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Where to Find the Best Crispy Lechon Under P6, 000 in Manila

Christmas is a season for family reunions and lechon will never lose its place at the middle of the Noche Buena buffet table. Expect the guest to fall in line and get a piece of that mouthwatering crispy skin, tempting even those on diet.
And Cash Mart’s VIP (Very Important Pig) is Elarz Pambansang Lechon!
Elarz Pambansang Lechon
The fairly thin skin hides a generous fluffy layer of fat that melts with exploding flavors of spices right from the very first bite. With tender and moist meat, experience just the right saltiness complimenting the spices and lemongrass stuffed in the pork for 24 hours before it gets slowly roasted over the charcoal oven for six hours.
The pigs are purchased from the local farmers who feed them organic food to guarantee 30% less in cholesterol. For those who love lechon, but are on strict diet (either by personal choice or doctor’s orders), this is a happy surprise. While it is already tasty and delicious on its own, the special lechon sauce can still give it a unique twist. No wonder why high-end hotels such as City of Dreams, Manila Hotel and Shangri-La Makati serve this lechon to their guests.
Price and Details
Lechon size: Cochinillo at P5,600 good for 8 to 12 pax
It comes with other flavors aside from the original recipe: (just add at least P310)

  1. Zupremo – their newest special concoction
  2. Lagablab – lechon spiced with labuyo and other spices
  3. Zebu – Elar’s own Cebu lechon version

Delivery charges: 500 to 1000 depending in location
Address: 151 Quezon Ave. cor. Speaker Perez St., Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City
Zubuchon is a Cebu based restaurant taking pride of its lechon without any soy sauce or MSG. Though it may lack the bite of saltiness you used to get in lechon, it is the best choice for Filipinos who want to cheat on their diet without much guilt this season.
This healthier version of lechon is packed with various spices and herbs to give its unique flavors. Zubuchon also sprays fresh coconut juice on the pork’s skin for added taste as it turns into perfect brown.
Price and Details
Lechon size: Small for P4,900 for 20 to 25 pax
Zubuchon is based in Cebu, but also delivers in Manila for an extra cost.
Place an order at least 3 days before the shipment date.
Address: 2651 Villalon Drive, Capitol Site, Cebu City
Sabroso’s lechon
Sabroso’s uses native pigs to assure a one of a kind tasty lechon. The crispiness stays even hours after it has been served unlike the other lechon brands. This is perfect if you expect some guest to come later on the party. The tasty meat and the fatty layer under the skin seems to melt in your mouth as you succumb to the heavenly mixture of herbs. It has a small dine-in restaurant where you can order other dishes such as dinuguan and bopis.
Price and Details
20 to 25 persons for P5, 300
25 to 35 persons for P5, 800
Address: E. Rodriguez Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Jun & Jun’s Cebu Lechon Plaza
Sink your teeth into the flavorful meat their lechon has to offer. Surprisingly enough, the crispy skin and meat has least oil compared to others though the fat naturally separates from the brown skin. Jun & Jun’s only uses native pigs from Aparri, Cagayan and Masbate. It is perfect to a freshly made liver sauce as the meat’s flavor comes from anise, spring onions, pepper, salt and garlic. They are able to deliver tasty lechons without any lemongrass. Though they hail their lechon as ‘Cebu’s lechon,’ they use a technique from Batangas to create caramelized skin without any sugar.
Price and Details

  • De Leche – PhP4,200
  • Light Weight – PhP4,800
  • Middle Weight – PhP5,900

Address: Unit KO4 Food Village, Tiendesitas, Pasig City
Mila’s Lechon
Mila’s lechon has been known with its sumptuous native lechon pork which does not lose its juiciness even after hours. They also have lechon baka which has been marinated and they had been adventurous by also using wines along with different spices. As for the Lechon Cebu, their marinade was uniquely created with wine. They only use native pork from their own breeding to ensure the same high quality.
Price and Details
De Leche – P4, 400 good for 10 pax
De Leche – P4, 800 good for 15 pax
Small – P5, 200 good for 20 pax
Regular – P5, 600 good for 30 pax
Address: No. 69 Calavite Street., La Loma Quezon City
Christmas is a season of sharing, and what else is best shared in the buffet table than a whole lechon? Wallow on the crispy brown skin and juicy meat dipped in savory liver sauce. Enjoy every bite as of course, shared lechon is shared calories.

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