Next” button.
  8. Select the “Renewal” in the Application Type. Enter your personal email account to receive the Payment Reference Number.

Important Reminders When Setting an Appointment

  • No empty slots? Change the satellite office or reload the page. Slots will be available if an applicant who reserved it fails to pay on time.
  • Search for slots during 12 noon and 9 pm.
  • Look for mall satellite offices aside from the main DFA offices. No need to leave the province to get your passport renewed.
  • Make up your mind as soon as possible, if you’ll take the vacant slot or not. You don’t know how many Filipinos are aiming for that date. You might lose the slot in a blink of an eye.
  • Always have a strong internet connection for a faster booking appointment.

Step 2: Pay The Online Passport Renewal Fee

With the latest ePayment process, You need to settle the processing fees before going to the DFA.

You only have 48 hours to reserve your slot. If you fail to pay within 2 days, you’ll lose the chance and you have to go through the process all over again.

Choose between the two kinds of the process:

  • costs Php950. This takes 10-15 days if you are living in Meto Manila.
  • costs Php1,200. It takes only 5-7 days.

How do I pay the passport renewal processing fee?

  1. Click “Pay Now,” after selecting the process type.
  2. Tick the agreement box when the pop up appears and click “Proceed to Payment.”
  3. A list of payments options, reminders and total amount to pay will appear. Choose a payment mode accessible for you. Expect for a convenience fee of 50php per person on top of the processing fee. Read and understand everything first before you click “Proceed.”
  4. Check your email account for the Payment Reference Number and write it down.
  5. Pay the total amount and make sure to follow the instructions stated in your email.
  6. Visit your email again and check for an appointment confirmation from DFA. There should be the application form, reminders and receipt, as proof of your payment. Print this in an A4 paper and bring them on your appointment date.

Important Reminders About Online Passport Payment

  • Pay only the exact amount in cash.
  • Pay per reference number. Need to pay for several passports? Pay one reference number at a time.,
  • Payment is not refundable.
  • Always confirm your payment by checking your email account.
  • Payment in the DFA is not entertained anymore, so choose an ePayment channel suited for you.
  • Remittance centers accept passport processing fee (M. Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, and Villarica Pawnshop)

Step 3: Be on Your Scheduled DFA Passport Appointment

Don’t put your effort to waste. Be there on your scheduled date.

If not, you will not be able to book another appointment 30 days after your original appointment date.

Bring the complete set of the required documents. Be ready to fulfill the ePassport renewal process valid for 10 years.

What to do inside the DFA office?

  1. Go to Document Verification Window and present all your printed documents.
  2. Wait for your turn after getting a queue number.
  3. Once called, proceed to the Encoding section. A DFA personnel will take your photo, biometrics, fingerprints, and digitized signature.
  4. Get your receipt stamped with the release date. Choose if you’ll stop by the office to claim the renewed passport or have it delivered straight to your home. If you choose the delivery service, pay an extra 150php at the Delivery Counter. This is for the courier service.

Important Reminders in DFA Offices

  • The DFA implements a “No Escort” Policy. Unless you are renewing your passport together, you can’t bring someone inside the DFA.
  • If you’re a minor, senior citizen, or a PWD, you can have a chaperone. The chaperone does not need an online appointment.
  • Passport-size photos are no longer needed.
  • Arrive at the DFA office at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Satellite offices operate during mall hours.
  • Follow the dress code discussed for the passport picture.

Online Renewal for Green, Maroon, and Brown Passports

Like stated above, ePassports have a microchip icon on the passport cover.

If you don’t have the icon, you’ll proceed as a new passport applicant.

Same goes if your passport is brown, green or maroon. Be ready since you’ll take the step by step process as a new applicant.

Step1: Confirm an online passport appointment on the Department of Foreign Affairs official website.

Step 2: Fill-up the online application form for new applicants with your correct personal information.

Step 3: Complete all the required documents after you paid the processing fee. This includes the data page of your passport, valid ID, old passport. You will need your PSA authenticated birth certificate.

Be on time on your scheduled date of renewal. You may arrive earlier.

Passport Renewal for Minors

Do you have kids or younger siblings who need a passport?

No worries. You can assist them with their Philippine passport application. And bring the following:

  • Scheduled appointment confirmation
  • PSA-authenticated birth certificate
  • Parents or legal guardians valid ID (original and photocopy)
  • A Special Power of Attorney given to the company of the minor, if the parent or legal guardian is not available.

How to Renew If You Lost Your Philippine Passport

Lost your ePassport ?

You can still set an appointment but you’ll be a new passport applicant.

What do you need to do?

Book an online appointment. Follow through the procedure as a new applicant and bring the following documents:

  • PSA authenticated the birth certificate
  • Police Report (in English)
  • Affidavit of Loss (in English)
  • Penalty Fee (350php)

After completing these documents, proceed to DFA as scheduled.

Expect your lost valid passports to be re-issued after the 15-day clearing period.

The same procedure goes to applicants who have damaged or mutilated passports.

Best Tips for Hassle-Free DFA ePassport Renewal

Want a hassle free process? Here are the best tips for you!


  • Provide true and correct information in your passport application.
  • Give the complete and authenticated required documents.
  • Secure a passport first before booking a flight. Your passport is still valid for flight booking if it is at least six months.
  • Confirm an appointment first unless you are eligible for the courtesy lane.
  • Prepare both the originals and photocopies of the documentary requirements
  • All applicants must wear decent clothing for the passport photo capture.
  • Remove jewelry and eyeglasses or contact lenses during photo capture.


  • Don’t alter, write or destruct the contents of your passport. 
  • Don’t use your passport as collateral to any arrangements. 
  • Don’t make false statements in your passport application form.
  • Don’t falsify or forge any documents supporting documents. 
  • Don’t believe that a fixer will make the process faster. It is more expensive and very risky. 
  • Don’t wear plunging necklines, sleeveless, spaghetti-strapped tops, or halters on your appointment.
  • Don’t bring a companion unless they will also have their appointment. 

Best Tips When Claiming Your Renewed Philippine ePassport


  • Bring your stamped passport receipt on your passport release date. You will get your passport from the DFA office where you applied.
  • Always check if all the details on the passport are correct before leaving the DFA Office.
  • If you’re 13 years old and above, affix your signature immediately on the third page of the passport booklet.
  • If you’re 12 years and below, leave the third page of the passport booklet blank.
  • Can’t claim your passport? You’ll need an Authorization Letter or Special Power of Attorney for your representative. These documents must include the name and ID photocopy of the authorized individual.
  • If you availed the delivery option, expect to receive your passport in 1 to 2 weeks after the appointment. If you can’t receive your passport, have an authorized representative to get it. Make sure your official receipt, authorization letter, valid ID are available.


  • Don’t lose your passport receipt. In case you lost it, you’ll need an Affidavit of Loss.
  • Don’t forget to claim your renewed passport. If left unclaimed after 180 days, it will be considered void as per Department Order No. 37-03.
  • Don’t staple anything on the passport booklet. It may damage the electronic chip and make your ePassport unreadable.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know. I know.

You’ve read and understood everything but there are still questions popping in your head.

Don’t fret.

Here are the answers to most frequently asked questions by many.

Is a PSA Birth Certificate necessary for Philippine Passport renewal?

It’s not necessary that you bring a birth certificate for your passport renewal, but it is best to have it with you.

There are some instances that the DFA requires it to verify certain information:

  • You have a missing, damaged or mutilated Philippine passports
  • You are in the DFA watchlist
  • Your old passport is either maroon, green or brown
  • You changed the name or other personal information

What if the PSA Birth Certificate is unclear?

Bring a copy of a birth certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar.

Will I still have the same passport number?

No. Every passport number expires the moment your passport does. So when you get your passport renewed, you’ll get a new set of passport serial number.

What if my passport expires while working abroad, can I renew it?

Of course, you can.

This is a common question from OFWs and permanent residents.

Most countries have a Philippine Embassy or Consulate General. Visit them with your complete requirements. You can get your expired or nearly expiry passport renewed.

What if I entered the wrong details in the online application form?

No worries.

When it’s time for your appointment, the DFA personnel will verify your application form. They will notice the discrepancy and you can easily explain to them what happened. They will help you update the form, al long as you have valid documents with you.

Can I transfer my valid foreign visas from my old passport to the new one?

Sad to say, no.

Your passport and visas are separate from each other. This means the validity of your visas is not affected when you renew your passport.

It is best to bring your old passport together with your new one whenever you’re traveling abroad.

Can I renew my passport although it still has more than a year of validity?


This is valid for OFWs since working visas need at least two years validity of the passport.

What if I didn’t receive an email confirmation?

This happens for three main reasons:

  • You’re not using a Yahoo or Gmail account. The online appointment system has technical incompatibilities. It does not work with email accounts from Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook.
  • It’s directed to Spam or Junk folder. Check these folders.
  • You entered a wrong email address. If this happens, your appointment is automatically canceled. No worries, you can still apply after 5 days.

If you’re not sure about the reason, you may call the DFA hotline at 556-000 for help.

Can I reschedule my renewal appointment?

Yes, you can through the reschedule button. But you must keep in mind that you can only reschedule once on available appointment slots.

Help! There’s a typographical error in my passport. What to do?

Call the DFA Office telephone number and inform them about the incorrect information.

Follow the protocol to correct the error immediately.

Also, you may visit the nearest DFA Office.

Now that you’ve learned how to renew your Philippine passport, what are you waiting for?

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