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10 Must-Know Signs You are an Overspender

Updated November 2022 (Signs You Must Know If You Are An Overspender)

Minsan lang naman.
We deserve a self-reward from time to time.  After all, every cent is your hard-earned money.
Unfortunately, it is easy to slip from innocent rewards into buying something just to make yourself feel better. In fact, many do not even notice that they already have bad spending habits until they end up with too many shoes, heels, and dresses in their closets. Your wallet is thick with receipts instead of bills.
There is nothing wrong with spending your own money. But is it okay for your future self to suffer and pay for things you have bought out of whim?
Before the inevitable financial crisis happens, it is vital to know the clear cut signs that you are an overspender.

You Need More Space for Your Wardrobe

10 Must-Know Signs You are an Overspender

An Overspender is Constantly in Survival Mode

10 Must-Know Signs You are an Overspender | Survival mode

You’re Always Putting Off Your Bills

Putting off your bills

Your Salary is Just Enough to Pay Off Your Debts

overspender has salary for debts

Credit Cards Are Vital to Your Survival

always using credit cards

An Overspender Maxed Out Credit Cards

10 Must-Know Signs You are an Overspender | Maxed out credit cards

You Secretly Feel Ashamed of Your Spending Habit

overspending habits

Your Shopping Habits Interfere With Your Life Plans

10 Must-Know Signs You are an Overspender | interfere life plans

Paying for Unused Services

habits to avoid for overspending

You Feel a Rush of Euphoria When Shopping


It is important to watch out for these signs. You can’t change your overspending habits if you do not acknowledge your bad spending habits and the main reasons why you get the shopping urge.
And no matter what triggers you to overspend, there will be a way to get out of it. Be conscious of how you spend your money. Track every cent and see where you can start controlling your budget. It will not be easy to get back on the right track, but your future self will be thanking you for the extra money saved.

Prevent yourself from being an overspender. Save first before you go on splurging. If you need to spend money for an urgent matter, borrow from licensed moneylenders in the Philippines like Cash Mart. It has quick loans online that can finance your current dilemma.