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How BPO Agents Can Save Money In 21 Days Without Getting Ripped

Can you accept the challenge to save money?

Over the years JobStreet has always been including Customer Service as one of the top-paid jobs in the country. This year is no exemption as BPO agents landed in 5th place. It is no secret the salary and benefits are so rewarding that many choose it to be their career. However, many also confess their struggle in saving up.


Tips to Save Money from Salary

Being a call center agent is no joke. Many work night shifts dealing with irate customers who have accents Filipinos barely understand at first. Most of them applied for the job, wanting to leave as soon as a better opportunity arose. Some took the chance of having a job because they didn’t want to be a “tambay” anymore. Soon, a handful will turn into hoppers, while others will take it more seriously to climb up the career ladder.

When you find yourself having a hard time saving up, know that you are not the only one, you are with the rest of the growing number of call center agents.

Here are 15 ways to save up. Stick with it in 21 days.

If you wish to be successful in your endeavor to save money, follow the quick yet effective tips below.

Get rid of unnecessary spending habits

Filipinos have certain spending habits that can either be good or bad. However, many still deny that certain buying habits are why they can’t save money. You must first acknowledge that there are certain things you really don’t need may it be buying signature bags, collecting shoes, and frequenting cafés selling expensive coffees.

Set aside little by little

Small savings are still savings, however, do not be contented with small spared cash. If you can add more, nothing stops you from it. It is actually ideal to have emergency savings of as much as your six months of salary. Use this only for a real emergency situation, not when a signature bag goes on sale.

Have a break, breathe

Some people shop to relieve their stress. To keep your stress at bay, spend a few minutes to yourself. Find a quiet place and reflect on the positive things in life, things you are still thankful for, and the dreams you want to reach.

Open another personal bank account

Your emergency fund must be separated from your own personal account that you usually use. This way, you can keep away from the temptation of withdrawing the money or using it to pay for things you do not really need.

Get a buddy

Having a friend with the same struggle and goal can motivate you more. Keep track of each other’s progress and compare your strategies. You can even set a goal and a deadline. The person with less savings will do a simple consequence the other person asks, such as a free pizza.

Spend after saving

Most people will just spend on or budget their salary, and then whatever is left if there is any will be put into savings. However, to surely have a fixed amount of your savings, treat it as one of your bills. Pay it now before you use up all your money.

Say goodbye to your credit card

If you can’t control your shopping urge, you better cut your credit cards, or else you are just creating a spiraling debt. While you feel you can purchase anything with your card, you are still going to pay for it with your salary. If you really need a card to purchase important stuff online, use the prepaid cards offered by various banks such as BPI and Unionbank. Remember that you pay interest every time you use your credit card.

Get a side job

While we know you already spend much time at work, a couple of hours working online at home won’t hurt. Various online jobs are now beginning to get mainstream, such as freelance artists, writers, and web developers. You can also try encoding. This way, you can earn more and save more.

Be thrifty

Easier said than done. Try to shop for that unbranded stuff. A lot of people buy things because of brands, while some products with good quality are a lot cheaper. Same with coffee, there is no need to buy in Starbucks when you can just buy a cup of brewed coffee in McDonald’s at 25 pesos.

Stick to the budget plan

When you have created a budget plan, share it with a close friend or relative. This way, they can remind you about it whenever you feel like straying away from the plan. They can also help you to focus on your priorities.

Save money even the loose change

Hate coins because they are heavy in your pockets? Don’t just leave it lying around or spend it just so you don’t have to carry it. Put it in a coin bank. Have a general cleaning in your house, and you might be surprised how much worth of coins are hidden and forgotten.

Sell Pre-loved stuff

You can use online platforms to sell your used items. Make sure you are selling items you yourself are likely to buy if another person sells them to you. In other words, items that are used yet still in mint condition. Now is the time to sell your mountain of clothes.

Choose your company

They say the same birds flock together. This can be because a person can acquire certain personalities from people they are usually with. If you spend more time or do shopping with thrifty people, you will also learn how to be thrifty.

Rent out

If you have an extra bed space in your place, turn it into cash by asking your workmates who need a place to stay during working days. You are likely to find one. Just make sure the person is trustworthy, and you create clear house rules.

‘You Deserve More’ mantra

Whenever you are tempted to buy something, think you deserve more. You can save money and reward yourself more in the end. Also, when you have an urge, pause for a while, breathe deeply and tell yourself it is not a need, and think of the things you actually have to buy.

Saving is not easy, and if you want to have extra earnings for more generated savings, why not put up a small business? Or, invest in a side job by buying a laptop or a dependable WiFi connection for a freelance job? Need extra cash to start your new venture? Get a quick cash loan from Cash Mart. This way, you can start to save money too.