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Citibank Credit Cards in Philippines Review

Updated November 2022
Getting a credit card?
What do you look for when applying for a credit card?
Discounts, rebates, rewards points, or perhaps miles can all attract a Filipino.
Credit cards are actually two-edged swords. While it gives exciting benefits, it is also a huge financial responsibility since it has high-interest rates and other fees, which you must know.
Also, Citibank offers various credit cards. Each has its own appeal. On the other hand, arm yourself with the knowledge of how you will be charged with its interests.
This article will teach you how to apply for a Citibank credit card, the promos, and even interest charge computation.
I am not spoiling the fun. First, we’ll see what Citibank Credit Cards have to offer.

Citibank Credit Card: Rebates Cards

Citibank Cash Back® Card

Citi Cash Back® Card
  • Get a maximum rebate of 6% if you purchase a minimum amount of P10,000 on non-supermarket and non-Meralco payments.
  • Take note that if you do not reach the required minimum purchase, you can only get a 0.20% rebate.
  • 2% rebate on your Meralco bill payments.
  • You can use your rebates for supermarket purchases and Meralco bills.

Shell Citi® Card

citibank credit card shell citicard
  • You need to spend at least P10,000 on outstore purchases to get up to a 5% rebate on Shell fuel products.
  • Also, you can get up to 5% rebates on toll fees for South Luzon Expressway and North Luzon Expressway and all auto shop repairs.
  • If you spend less than P10,000, you can only get 3% rebates for Shell Fuel Purchases. You will not have the Toll Rebate and Auto Shop Rebate.
  • Outstore spending includes purchases in dining, supermarket, health, shopping, and utilities.
  • Take note that the capped rebates are up to P10,000 a year.

Mercury Drug Citi Card

Mercury Drug Citibank Credit Card
  • Get up to 10% rebate on Mercury Drug purchases and hospital bills for a minimum spend of P10,000 on non-Mercury products.
  • You’ll get 5% rebates if you spend at least P5,000.
  • Any purchase below P5,000 will get 2% rebates.
  • The capped rebates are at P800 per billing statement.

Citibank Credit Card: Travel Card

Citi PremierMiles® Card

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card
  • You can earn 1 non-expiring mile for every P30 spent.
  • Redeem for flights and hotel stays instantly.
  • Free DragonPass membership to access the complimentary international airport lounge.
  • You may enjoy 24/7 Visa Signature Concierge service.

Citibank Credit Card: Rewards Cards

Citi Rewards® Card

Citi Rewards Card
  • Cardholders of this card can earn never-expiring rewards points.
  • Every P30 is equivalent to 1 Reward Point.
  • Multiply the points by three when you shop, dine or book Cebu Pacific tickets.
  • Also, the points may be converted to annual fees.

Citi Prestige Card

  • This card gives a complimentary 1-night stay if you pay for the three-night booking.
  • Also, it comes with unlimited complimentary access to over 800 VIP airport lounges worldwide through Priority Pass™.
  • 5x ThankYou points on local dining and shopping.

Citibank Credit Card Promo

  • Up to 50% off at Bubba Gump (Valid until June 30, 2017)
  • Up to 75% off at Klook Travel (Valid until December 31, 2017)
  • New UBER users can get two free rides up to P150 each when they use the promo code: NEW2UBER.

Citibank Credit Card Features

The following features of Citibank credit cards are popular among Filipinos. Find out what these are.

Citibank Credit Card Balance Transfer (BT) Facility

This feature allows you to transfer your existing non-Citi credit card balances to your Citibank credit card. The amount will be charged to your credit limit. This means that the amount you request for the balance transfer must not exceed the credit limit of your Citi Credit Card.
You will be charged a disbursement fee of P250. The cancellation fee is 4% of the approved amount.

Citibank Credit Card Installment Plan

You can pay for select goods in installments. The Citibank credit card interest rates and other fees may vary depending on the particular Citi PayLite merchant. Upon charging, the whole price of the item will be credited from your credit balance. Then you can gradually regain your credit balance as you pay your monthly installments.

Citibank Credit Card PayLite After Purchase Facility

This gives you the ability to convert a straight single-receipt Retail Transaction to an installment transaction.

Citibank Credit Card Cash Facility

You can withdraw cash with your Citi Credit Card. Get your requested amount through a checking/savings account or a Manager’s Check. Citibank Call for Cash Manager’s Check Delivery charges with P50. Cancellation will incur 4% of the unbilled requested amount.

Citibank Credit Card Cash Advance

Get cash from ATMs with your Citi Credit Card. Think of this as an instantly approved Citibank credit card loan. However, take note that you will be charged a monthly interest rate of 3.64%. The interest rate is apart from the Citi Cash Advance Service Charge, which is P500 or 3% of the Citi Cash Advance Amount. Your Citibank cash advance fee charges on a daily basis until you settle the full amount and corresponding fees.

How is Credit Card Interest Charged?

Here is how to compute the interest charge.
Step 1. Check your bill. You will see the daily balance.
Multiply each daily balance by the daily Interest rate. (The daily Citibank credit card interest rate is the monthly interest rate divided by 30.) You will get the daily interest charge.
Do not compute Interest on any credit balance. If there is a balance, let it be.
Step 2. Repeat Step 1 for each day in the billing period.
Step 3. Add all the daily Interest. That will be the total Interest for the billing period.
Step 4. If you have a balance, the Total Interest for the billing period computed in Step 3 adds to the Overdue Interest from the previous billing period.

Pro Tip: If you pay the total amount due each month. There will be no charged interest.

Citibank Credit Card Contact Number

  • Chat with Customer Service Officers from 9 AM to 8 PM only on weekdays through Citibank Online.
  • Metro Manila: 995 9999
  • Metro Cebu: 234 9999
  • Other Provinces: 02 995 9999
  • From Abroad: +63 2 995 9999

Final Thoughts on Citibank Credit Card

If you pay on time, you will not be charged the interest rate. However, if you use the other features, expect to pay more fees and charges. Take the time to learn other possible charges to avoid bill shock.
Also, do not get carried away with the features, rebates, rewards, and miles. These have terms and conditions to be satisfied. They are used to encourage you to spend more when in fact, you must focus on an option that gives benefits while taking care of things you actually need.
If you need to make an immediate purchase but do not have enough cash, you can just get an online personal loan from Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers quick cash loans with flexible payment options.
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