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Making Your Money Work for You: Top 10 Investments for Filipino Millennials

Investments for Filipino Millenials Updated on May 2023

“Gold laboreth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field.”

– One of the Five Laws of Gold, from the book, The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason was the man. His book, The Richest Man in Babylon, was the quintessential guide on how to create and build wealth during its time. First published in 1926, the book contained great insights and lessons on what it takes to get rich and stay wealthy.

Almost a century later, the same key ideas still hold true up to this day. Don’t believe me? Take, for example, our quote above. Here’s the practical, Twitter version for thee:

Make your money work for you.

Here’s a line from the book that expounds on this beautifully:

“Every gold piece you save is a slave to work for you. Every copper it earns is its child that can also earn for you.”

Sounds familiar, right? Yup, Uncle George had it all figured out 100 years ago. What you just read right there is the romanticized version of Investing 101.

An actionable tip.

Simple, timeless, and profound.

This is what this article from hopes to shed some light on. Growing your money does not require a Ph.D., nor does it take boatloads of cash to kickstart your money-making journey. It starts with knowledge. Knowing what your options are and figuring out which one works for you. The Bright Millennial did their nifty take on the original article:

1. VUL Insurance

insurance vul

2. P2P Lending

microlending and p2p3. Stocks

stocks | ideal investments for Filipino Millenials4. Mutual Funds

mutual funds uitf balanced fund5. Small Business

small business | investments for Filipino Millenials6. Real Estate

real estate7. Cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencyv | latest investments for Filipino Millenials8. Buying Websites

buying websites9. Forex Trading

forex trading | leading investments for Filipino Millenials

10. New Skills

invest in new skills
Let’s go back to Clason’s book. How about this quote?

“No man can afford not to insure a treasure for his old age and the protection of his family no matter how prosperous his business and his investments may be.”

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s number one (Insurance – VUL) on the list.

Even the last suggestion in the article, “Invest in new skills,” easily relates to Clason’s advice to “Increase thy ability to earn.” Cool, huh?

Act now. Take the first step. Use everything in your power to move towards your dream life. Remember, we are only limited by our own beliefs, and there’s no better time than now.

But don’t take my word for it. Take it from the Richest Man in Babylon:

“Opportunity waits for no man. Today it is here; soon it is gone. Therefore, delay not”

About the Author

Amiel Pineda is a business columnist at Grit PH. Amiel escaped from the shackles of BPO life and now pursues his dream of writing full-time. When not reading, he’s usually arguing about life’s philosophies with his 3-yr old son. He hopes to share his knowledge, insight, and experience to help fellow Pinoys survive the freelance life on his site Homebased Pinoy.

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