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Why Asia United Bank Salary Loan is Not for Every Pinoy

Need cash for emergency bills, tuitions fees or just to survive until next paycheck?
Most Filipinos would encounter a financial need at least once in their lifetime. Utang has been part of our culture. When there is a need for funds, we think of ways where to get cash.
Just like there are various kinds of loans, there are also a lot of banks and lenders who offers these financial solutions at your fingertips. Convenient?
Actually, you’ve got a lot of options on your plate. However, how will you know which one fits you best? Can AUB Salary Loan be your best bet to survive?
Asia United Bank
AUB began as a joint venture between a Filipino Industrialists and Taiwanese investment banks. It soon expanded to 204 branches. Asia United Bank has been granted the authority to operate as a commercial bank on September 3, 1997. Then, by 2013 AUB has been listed as a universal bank which offers a wide range of financial services such as investments, loans, and trading.
Currently, AUB offers four loan facilities: auto loans, home loans, salary loans, and commercial loans.
AUB Personal Loan
AUB Personal Loan or CasHelp is a multi-purpose salary loan. This means that you can use the approved funds in any way you want. However, practically speaking, you have to use it wisely since you will have to pay it with interest charge.
AUB salary loan may also not be applicable for every Pinoys. This is because you will need your company to be accredited with AUB.
Unlike other banks or registered money lenders which offer loans only with your personal documents as requirements, AUB requires salary loan applicants to be employees of accredited companies.
AUB Salary Loan Eligibility
If you want to apply for AUB Salary Loan, you will need to be a regular employee who has been in your current company for a year. The minimum basic salary is at least P10,000 a month. This I quite low compared to most personal loans offered by banks.
Your monthly amortization must not exceed 25% of your net income to ensure that you can handle your finances despite the monthly repayments.
AUB Salary Loan Company Accreditation Requirements
Since this loan will require you to have your company accredited, you will need a couple of documents. You must present the latest three (3) years Audited Financial Statement, latest General Information Sheet, the SEC Registration Certificate and the company’s profile.
Getting these requirements could be a bit troublesome and you will not be able to hide the fact that you are getting a loan. This could be a downside for individuals who wants to keep their financial problems personal.
AUB Salary Loan Amount
You can borrow from P30,000 up to P250,000. However, the approved amount will greatly depend on a couple of things such as your monthly salary, the loan term you have chosen, and your credit history.
AUB Salary Loan Interest Rates
Like most banks, AUB Salary Loan interest rates are subject to bank’s approval. It could also be affected by your credit history, the amount of loan, and your loan term.
AUB Seafarers Loan
AUB offers a personal for seafarers who are at least 21 years old but not older than 60 with a minimum gross salary of $1,000. You must have completed at least one (1) employment contract prior the time of your loan application. It is a must to open an AUB account.
AUB Salary Loan Fees
The Late Monthly Payment Charge is 5% of every installment you missed or a portion of remaining balance on each due date. You will be charged with Prepayment Penalty should you settle your loan ahead of the loan maturity date. This will be computed based on the taxes, applicable interest, and costs incurred by the bank
Facts to Consider:

  • Your company must be accredited with AUB. This means that if your company declines, then you can’t be approved for a loan.
  • The only payment mode is Salary Deduction. The loan repayments will be automatically deducted from your salary. This lacks flexibility as you will never know when a more important financial need pops up.
  • The amortization, interest rate, and the loan amount are subject to the bank’s discretion.
  • AUB will review your Credit Reports. In the case of delinquency, your negative listings will be reported to any credit bureau or institution.

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