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5 Misconceptions About the Solo Parent ID

Filled under: Family Saving 
Being a parent is not easy. And doing it solo makes it harder. No matter what’s the reason, a single parent can use a helping hand, especially for their children’s finances. This is why the Solo Parent Act was passed in 2000. However, until now there are a lot of misconceptions about the Solo Parent... Read More

15 Effective Haggling Tips from My Ilocana Mom

Filled under: Saving 
15 Secrets To Successful Haggling
Ilocanos have been ruthlessly called kuripot most of the times. Though we must not stereotype, it is undeniable that this will always be stuck in our culture. Personally, I can say that they are not really kuripot. They just want to balance their finances just like everyone else. Truth be told, my Ilocana mom is... Read More

Prepaid Cards Vs Postpaid Plans: Which is More Practical?

Filled under: Lifestyle Saving 
Prepaid Card vs Postpaid Plan
Which offers more savings? Balancing your budget surely involves your cellphone bill whether you are using the prepaid SIM cards or postpaid plans. It is rare to find a person in the metro who doesn’t use a phone, especially that 60 million Filipinos are internet users. Some even have two mobile phones. It is no... Read More

5 Car Care and Maintenance Hacks to Save Your Money

Filled under: Car Saving 
Car Care and Maintenance
Filipinos love cars. They even give names to their rides and treat it as their babies. This is why it is disheartening to see their cars scratched, dented, or stained. Other reasons to feel bad are the time, effort, and costs it will take to have it fixed. So here are five DIY car care... Read More

Best Before vs Expiration Dates: Which is Safe to Follow?

Filled under: Saving 
Difference Between Best Before Expiration Dates on Food
Best before and expiry rates have caused confusion for years. Why does it bother Filipinos? Around 10 million OFWs send balikbayan boxes home, especially during the Christmas season. Inside are heartfelt gifts consisting of imported chocolates, cereals, Pringles, Vienna sausages, Jif peanut butter, pasta, food supplements and jelly vitamins. Filling up a box takes at... Read More



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