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Activate BDO Online Banking

How to Activate BDO Online Banking

Recently got a savings account with BDO?

BDO, or Banco de Oro, is currently the largest and most efficient bank in the Philippines.

It is the only bank open past regular banking hours during the weekdays. It even operates during the weekends.

The ones located inside the malls are especially convenient for BDO customers. Rarely, can you see BDO branches without long lines of customers waiting for service.

Why should you wait for hours?

You can simply do some bank transactions in the comforts of your home while commuting, or even at work.

It is a very efficient means of monitoring your finances wherever you are – any time of the day.

Who Can Use BDO Online Banking?

BDO clients of at least 13 years of age can use the BDO Online Banking System.

Yes, even your kids who have already started saving in BDO.

They must have an Individual or Joint account. Those who have a Savings Account, Current Account or Time Deposit are able to use BDO Online Banking.

Likewise, those who have a BDO Cash Card or have an existing BDO Consumer Loan are eligible to use the system. 

BDO clients who have a Trust Account are suitable to enroll in the BDO Online Banking System.

How to Activate BDO Online Banking?

Step 1: To register in the BDO Online Banking, go to

Step 2: Click Enroll Now and fill up the BDO Online Enrollment Form with the necessary details.

Step 3: Make sure to place a check on the Internet Banking Box. Submit the form and take note of the ATM Activation Code.

Step 4: Find the activation code in the Acknowledgment Page. The code along with the BDO Debit Card can activate the account.

You must activate your online account within 45 days using any BDO ATM machine.

For those residing abroad, BDO Online Banking Enrollment is the same.

You must enroll online using the website. However, a BDO agent will call you to confirm your details and will help activate your account.

The BDO Online Banking Account is accessible 24 hours after activation.

How To Log Onto BDO Online Banking?

Once you activate your BDO Online Banking account, you can log onto your account. You can access it anytime and anywhere. Go to

The page will ask for your user name and password. Type in the necessary details and wait for a BDO text message to arrive on your registered mobile number. Key in the one-time password, and access your BDO Online Banking account.

As long as there is steady internet access, the account is accessible. The client can use it anytime necessary.

What Can BDO Online Banking do?

Transfer Money With BDO Online Banking

Fund transfer is possible using the BDO Online Banking System. It is a very convenient way to send money to your loved ones.

Money can be sent to another BDO account, an account with another local bank, or to an email/mobile number. You can also use Cash pick-up or door-to-door delivery. 

Because of the many options available, using the Send Money option can be confusing. Choosing the mode of money transfer can be challenging. There is a distinction between pre-enrolled and unenrolled BDO account.

Once you get used to it, it is very easy and efficient. Below are the options provided in transferring funds via BDO Online Banking.

  • Transfer Money to Unenrolled BDO Account – The client does not need to enroll in the recipient’s account. You can still send money even if the account is unenrolled. This will just take a few minutes longer as you
  • Transfer Money to Contact through Email or Mobile – The sender can transfer money using an email address. The sender can also use a mobile number to send money. Usually, this method is used when the recipient does not have a bank account.
  • Transfer Money to An Enrolled BDO Account – The user enrolls the receiver’s account online. It must also be a BDO account and is a faster mode of money transfer. If the account is enrolled, there is no need to input the details every time you transfer. 
  • Transfer Money from USD to Peso (Own BDO Account) – US Dollar can be transferred to Peso using the same BDO account. The user must have a BDO US Dollar Savings Account and a BDO Peso Savings Account to use this feature.
  • Wire Transfer of USD to Local/Overseas Bank – You can send money from your BDO US Dollar Account to another bank account in the Philippines.
  • Transfer Money from BDO Account to Another Local Bank – The user can send cash to an account with another local Philippine bank. This may come with a service charge of Php100.
  • Cash Pickup at Any BDO Branch/Partner –  Clients can pick up the money sent from any BDO branch and partner outlets in the Philippines. This is usually used if you have no bank accounts and need to type in the details of the receiver. It’s only an hour to process.
  • Door-to-Door – The user can transfer money to any address in the Philippines.

Reload And Pay Bills Online With BDO Banking

BDO Online Banking provides a simple way of paying bills. It also allows a straightforward way of reloading a prepaid number. BDO Online Banking offers the following services:

  • Payment of Bills – It offers a stress-free way of paying utility bills and allows online shopping. This feature lets you add companies or billers to your Bill Rack. It allows faster bill payments because there is no need to type the company name and amount anytime you pay.
  • Reload Prepaid Mobile – This feature allows the user to buy cellphone credits. This is applicable to any local network. You can also schedule the time of reloading of any enrolled mobile numbers.
  • BDO Cash Card Reload – BDO Online Banking allows the reloading of BDO Prepaid Cards. You can schedule the time of reloading as well as check the status. 

How Secure Is BDO Online Banking?

Online banking fraud is prevalent in modern times. BDO has employed numerous security features to ensure the security of its clients.

Authenticate the User 

Logging into BDO Online Banking takes a few more minutes than others. This is because of the security measure taken to verify the right user. You must have a mobile number that is connected to your online banking account.

Aside from entering the user name and password, clients have to provide a one-time password.

BDO sends a text message to the user’s registered mobile number. This is done each time the client logs onto the BDO Online Banking Account. 

However, if a mobile number is not registered, you can answer a security question to access the account.

The OTP and Security Question can sometimes be a hassle. However, they provide extra security to your BDO online banking account.

Encrypted Website

BDO provides another layer of security by using an encrypted website. 128-bit encryption is one of the most secure and unbreakable encryption methods. It ensures the security of all financial transactions in the BDO Online Banking System. This prevents unauthorized access as well.

Logging – out Automatically

If you forget to log out of your BDO Online Banking account, it logs out by itself. After a certain number of minutes of inactivity, the system prompts the use of the automatic log-out. This ensures that no one else will be able to access your account. 

Online Banking Enrollments through ATM Activation

ATM activation is required when you engage in sensitive banking transactions. Examples of these are online fund transactions and information updates. When you want to start transferring funds online, you must first activate your account using an ATM machine. Likewise, when you update your information, you need to use the ATM machine to confirm the changes to your profile.


Online banking comes with its own risks and problems. Sometimes, the online system is down and inaccessible.

Sometimes, it is very slow due to internet connection. There are risks of online banking fraud which can be dangerous for your finances.

On the other hand, accessing banking details online is very convenient. This is especially true for online sellers as well as digital nomads. This is a necessity for independent workers and freelancers. OFWs can also use it to track their savings and financial health.

The BDO Online Banking system comes with its own pros and cons. You only need to be more vigilant when it comes to using it.

If you get a personal loan from Cash Mart, you can easily check if it is already credited to your account. Simply check it through your BDO online banking account.

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