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Metrobank Credit Card: Promos and More

Looking for the best credit card?
It is not surprising since more Filipinos are applying for credit cards each year. And now credit card online applications in the Philippines are made simpler for your convenience.
Metrobank issues a range of credit cards that can let you buy items online, reserve tickets and pay expensive products in installment. Aside from these, you can even get rewards.


Metrobank Credit Cards

Before you apply Metrobank credit card, understand the differences between each one. Here is a quick list for you. 

Metrobank World MasterCard

Feel the perks that come along with this credit card from Metrobank if you avail of this. 

  • Annual fee: P6,000
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Automatic Purchase Protection coverage of up to Php250,000
  • 50% OFF at UMU and The Pantry in Dusit Thani Manila
  • Free Travel Insurance Warranties and Clauses
  • 50% OFF at Jade Garden

Metrobank Femme Signature Visa

Here are the details you must know about Metrobank Visa Femme Signature. 

  • Annual fee: P P4,500
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • 50% OFF at Two Seasons Coron Bayside
  • 50% OFF at Air Juan
  • 50% OFF at Two Seasons Boracay

Metrobank ON Internet MasterCard

Enjoy online shopping anytime anywhere. 

  • Annual fee: P500
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Get one (1) Point for every Php20 spent online
  • 10,100 credit card points Metrobank is equivalent to P500

Metrobank Dollar MasterCard

Reach your dream destination without hesitation.

  • Annual fee: $80
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Free Travel Insurance Warranties and Clauses
  • Get charged in US dollars to avoid foreign exchange rate fluctuations.

Metrobank Femme Visa

Splurge your wants and needs with Femme Visa. 

  • Annual fee: P2,000
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Exclusive perks only for Femme Credit Cards, such as 50% off on Ferragamo watches, 50% off on Versace watches and discounts on spa services.

Metrobank Credit Card Classic

Nothing beats the classic if you have this card in your wallet. 

  • Annual fee: P2,000
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Earn 1 point for every P20 spend

Metrobank M Credit Cards

Don’t worry about your annual fee with M credit cards. 

  • Annual fee: Perpetually waived
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Get discounts, free gifts, and great deals at M Here partner establishments.

Metrobank Credit Card Gold

Earn while spending using your Gold credit card. 

  • Annual fee: P2,500
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Earn 1 point for every P20 spend
  • Waive annual fee by using Metrobank points

Metrobank Toyota MasterCard

Maximize the privileges of Metrobank cards with Toyota MasterCard. 

  • Annual fee: P2,500
  • Interest Rate: 3.54%
  • Access the 24/7 roadside assistance
  • 10% discount at all Toyota dealers
  • 3% fuel rebate at Petron Stations

Metrobank Credit Card Rewards

Here is a list of perks with a credit card Metrobank. 

  • Freebies on selected Samsung smartphones and tablet purchases.
  • 10% OFF on ticket purchase to Mamma Mia for weeknight shows.
  • 50% at Air Juan
  • Get a FREE Php500 eGC for a minimum 0% installment of P15,000 at The SM Store.
  • 50% off at Lagen Island of El Nido Resorts

Metrobank Credit Card Application

Are you wondering how to get credit card in Metrobank? We listed the steps you can follow to secure your approval. 

  • To apply for a credit card, visit the Metrobank Credit Card Page to choose your preferred card. Also, you can compare the cards’ features and fees.
  • Choose “Apply Now”
  • You will be directed to an application form. Fill in all the blanks with accurate information
  • Upload your valid ID, proof of income, and other supporting documents.
  • Tick the box to indicate that you agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click “Submit for Review”
  • Expect Metrobank to give you all call.

Access your Metrobank credit card online. Once you receive it, you can enroll online through Metrobankdirect. This will make every transaction, like bill payment, more convenient for you.

Metrobank Credit Card Features

Metrobank Bills2Pay

We all have bills to pay as we use electricity, water and telecommunication services. Bills2Pay is an Auto Charge Program. Metrobank automatically settles your enrolled bills on your credit card. This way you don’t have to go to payment centers and there is no need to remind yourself of a couple or due dates.
If you want to enroll in Bills2pay, you have to call 8-700-700 if your location is in Metro Manila. Otherwise, call 1-800-1-888-5775 (Domestic Toll-Free).
Only residential accounts can be enrolled. Therefore, dollar and corporate accounts are excluded. If you have unsettled bills before enrolling, you need to pay them off first to get approved.
Upon bill payments through Bills2Pay, you can earn 1 reward point for every Php 20 charged to your Metrobank Credit Card. You can earn reward points from utilities less than Php 20, 000.

Metrobank Credit Card Balance Transfer

If you are having difficulty handling dues on your non-Metrobank Cards, you can transfer the balance to your Credit Card with an interest rate as low as 0.68% per month. The amount you can transfer is at least P6, 000, up to your credit limit, since every centavo is charged on your Metrobank card.
If you fail to pay the minimum amount due, the remaining amount unpaid in your balance transfer will become due and demandable without prior notice. You will incur interest rates and penalty charges similar to your previous accounts.
On the other hand, should you want to settle your balance earlier than the agreed date, you have to pay a pre-termination fee of P500 or 5% of the principal balance.

Metrobank Personal Loan Cash2Go

Are you curious about how to apply Cash2Go Metrobank? Read along and understand what you need to prepare to get approved. 

Cash2Go gives you fast cash personal loans charged against your card’s credit limit. You can borrow at least P15,000 up to P60,000. You may pay in monthly installments within 12 to 36 months.
The funds will be released through your existing Metrobank account three days after your request has been approved. Also, you may receive the proceeds through an issuance of a Manager’s check to be delivered 7 days after approval.
A processing fee of P100 will be charged for all approved requests. The total amount to be paid, including the principal loan amount and interest, should not exceed the credit limit. Should you want to settle the balance earlier than the agreed date, you have to pay the pre-termination penalty.

cash2goMetrobank Cash Rush (Cash Advance)

Metrobank will give you your card PIN through SMS to your registered mobile number. Use the pin to withdraw cash from any Metrobank or PSBank ATM. The amount of cash you withdraw is charged to your credit limit. You will be charged a Cash Advance fee of 3% or Php 600 whichever is higher.

Metrobank Loan Calculator

To give you an idea of how much you can borrow and its monthly amortization, you can use the Metrobank Cash2Go Calculator.


Being familiar with the Metrobank credit card calculator helps you foresee your future expenses. Thus, you can allot a sufficient budget. 

Metrobank Credit Card Hotline

Should you lose or change your contact number, you can request a new PIN at:

  • 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline: (02) 8700-700
  • Domestic Toll-Free Hotline: 1-800-1-888-57751

Metrobank Credit Card Payment Channels

Pay your credit card bills through various channels such as:

  • Automatic Debit Arrangement
  • Metrobankdirect
  • Bancnet ATM
  • Via Megalink ATM
  • Metrobank Branch
  • PSBank Branch or ATM
  • Security Bank
  • RCBC Bank
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • Robinsons Department Store
  • The SM Store
  • Touchpay
  • Bayad Center

Metrobank Online Billing: MSOA (e-statements)

Be pro-environment by having your bills delivered to you via email instead of having them printed and mailed.

Metrobank Credit Card M Connect

This is a text, automated voice, and email payment verification service. All calls will be personalized. Your identification will be verified before information on your card and payment is shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to waive annual fee Metrobank?

You can enjoy Metrobank no annual fee if you reach the minimum annual spend of Php 180,000 using your Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa. 

What can I do with my Metrobank credit card points?

Take advantage of the Metrobank promos and rewards using your points. Redeem anything you want and need based on your style. You can buy your kids personal gadgets. Or earn air miles as you like it. You can even donate to a good cause. Anything is possible with your Metrobank points.  

How to use Metrobank credit card points?

Maximize the privilege that comes with your credit card points. Follow these steps.

Step 1. Chat with Mia on Facebook Messenger. 

Step 2. Wait for the eVoucher that wi be sent via SMS. Claim your reward based on the selected merchant

Step 3. Check the Metrobank credit card website to see the complete rewards list available.

Is there a credit card from Metrobank free annual fee for life? 

Yes, there is a Metrobank free annual fee credit card. These are Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa and Metrobank Titanium MasterCard. 

Metrobank Rewards Plus Visa 

It is eligible for applicants who applied for this kind of Metrobank credit card and completed and approved all the requirements during the promo period. Promo runs from August 3, 2022, until December 31, 2022. But you must be reminded that you can only enjoy the free-for-life annual fee once you use and spend a minimum amount of Php 20,000. Take note that it should be within 90 days after your Metrobank credit card approval. 

Metrobank Titanium MasterCard

It is eligible for applicants who applied for this kind of Metrobank credit card and completed and approved all the requirements during the promo period. Promo runs from October 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022. But you must be reminded that you can only enjoy the free-for-life annual fee once you use and spend a minimum amount of Php 20,000. Take note that it should be within 90 days after your Metrobank credit card approval.

Final Thoughts on Metrobank Credit Cards Comparison

Do not get too carried away by promos and rewards. Having a credit card can surely bring convenience, but it also comes with financial responsibility. Using it wisely can bring benefits, while slight mistakes can bring you down to snowballing debt.
In addition, credit cards are still not fully used in the Philippines. We are still a long way to going cashless.
If you need cash during an emergency situation, it is best to get a personal loan with flexible and transparent terms.
Cash Mart offers a personal loan with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly terms to better fit your financial needs. Receive your cash in 24 hours, just in time for your immediate needs. Visit today and experience how online lending can change your borrowing experience.